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I was! Σ(゜◇゜)

Rei-chan, your buttCOUGH–ERR I MEAN, your FORM is PERFECT! 
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That’s so amazing~~~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

how about this: jikook ramblings #2

inspired by the beautiful and talented park jimin (i die every time i watch this tbvh)

imagine jungkook playing a video game when suddenly his parents call him to come downstairs because the new neighbours just came over to introduce themselves. he sighs at that because he really doesn’t want to go since he doesn’t really care who just moved in, plus he would rather continue his video game instead, but his parents wouldn’t stop shouting so he’s kinda forced to go (he actually tries to be a good son here and it may or may not have to do with the fact that his parents are currently paying for his games since buying them himself is beyond his budget)

he’s still at the top of the stairs when he suddenly hears piano sounds from the living room, someone is playing on his piano (which he hasn’t touched for centuries if he’s very honest) and it actually sounds really melodic

just when he turns around the corner to enter the living room, he stops at the doorway because the person who plays the piano is actually someone his age, barely taller than him and pretty handsome if he may say so, at least what he can actually see from his profile. maybe it’s his dark brown hair that totally fits his chocolate brown eyes or that little happy smile of his while playing the instrument or maybe it’s just the way how gracefully he moves his fingers over the piano keys, jungkook isn’t really sure. the only thing he is certain about though, is that he doesn’t want to interrupt that beautiful playing

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It’s shaping up to be the best summer I’ve ever had. Maybe I’m counting my chickens before they hatch because I’ve had some great summers, but between having a beach buddy in Kimmie, getting free pizza tonight with Kurt (plus I’m super excited about having a sugar daddy), going to the beach with Ryan at some point, and going for a cruise with Elijah… I’d say I’ve got it pretty made.