Being with Rin {gif head canons} - (non-NSFW)


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Holding hands

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How he said I love you (crybaby rin)

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How he smiles at you

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When you go on a date

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the free! fandom in 2016
  • reblogging a post and realizing it was posted two years ago
  • still having a strong emotional connection with all of the characters while still finding new characters to love but whenever you get reminded of the free! characters you get hit with a wave of nostalgia and heartbreak bc the show ended two fucking years ago yet it feels like it came out yesterday
  • crying
  • waiting for starting days to be subbed
  • only living off of fanart and graphics
  • still having to deal with shipping wars
  • ??????????
  • did i mention crying

*sees cool art in tags*

Tumblr user:”This is not my art”


actual anime vs anime fandom
  • attack on titan:
  • anime- tears gore suffering
  • fandom- gayyyyyyy armin is a cinnamon roll, marco is jesus ,jean is a horse
  • tokyo ghoul:
  • anime- ghoul eating human, ghoul eating ghoul
  • fandom- loool kaneki is hot, tsukiyama is trash , hide is sun
  • haikyuu:
  • anime- intense matches, wins and losses
  • fandom- lol gay ships
  • free:
  • anime- struggle about future, friendship
  • fandom- hey what does "straight" mean
  • naruto:
  • anime- fight fight blood death alone
  • fandom- *still not over naruto x sasuke kiss in episode 1*
  • owari no seraph:
  • anime- loss of family ,fight, death
  • fandom- look at episode 10 u don't need anything else
  • kyoukai no kanata:
  • anime- monsters fight death love
  • fandom- lool hiroomi x akkey's armpits
  • noragami:
  • anime- homeless god searches for affection
  • fandom- lol look at yatos catface, yatori is canon
  • prince of stride:
  • anime- intense races, teamwork, trust
  • fandom- leg leg leg leg hot legs
  • one punch man:
  • anime- fight fight fight become strong
  • fandom- saitama is an egg but he can beat goku
  • LOL that's it I guess, I have many other anime to describe but I'm exhausted
  • Don't get offended, I wrote this through my own experience with being in those fandoms (=^-^=)
  • [Watching Free!] :Swimming is beautiful!
  • [Watching Haikyuu!] :Volleyball is stupendous!
  • [Watching Diamond No Ace] :Baseball is awesome!
  • [Watching Prince of Stride] :Stride is incredible!
  • [Watching Kuroko No Basuke] :Basketball is badass!
  • Someone :Why not try any of the above sports then?
  • Me :...
  • Me :Where did I put my bag of potato chips again?