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Head: CATWA HEAD Kathy. Not Free

Eyes: Izzie’s - Wounded Angel Eyes GG. Free

Hair: >TRUTH< Siri -  colours. Not Free

Outfit: .Bijou. ~ Naomi GG. Free

Necklace: Kibitz - Love choker GG. Free

Tattoo: *Bolson* Tattoo WOW. Not Free

Rings: Absolut Vendetta Juno Bento. Not Free

Shoes: fri. - Polly.Sandals GG. Old

anonymous asked:

I know haircare isn't ur thing but since ure knowledgeable about ingredients what shampoos/shower gels do u use?

Ive got straight/wavy hair in a bob and my routine is:
- deep condition with coconut oil and castor oil once a week
- wash with Basil Elements shampoo, SLS free and a good ingredient list, Idk if its available anywhere but Poland though.
- I mostly dont condition my hair, when I do I use some random Elseve conditioner
- Put Syoss style perfect mousse (that stuff is amazing) on damp hair and let air dry

I wash my hair like every 3 days and I use baby powder as dry shampoo in between (that stuff really works better than dry shampoo??)

And as for body care I use a shower gel from Sukin and a washcloth, Its SLS free but I find it drying sometimes. I get mild eczema sometimes, thats when Ill also oil cleanse my whole body with coconut oil (not on my face!!!!). When I dont I moisturise with shea butter + whatever plant oil (mostly jojoba)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any facial cleansers without any coconut derivatives? I spent so much money on so many cleansers and I just found out they broke me out because of that coconut shit. Like sodium laureth sulfate and I checked so many ingredients lists and I don't find any without coconut & alcohol. I have combination skin with occasional breakouts (nianc+zinc helped me so much) and oily tzone. And I don't think I can be a friend of oil cleansing. Have a nice day and thank you in advance.

not all coconut derivatives are bad, but SLS/SLES you should avoid at all cost. If you look up SLS free cleansers you get to targets page they show u all cleansers they got that are sls free.