free illegal photoshop

creationcauldron  asked:

thank you, how do you get photoshop for freee? ty

*disclaimer: this is not my original tutorial, but one I grabbed from youtube before the video got deleted!

Okay here I go

Download CC from adobe’s website here, download “Photoshop CC” (It’s blue and looks like this 

) and open Photoshop up. It should ask you to start your free trial; start it. Then close Photoshop.

Next, open up your windows explorer (the yellow folder) and click on the (C:) thing under “computer.” You should have a folder called “Program Files”. If you only see that folder and not another folder called “Program Files (x86)”, that means you have a 32 bit computer. If you see that folder and also a “Program Files (x86)” folder, that means you have a 64 bit computer.

Next, go to this link. Click on the red download button to download! The original poster had uploads that were inclusive for 32 bit computers, but their uploads were taken down. The only file I had saved to my computer was the one for 64 bit computers, so this file will only work for 64 bit computers.

Then, this thing will pop up. Click “Keep” and your download will continue.

Click on the little arrow at the side of the download and click “Show in folder”

Next, click and drag the file, hover over the (C:) folder, the “Program Files” folder, the “Adobe” and then “Adobe Photoshop CC” folders, and drop it into that folder. 

It’ll ask you if you want to replace the file; click “yes”. And voila! Free (*cough* illegal *cough) photoshop.

I’m adding this at a later date; Adobe updated Photoshop again, and now the free trial window shouldn’t go away, but will instead pop up every time you open the program with a randomly generated 7 digit number by the “days left of your free trial”; that’s perfectly normal! Just close it and be on your way.