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A little Colin/TJ for you


Colin opened his apartment door, holding a piece of toast in his mouth as he tried to juggle his cell phone in one hand and the door knob in the other.  He’d tried to open his front door while doing worse juggling than that, so he wasn’t particularly thinking about it.  He was wearing a pair of boxers.  They weren’t ripped or anything.  He was fine.

Of course, that was considering that the person on the other side of the door was one of his friends or the girl who had left less than half an hour before, instead of the stranger who was in front of him.

The man’s eyebrows furrowed as he took in Colin’s bare chest, sweeping over the boxers with a barely distinguishable pause, and moving on to take in his bare toes.  “Well,” he said in a cheerfully self-mocking tone. “I was going to keep you apprised of the fact I’m heading to the corner store, but—“ he shrugged. “Either you’re not my personal security or I just hit the lottery.”

“Personal security?” Colin echoed, squinting.  The fucking neighborhood had been undergoing gentrification in the past few years, but that was ridiculous.  The guy had on a leather jacket and expensive sunglasses, with wildly messy hair that was either bedhead or a pretentiously artistic style, and Colin felt like he was being faced with his worst nightmare.  Soon he wouldn’t be able to afford beer at the pub on the corner because all they served was some kind of fancy New England maple microbrew if this was the shape of person moving in.

“Yeah,” the guy said, waving a hand idly in a way he clearly thought meaningful.  “You know.”

“No?” Colin questioned.

“Well, I suppose if it’s not you, it’s probably the girl downstairs in 5B.”

“The person in 5B moved out last week.”  He felt like he was on unequal ground here.

“Exactly,” the stranger answered with a wink and a cheerful smile.  “A whole floor a way.”


“Nice to meet you.” He moved towards the stairs, turning back at the last moment to give Colin another wide smile, this one with some form of intent to it that left him feeling even more off-center.

“I still don’t know who you are!” Colin called down the stairs, only to be met with a sarcastic snort and absolutely no clarification.

I just find these three facial expressions so freaking hilarious.

Credit to the people who made the gifs, you are talented people and you made me smile.

albymangroves replied to your post “Brenda and Viper should drag you into things always because this…”

because I’m just TJ/Happiness over here, is Colin Shea happiness?? I NEED TO KNOW

Colin Shea is this wonderful wonderful half naked asshole 

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and obviously TJ would want to climb him like a tree.



Tech project by #lulzlab that provides internet-free digital data transmission through radio waves - video embedded below:

Airchat is a free communication tool, free as in ‘free beer’ and free as in 'Jeremy Hammond must be freed’. It doesn’t need the internet infrastructure, nor does it need a cellphone network, instead it relies on any available radio link (or any device capable of transmitting audio - we even made a prototype working with light/laser based transmissions).

This project was conceived not only from our lessons learned in the Egyptian, Libyan and Syrian revolutions, but also from the experience of OccupyWallStreet and Plaza del Sol. We have considered the availability of extremely cheap modern radio devices (like those handhelds produced in China), to start thinking about new ways in which people can free themselves from expensive, commercial, government controlled and highly surveilled infrastructure.

AirChat is not only our modest draft or proposal for such a dream, but it is a working PoC you can use today. we hope you will enjoy it and we also hope that you too will be able to feel the beauty of free communications, free communications as in 'free beer’ and free communications as in 'free yourself and your people forever’.

You can find out more here