free giraffe

I like to think about the Necronaut saying “So this.. is [INSERT THING IN DEMOIC VOICE]” whenever he experiences something new


“so this.. is NETFLIX

“so this.. is a PUPPY.. what are you doing? don’t lick me I am the most powerful force in all the cosmos!!!”

follow train eyyy

REBLOG if your blog contains ANY of the following:

  • Supernatural!
  • Percy Jackson!
  • Sherlock!
  • Harry Potter!
  • Free!!
  • Steam Powered Giraffe!
  • The Fall!
  • Pushing Daisies!
  • Psych!
  • The Hobbit!
  • The Avengers!
  • Homestuck!

I mean whoever reblogs this I will check out your blog even if you don’t post any of these things uwu because there’s tons I’ve forgotten.