free giraffe

I like to think about the Necronaut saying “So this.. is [INSERT THING IN DEMOIC VOICE]” whenever he experiences something new


“so this.. is NETFLIX

“so this.. is a PUPPY.. what are you doing? don’t lick me I am the most powerful force in all the cosmos!!!”

Last night at the concert, I told Hank that he would find out why I asked him to Hanklerfish a specific spot on an otherwise blank page. Thanks edwardspoonhands for (perhaps unknowingly at the time) contributing to the drawing of this comic! 

As the only authentic Hanklerfished Hanklerfish Comic in the world, I’d like to pretend that the black and white paper original is worth a lot of money.

Free the giraffes!

follow squashs for a chance to win one of zero (0) free giraffes I am giving away for free, absolutely free of charge