SMASH + GRAB is the new anarchy-filled multiplayer game from United Front Games (Creators of Sleeping Dogs), that allows The Warriors-esque themed teams of players to beat the crap out of each other and smash storefronts as they attempt to be the first to loot $50,000 worth of goods.

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Corporate Climber is a fun arcade action game in which you carry out all manner of crappy office jobs as you attempt to make your way up the corporate ladder.

We highly recommend playing this one through to completion as there are some fun twists that will really see you being rewarded for your efforts!

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Command of War is a highly addictive and challenging WWI trench warfare RTS in which you attempt to manage the deployments of your squads across a hostile battlefield.  The adorable 2D visuals belie a surprisingly hardcore RTS experience, where strategy really is king. 

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Science Kombat is a thoroughly ridiculous fighting game, that features everybody’s favourite scientists, from Marie Curie to Steven Hawking, duking it in a tournament where the winner gets to take on science’s biggest nemesis – God.  Science and religion have never really seen eye to eye, and now it looks like the gloves are off!  

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developed by Daniel Linssen (@managore) |  Platform: Windows

A vampire hunting puzzle platformer where you can fire stakes into the sides of the game window, locking them into place or pulling them towards you, in order to overcome various obstacles.  This was made for Ludum Dare 35, the theme being shapeshift.

I apologize for the glitches (flashes) in the gifs.  My computer, the game, and the recording software just wouldn’t make peace.  Sorry. >.<

[Download on itch.io]

In certain parts of the expedition, the game window travels around the screen, which I thought was a neat little trick.  Playing over my twitter feed below. :)

via itch.io


Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing asymmetric multiplayer parenthood simulator that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. 

One player controls the baby and attempts to put itself in harms way, and the other player takes on the role of the father, trying to save his son from certain death.  A darkly humorous and very silly multiplayer parenting experience.

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Confused John Travolta Clicker EXTREME is a hilarious little game in which you’re tasked with carrying out various different deeds without getting spotted by a confused Pulp Fiction-era John Travolta.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, but it’s a wonderfully ridiculous little game you’ll be laughing at from start to finish. More fun than a Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest!

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You have the power to split the world into half. You can destroy buildings, overturn mountains…
But you are still powerless against a human.
Even a human who wants to kill you.
Hey, isn’t that ironic? Isn’t that funny?
… Why aren’t you laughing, Mika-chan? 

Lenine lives in a huge palace as the most trusted servant of Princess Micaiah, the only place of beauty remaining in a desolate, destroyed ghost city. Everything is perfect – the food is good, the job is good, life is good. As long as nobody leaves this palace of salvation, there is no need to dwell on the horrors that lie beyond these walls.

Until one day, a mysterious stranger arrives… to teach these content souls the true price of perfection.

Mica: Apoptosis is an RPG-style horror game about a web of delusions, a life of blissful ignorance, and the monstrous depravity that human beings can fall to in the name of love and admiration. The gruesome, revolting truth hidden behind the guise of a pretty, charming little lifestyle. Explore the game through three very different main characters with three very different perspectives, and tell your story as you believe it to be.

So powerful, yet so fragile… your life is like a candle, ready to be snuffed between my fingers.
I can slowly strangle you to death, and you can’t even flail to defend yourself.
You’re so funny, Mika-chan.



- 3-4 hours of gameplay
- 4 chapters - Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3
- Original music
- Original artwork
- I ran all the scenes through a word counter and it’s over the length of a novel already. (50,000 words)
- Several cutscene illustrations
- Plenty of changes to the previous chapters
- and many more!

Warning: This game may contain violent and disturbing content and is not recommended for players under the age of 16. CLICK HERE for the full list of trigger warnings. 



You may use your old savefiles from the demo, but they may lead to bugs. If you find any bugs, contact me at coren.baili@gmail.com, or just pop me a message/ask!

Let’s plays are allowed and very welcome!


Windowframe is a very cleverly designed puzzle platformer where you manipulate the window of the actual game to aid your progress through the levels.

The puzzle design in Windowframe is superb throughout, making the use of it’s game window manipulating mechanic in a multitude of ingenious ways. 

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Detective is a fun online game in which you must figure out whether the person you’re chatting to is a real person or a chatbot.  

Mankind has been trying to get AI to mimic the human mind for years now, but can humans mimic AI?  Will you pass this reverse Turing test?

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