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For most of her life, Lena’s soul marks were nothing less than very confusing.

Lena was four when names formed on either wrist, written in dark ink. It was two weeks after she’d been adopted, and the marks added to the horror of everything changing and the peace of everything coming together that was rushing through her even as a child. Her adopted brother Lex had grinned without reading the names and given her a high five that somehow meant the world.

Scrawled across her right wrist in a curling, slightly rushed font, was the name Kara Danvers. This was confusing, if only for the first 16 years of her life. For years she wondered why another girl’s name would be on her wrist? She couldn’t be her soulmate? This Kara Danvers was destined to be her enemy, right? Then Lena was 17 and Rebecca Lewis took her to see a bad movie and they held hands and kissed softly at the end of the evening and everything became easier.

Well not everything.

Because of the other name on her other wrist in neat, simple writing.


Who the hell was Supergirl?

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Ugh there was someone in the tag complaining about the m&g price (i dont respond cause i just dont wanna deal with drama) but they act as if ALL that money goes to papa alone.. its not like they have to ya know pay people who organize everything, the technicians, etc etc uuggghhh

They’re idiots. Plain and simple. Yes, it is expensive. But it isn’t just a meet and greet, you get a bunch of perks with it too. Like early entry and a ton of merch. Production for those spirit boards alone was probably a pretty penny. If it’s your favorite band, you make sacrifices and you pay whatever. For me personally, the shows I bought m&g for I bought them to get the front row seat. That guaranteed, worry free front row spot alone is worth the price to me. Throw in a few minutes with Papa, a couple pictures and a bunch of merch on top of that? It’s like a profit.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. People will complain about everything and back it up with Papa is greedy, or “i hope this money goes to the poor ghouls that never got paid.” Idiots. Idiots. Idiots. There is no nice way to say it anymore 😂

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// KICKS DOOR IN hello im here to support this e!r and red ship i contemplated putting it on anon but im like nah im not gonna hide myself fuck it

OOC: AAAAAAAA THIS MADE ME YELL GLAD TO HAVE A FAN OF IT ALREADY- feel free to take a front row seat to whatever hell may ensue between these two. 

Nice Happy Non-Abusive Headcanons about Burgerpants and Mettaton
  • Mettaton provides Burgerpants the absolute best healthcare/dental/vision plan available and pays him a salary that is well above average
  • Mettaton can tell when Burgerpants is uneasy around him, so he consistently tells him that he’s doing great and praises him - he only reprimands him when he actually is purposefully slacking off or smoking too close to the resort
  • Burgerpants may talk shit about Mettaton, but he really does admire him and how hard he works to pursue his dream and how he really does care for his fans and wants the best for them
  • Mettaton always gets Burgerpants front row seats to all of his shows free of charge and without dipping into his paycheck - unfortunately, Burgerpants can’t make it to all of them due to his tedious coursework he’s doing towards a career in theater, but he goes to all of the ones he can
  • Burgerpants has received several books and videos from Mettaton that are guides on how to be a successful star without even asking for them and appreciates each of them

Okay. OKAy. LOok. LoOk. This is amazing. I mean, sheer beauty sprawled out before your tender eyes. This overwhelming display happened around 8-9 p.m. This is PRIME sunset viewing time. FRONT ROW SEATS are frEE. YOU literally can view it from your yard. THE SUN DID NOT PUSH IT’S LIGHT OUT EXTRA HARD AT NIGHT FOR YOU TO BE AN UNGRATEFUL FRUIT CAKE AND NOT WALK OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE SHOW FOR LIKE what? 1 minute ? Oh no. The one minute just ruined your night. There goes your plans. **Dramatic eye roll cue soap opera melodramatic tendencies** What I am saying is that you should defiantly appreciate the sky everyone in a while. Look outside your window. Detach your eyes from the TV and lOoK. Pretty rad sunset. Pre-ety neat-o.

here, he is a king

“did you eat the seeds of your own free will?”
a dagger fashioned into a question

hades flinches, front-row seat;
and persephone smiles

“i did.” 

At a young age, Oikawa learns he’s gifted. Looks and charm and intelligence – he’s blessed with all three. But it’s on the court when he truly shines, a volleyball clutched between his taped fingers, a serve strong enough to send opponents to the underworld, and intuition that could outwit all five senses of Hell’s hound. Grand King, they call him, and he wears the regal title with inflated pride.

Iwaizumi dutifully follows two paces behind.

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17. hiding from family kiss , exr :D

Grantaire excused himself to go to the bathroom twenty minutes ago and the seat next to Enjolras is still empty. Enjolras suspects it had something to do with the way Grantaire’s family kept asking him things that all ultimately boiled down to So what are you doing with your life, and why aren’t you doing more? It’s a dangerous line of questioning and anyone know who knows Grantaire would realize that, but. Well. Enjolras knows as much as anyone that family and familiarity don’t always go hand-in-hand.

He waits another five minutes until Grantaire’s sister has distracted the rest of the family with news of a new job, then murmurs an excuse and slips away.

The bathroom door is unlocked, and inside it’s empty, but Enjolras isn’t surprised by that. He tries Grantaire’s old bedroom, tries the spare bedroom, and considers calling out “Marco” before he thinks to check the closet in the hallway downstairs.

Grantaire is sitting on a taped-up cardboard box that has Halloween Decorations scrawled across it in Sharpie, leaning back against the coats hanging from the railing over his head. He looks alarmed when Enjolras opens the door, and then relieved. “Hey,” he says wearily, and tips his head back so that he’s almost lost in the faux-fur trim around someone’s parka.

Enjolras gives him a wary smile. “You know, playing Hide and Seek works better when your playmate actually knows they’re supposed to be seeking you.”

“I didn’t mean to, I just–” He trails off, grimaces.

“I know.” Enjolras steps inside the closet and shuts the door behind himself. It’s small and a little cramped, but there’s a bare bulb hanging overhead, so at least they’re not blind, too. He lifts an eyebrow and tips his head toward the box. “Is this seat taken?”

Grantaire grins, grins hard like he really means it, and that makes it all worth it. He scoots over to the box’s edge, making room for Enjolras beside him.

It’s a tight squeeze, but neither of them are complaining about the way it forces them to sit pressed in against one another. Enjolras slips his hand into Grantaire’s and gives it a squeeze. “We can go soon, if you want.”

Grantaire lets out a breath of laughter. “No we can’t. Mom will never hear of it.”

“Well, then we can hide in here until it’s late enough for us to make our excuses.”

Grantaire’s smile is a little wistful. “That’s a nice thought.”

“I’m mostly serious.” He grabs the curved end of an umbrella leaning in the corner, swings it up and jabs at the air with it like a sword. “I’ll fend off anyone who tries to disturb us.”

Grantaire’s smile is wider, his eyes crinkling with it. “I think I’d pay to see that, actually.”

“Well today’s your lucky day, because you’ve got front row seats to that show for free.” They’re pressed shoulder to shoulder. Enjolras tugs on Grantaire’s hand until he leans in a little harder, tips his head to the side and lets it rest on Enjolras’s shoulder. Enjolras presses a kiss to his hair. “It’ll be very swashbuckling and impressive.”

“My hero,” Grantaire says, grinning hard. He slips his hands up to curve around the back of Enjolras’s neck and tugs him down into a kiss.

Enjolras drops the umbrella to slide his hands up Grantaire’s arms, around to cup his shoulders and pull him into a firmer kiss. He scarcely even notices when the closet door swings open, only for Grantaire’s sister to freeze on the other side, go, “Oh Christ, never mind” and swing the door shut on them again.

Grantaire smiles and laughs into the kiss, twisting his fingers through Enjolras’s curls and tugging lightly. His smile just get sharper when it makes Enjolras sigh against his mouth. “Well, what do you know,” he murmurs without breaking away. “We found a way to keep them at bay.”

Enjolras hums agreement and tucks his thumb under Grantaire’s jaw, tipping his face up to make the angle just a little bit better. “We’ll have to keep it up, just to be safe. They seem like they can be a persistent lot.”

“They really can.” Grantaire curls his arms around Enjolras’s neck and shifts around so he’s practically in his lap. Enjolras’s hands settle on his hips and it’s so nice, it’s so, so nice. “And there’s still lots of time until we can safely excuse ourselves and head home. It’s going to take everything we’ve got, I think.”

Enjolras is too busy kissing him to even reply.

Three years ago today, I was fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of the Les Miserables movie and got front-row seats to the screening for free. Seriously might have been the best day of my life.

My only regret is that I didn’t fall in love with Eddie Redmayne until I saw the movie, which was two hours AFTER I got to meet him.

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"Mmmmmm, morning," Calum cooed into your ear...

… his hand sliding around your waist as he pulled you tighter against his front. you smiled lightly as his warmth touched your back, his fingers ghosting along your lower stomach. his touch was familiar and soothing, the comfort of his touch relaxing your entire body.

“morning,” you mumbled as he nuzzled his nose against the side of your neck, prompting a proper response. you turned your body around, pushing him onto his back. you propped yourself up on an elbow, using your free hand to wipe away a stray eyelash resting underneath calum’s eye. “how’d you sleep?”

“amazing,” he admitted blissfully, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he grinned up at you.

you smiled softly, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. “good,” you replied, your fingers trailing to his collarbone tattoo and tracing the print carefully.

“thank you, by the way,” he said quietly but sincerely. you hummed, halting your movements as you looked up at him curiously. he ran his fingers through your hair, resting his hand on your neck. “for coming. as much as i hate the fact that i didn’t get to prepare for your arrival-” he shot you a playfully irritated look. “i’m still so glad that you’re here. that you flew all the way out here just for me…”

“well, the free front row seats to see an amazing band did sort of sell me too,” you informed him, your lips curling into a smirk.

he pursed his lips, thinking it over. “i can’t blame you, really. the bassist is super hot, i’d be stoked for the free shows too,” he commented.

“sometimes i feel like you love yourself enough for the both of us,” you told him.

he laughed, moving his arms down to pull you up. “but you still love me, right?” he questioned. “i mean, i took love away from myself for you. if that isn’t chivalry, i don’t know what is.”

“my knight in shining armor,” you deadpanned, rolling your eyes. you leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. “of course i love you, asshole.”