free front row seats

Nice Happy Non-Abusive Headcanons about Burgerpants and Mettaton
  • Mettaton provides Burgerpants the absolute best healthcare/dental/vision plan available and pays him a salary that is well above average
  • Mettaton can tell when Burgerpants is uneasy around him, so he consistently tells him that he’s doing great and praises him - he only reprimands him when he actually is purposefully slacking off or smoking too close to the resort
  • Burgerpants may talk shit about Mettaton, but he really does admire him and how hard he works to pursue his dream and how he really does care for his fans and wants the best for them
  • Mettaton always gets Burgerpants front row seats to all of his shows free of charge and without dipping into his paycheck - unfortunately, Burgerpants can’t make it to all of them due to his tedious coursework he’s doing towards a career in theater, but he goes to all of the ones he can
  • Burgerpants has received several books and videos from Mettaton that are guides on how to be a successful star without even asking for them and appreciates each of them

Three years ago today, I was fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of the Les Miserables movie and got front-row seats to the screening for free. Seriously might have been the best day of my life.

My only regret is that I didn’t fall in love with Eddie Redmayne until I saw the movie, which was two hours AFTER I got to meet him.

Okay. OKAy. LOok. LoOk. This is amazing. I mean, sheer beauty sprawled out before your tender eyes. This overwhelming display happened around 8-9 p.m. This is PRIME sunset viewing time. FRONT ROW SEATS are frEE. YOU literally can view it from your yard. THE SUN DID NOT PUSH IT’S LIGHT OUT EXTRA HARD AT NIGHT FOR YOU TO BE AN UNGRATEFUL FRUIT CAKE AND NOT WALK OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE SHOW FOR LIKE what? 1 minute ? Oh no. The one minute just ruined your night. There goes your plans. **Dramatic eye roll cue soap opera melodramatic tendencies** What I am saying is that you should defiantly appreciate the sky everyone in a while. Look outside your window. Detach your eyes from the TV and lOoK. Pretty rad sunset. Pre-ety neat-o.