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Luckily I was at work so I couldn’t get too vulgar but still. Lmao sorry for being a nasty hoe but that art was just so fabulous I couldn’t help myself!! You always use such a fascinating shade of green for Makoto’s irises and it’s like hypnotizing as is, and then ON TOP OF THAT you have to go and draw the B e D r O o M  e Y e S too???? DID YOU PLAN TO DESTROY MY SOUL WITH THAT ART OR WHAT STARSHI?? I NEED ANSWERS THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS NOT TOLERABLE. MY BODY CAN’T TAKE IT SO IF YOU COULD MAYBE… YOU KNOW… HELP ME OUT BY DOING EXACTLY WHAT I SUGGESTED IN MY TAGS THAT WOULD BE 👌👌👌 THANKS ANGEL

jk omg i could never demand art from you YOU ALREADY DO SO MUCH FOR THIS FANDOM😭 💖  may the makoharu gods bless your soul and thank you so so so so so so so much for sharing your work with us. Looking forward to more from you hopefully soonish but no pressure at all dont mind me SORRY I JUST REALLY LIKE YOUR ART OKAYBYE 

My main issue with that post re: race/ethnicity in Europe is not that race & ethnicity are perceived differently in Europe than they are in the United States, because that’s true, and it would be ignorant to assume otherwise; we have different populations for one and for two one is a country and one is a continent (albeit a small one) so comparing two vastly different populations isn’t very useful in the first place. My issue is that too many Europeans use that difference—the fact that understandings of race/ethnicity are different across the Atlantic—to wave away any talk of racism existing in Europe, at all. Just because it looks different from American racism, just because there are different relationships between ethnic, racial, and national groups, doesn’t mean that Europe is free from discrimination. And G-d am I tired of self-righteous (usually) Western Europeans pretending otherwise.

Friends with Benefits (Part 1)

Requested by anon:  Stiles imagines just please give me loads of those <33 where you are friends and then shit gets complicated and angsty :/ maybe u start sleeping together but (y/n) can’t handle it without getting feelings for Stiles and he acts a bit like a douche but then fluffy ending

A/N: I decided to break this into two parts, otherwise it would’ve become too long. The first one will be about the smut, the second one the fluffy part, I hope that’s okay! Enjoy! (Requests are open and welcome!)

Warnings: smut!

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„Wanna come over? My dad is doing the night shift. ;)”

That’s what the text message says. A simple statement. Still, you are staring at it and rereading it since ten minutes. Those two sentences have the power to mess you up for good. Your feelings are torn between joyful and dreadful, happy and sad, excited and depressed. Everything has changed between you and Stiles. A few weeks ago, he would have never sent you something like this. Until you were both drunk at this stupid party and it suddenly happened. You had sex. With your best friend. And it was undeniably good. That’s why you made this stupid deal at the end and all at once your everlasting friendship turned into friends with benefits.

Which was not a problem at first. It was fun and you loved this spark of excitement in your life. But you started to enjoy this in a whole other way: you developed feelings for him. Your stomach flutters as soon as you kiss him, your heart beats faster as soon as he embraces you and secretly, you miss those times when you just sat together and talked for hours. Although you are naked now and there are literally no taboos when it comes to closeness, those conversations somehow felt a lot more intimate. Because you knew that he was as much into it as you.

Like you said, everything has changed. People say that in the end one part gets always hurt when friends start to sleep with each other and they are right. Still, you are unable to resist the temptation of carrying on. Mainly because this means that he’s yours, at least for a little while. It’s exactly the same today.

So you answer with a sigh: “Course. I’m gonna bring the black lingerie. ;)”

It’s so easy to pretend in messages.

You get yourself ready and swallow down the guilt and bad feelings while you drive to his house along with this horrible thought that you are not more than a simple booty call for him anymore. As you pull into his driveway, his jeep is the only other vehicle around. His dad’s police car is nowhere to be found. Thank God.

You climb out of the car, feeling nervous and slightly awkward. You always do, it’s just so weird when you know exactly what’s going to happen. However, you force yourself to walk to his front door and you barely knocked as he already opens it with a big grin on his face.

“Hey Y/N!”, he greets you and pulls you into a quick hug. Your heart made a jump as soon as you laid eyes on him and you enjoy this for a moment, this echo from the past. He lets you go far too soon.

“Why’s your dad doing night shift? I thought it’s slow business right now?”, you ask him while he closes the door behind you and you take off your coat. Partly to break the uncomfortable tension that has built up between the two of you as soon as you entered the hallway.

Stiles only shrugs. “They got some case and called him in.”

You turn around to frown at him. “And you stayed at home instead of investigating what it is about?”, you ask incredulously. This is not like the Stiles you know.

“Well, I had to decide between running after him and doing this”, he explains, gesturing towards you. “This seemed a lot more tempting.”

Great. You’ve never been able to distract him from his detective work before, but sex with you obviously does the trick. When did this become so complicated, such an utter mess?

You wanna tell him that but instead you take on a mask and a small smile. “I won’t complain.”

“Yeah…so…let’s go upstairs?”, he suggests insecurely and you nod.

You’ve been in his room a thousand times. To study, to talk, to investigate, whatever. But that hasn’t occurred since you started this chaos. You put your bag on his desk and take a look around, suddenly wishing so hard that you could just do something like that, just be friends again.

“Maybe we could…”

You wanted to say watch a movie or play a videogame, but he doesn’t let you finish the sentence. He overcomes the distance to you and pulls you against him without hesitation before he places one hand on your neck, the other one on your back and kisses you passionately. You could’ve pulled back if you’d been determined enough. But you are not. You’re catching fire as soon as his lips touch yours and although you know that it’s not right, you kiss him back. Even though the feelings you put into it are much more than passion and lust.

You feel Stiles’ smile and this little display of happiness makes your heart flutter with hope. The naive hope that he might return your feelings one day. You stand on your tiptoes, burry your hands in his hair and open your lips in a moan, turning a simple kiss into something more concrete. He’s eager to follow your example, almost lifting you of your feet while doing so. You sink into the sensation. He, his smell and the warmth his body radiates are the only important things, everything else blurs into the background.

Somewhere, in a deep corner of your consciousness, you still wish that you would just talk instead, that he would be interested in spending hours with you instead of your body. But it’s so easy to ignore this.

Especially now, as his hands wander from your back to your waist and slowly, carefully pull up your shirt inch by inch without breaking the kiss. His fingers feel a little cold against your bared skin and you shiver slightly but it’s a pleasant shiver. As it’s high enough, he pulls away, catches his breath and pulls it over your head to toss it into the corner.

You are almost frozen while he softly caresses your cheeks and lets his eyes wander over your upper body. Why does he have to be so gentle, why does the look in his eyes have to be so admiring? That makes this so much harder, but of course he doesn’t know that.

“You are incredibly beautiful”, he states and you blush immediately.

You want to answer something, retort that he just says that because you are naked, but the lump in your throat prohibits that. Stiles rubs your reddened cheeks and smiles lightly before he leans in to seal your lips with his once again.

You both fall onto the bed and his lips now wander from your mouth to your neck. He draws lines of kisses from there to your collarbone which makes you sigh and now you are lost. The last bit of resistance and sense, if they have ever existed, is erased for good. You want him. You hunger for him. And you don’t care if it hurts afterwards.

You run your fingers through his hair, over his neck and tug at his shirt. He understands what you want and stops kissing you for a second to undress himself. While his lips find yours again, you trace his abs with your fingertips and realize satisfied that this simple touch gives him goosebumps.

A grin graces your lips while your pull your arms around his upper body to heave yourself up into a sitting position. You’re eye to eye now. For a moment, you forget everything around you and just sink into his hazel ones. Then you kiss him again heavily before your lips trail to his neck and you suck on his skin. He inhales sharply, leaning his head back in satisfaction. He buries his hands in your hair at first, but soon they wander to your back and with one swift movement, his fingers open your bra. Stiles pulls it over your shoulders and throws it to where your shirt is already lying.

You give back command to him and let him gently push you back onto the mattress. His head hovers over yours for a second and his warm breath tingles your chin. He pecks your lips softy, then they move over your collarbone and down to your breasts. It steals your breath as he starts to work on them and your arch your back in the heated need to be even closer to him. You feel yourself growing wetter by the second and as he starts to suck on your nipples, a moan escapes your lips that obviously turns him on and makes a mischief sparkle appear in his gaze.

You close your eyes, fully focussing on the sensation now. He continues with your breasts for a moment, massages them. Then he spreads kisses over your stomach and further down. You shiver slightly.

He stops and pulls your trousers from your legs, followed by your panties. A heartbeat passes. Then a second one. You wait patiently until his fingers softly trace a cold line from your calves upwards. Anticipation bubbles up inside of you, makes it hard to grasp any logical thought. His fingers get replaced by his lips and again he spreads soft, gentle kisses on your inner thighs. You have to press your lips together to hold back the ecstasy, but as they finally meet your clit, a loud sigh escapes you nevertheless. He licks your core slowly and teasingly, in the best way possible. You are coming closer to your edge while he nearly drives you into oblivion.

But he stops before you reach your orgasm, just how you like it. You never talked about it but he picked that up. And you are so hungry now, so keen on feeling him as close as possible. So much that you even pull him around with a smirk to be on top. Stiles seems surprised for a moment, but it’s a pleasant surprise. He loves that you are taking the lead. And you’re eager to fulfil that role.

Your hands wander directly to his waistband and you get rid of his jeans quickly. You do the same with his boxers with trembling fingers, then you lean forward to his nightstand to get out a condom. Before you return, though, he softly cups your face and pulls you towards his face again to kiss you, almost lovingly. It gives you a sting and you really don’t need that right now, you can’t think about that. So you free yourself from his grip, pull over the condom and slowly let him slip inside of you.

You start to ride him slowly and rhythmical and with every thrust his breathing becomes sharper. His hands find your hips and he grabs them tightly while you get faster. Soon his breathing turns into louder moans and you catch yourself at calling his name repeatedly. You arch backwards, close your eyes and forget everything around you except for this incredible sensation of him inside of you, of this connection between your bodies.

His fingers dig deeper into your skin and your breathing becomes ragged until you are finally send over your edges. You both push out heavy moans as your orgasm sets in and it dwells on for a while, you keep it up as long as possible.

Then your bodies become still and all that’s heard is your panting. You climb down from him and fall into the cushions. Then you stare at the ceiling while the heartbeats pass.

You are keeping silent and all of a sudden all those emotions, that you tried so hard to supress, overcome you. The guilt, the desperation and more than anything the incredible sadness. What has this become? What have you become?

You can’t take it anymore. It hurts too much as soon as it’s over. It destroyed everything and you threaten to cry, that’s why you have to leave immediately. There’s no way you’d cry in front of Stiles.

Therefore you get up from the bed in search for your clothes. Stiles turns around and frowns.

“Y/N, what are you doing?”, he asks you irritated.

“Leaving.” You discover your clothes and dress with trembling fingers.

“You don’t have to leave, you can stay.”

“Why, so you can have a second round?”, you exclaim more heavily than intended.

Now his irritation turns into utter astonishment. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Your heart drops. You can’t pretend anymore. You look into his eyes and you are already melting. You are absolutely into him, there is no way to deny this.

“It means that I can’t do this anymore, Stiles. This senseless, emotionless sex. I don’t mean it that way and…I can’t…”

You don’t have to say another word, he already understood. Of course, Stiles is freaking clever. A shadows appears behind his eyes. “Y/N, we had a deal.”

The deal that no emotions will be involved. “Fuck the deal”, you simply state. “I broke it. And I really need to go now.”

You turn on your heels and walk out of the door. Stiles’ expression is stern and he doesn’t follow you. How stupid of you to hope for that. How stupid of you to get your heart broken like this.

Part 2
Helix comes back to haunt Felicity on 'Arrow' — exclusive
Check out an exclusive sneak peek and get scoop from Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity’s involvement with Helix will come back to haunt her during Thursday’s episode of Arrow.

As revealed in the exclusive sneak peek below, Helix hacker Alena (Kacey Rohl) enlists Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in helping her take down the mysterious Cayden James, whom Felicity helped free from A.R.G.U.S. custody last season. According to Alena, Cayden has plans that will hurt the entire world, and instead of turning to the team, Felicity initially attempts to handle this alone.

“Setting him free was never the issue until setting him free meant there was going to be a negative rebound to that,” Rickards tells EW. “Originally setting him free was supposed to be a positive and that’s all that was going to be. Having him come back and stir the pot, like a reminder, something you thought would never happen to you again happens again, and you just thought you were done with it, so Felicity wants to take the reins into her own hands and do it, which is why she denies the team’s help, but obviously you can’t work alone.”

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"HeiseiGoji has no personality" *HA HA HA, OH WOW. jpg*

Well, I’m just struggling to really nail down his character outside of the somewhat one-note smashy-smashy aggression that he rarely breaks out of.
There are a handful of moments, like when he’s face-to-face with Shindo and it’s clear that there’s a moment of remembrance before his inherent rage envelopes him again.
Even when meeting Baby G he doesn’t really DO anything except, well, briefly stops smashing stuff. Although I always appreciated that he physically protects Little G in Space Godzilla. But this moment of possible character growth is dissolved when the decision was made to cut the scene of Godzilla trying to free Little G from the crystal prison, which is just more frustrating Heisei tomfoolery (ever see the alternate ending to Destoroyah? The one where the editing makes sense and it’s an emotionally satisfying conclusion?!)
There are a pair of fractured, badly spaced scenes in Destoroyah where Godzilla mourns Junior’s death, but both scenes are undermined by Godzilla not actually getting to cut loose, and instead the focus shifts to whatever new powers Destoroyah has.

GOD the Heisei movies are SO FRUSTRATING.