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♡ // Flora Museum // “You and I, we’re just pressing flowers. They’re dying but they’re ours.”

And here they are!  I had a hard time deciding which ones to make, tbh. I love plants.. As a side note you CAN hang these up on the wall by themselves. There is a two pixel border around each one, imitating a frame.  Feel free to use these as you wish!

ANIMATION COMMISSIONS (frame by frame animation)


I’d like to try out some animation commissions! It’s a little experiment for me.


Full colored animation with background and shading per second: $15

(12-16 drawn frames; 1-4 work days, 10-20+ hours work time)

(really depends on the amount of backgrounds, actual drawn frames, movement and amount of characters portrayed)

Also loops and not moving frames are free of charge if it extends the amount of seconds.

Note: I will always draw a storyboard and present it to you how the finished animation may look like with sheets and sketches if you like. I also can send you my SAI file where everything is drawn.

Also please be aware that I’m not a professional and may not fully deliver what you may expect.

I’m mostly open to every subject to broaden my experience.

Payment only via PayPal in USD, please send me a private message if you are interested.

Poor Unfortunate Souls (Prince Ben X Reader)

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants
Pairing: Prince Ben Florian X Reader
Word Count: 2, 781
Author’s Note: Reader is Ursula’s daughter (I know she died before she had kids BUT HUSH IT’S A FANFIC), but Ursula has recently died, so she doesn’t have a real family. Jay, Carlos, Evie, and Mal are pretty much her only friends on the Isle of the Lost. Slight, background Mal X Evie!!  <33
Request for the-pastel-galaxies, SORRY IT KINDA SUCKS I SPENT SO LONG ON IT BUT ?????

You frowned when you saw Maleficent ushering her daughter and Mal’s three best friends behind her, leading them to a shiny, black car. You stepped out from the shadows, casting a curious glance at Evie.

“Where are you going?” You asked, your voice low and quiet so you didn’t attract Maleficent’s attention.

“Auradon!” The blue-haired girl responded, and you felt your heart drop into your shoes. What? Why were they going to Auradon?

“Why are you going there? Are you guys in trouble? Do you need me to,” You waggled your fingers, dark violet smoke curling from your pale purple fingertips. “Distract someone?”

Evie shook her head, smiling at you. “No, we’re going to Auradon Prep! Some type of exchange student thing.” She frowned when she seemed to realize what that meant. “Oh no, __y/n__,” She spoke softly, and you hated to see the frown on her pretty face.

You shook your head. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Would it suck to lose them? Of course. But you wanted them to get off the Isle of the Lost. They would be better off in Auradon. 

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Created for: The Sims 4

This is a Set with 12 Creations - Click here to show all

Decor objects for Bedroom Yodern, total 12 items in this set.

They are:

Decor sculpture
Mirror free standing
Picture frame Large (glass frame)
Picture frame small (glass frame)
Plant large
Plant small
Throw Pillow
Wall art

Creator Notes

Base game only with updated patch
bb.moveobjects used in the preview

Credits: Mutske/windows, TSRW

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1967 Austin-Healey

3000 MK III BJ-8

Documented Frame Off Restored 3000 MK III BJ-8 Convertible 2 + 2 Leather 5 Speed


* 2-owner car / Professional ground-up restoration completed in 2014
* Shown at the 2014 Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d'Elegance
* Correct 2.9 liter British Motor Corporation 29A 6-cylinder / Correct twin SU carburetion
* 5-speed manual transmission / Hydraulic clutch
* Black leather interior / Black cloth top / 1 of 445 3000 Mk IIIs fitted with Black trim
* PPG Toyota Sand Stone Beige paint / Originally Golden Beige Metallic / 1 of 553 Metallic Golden Beige 3000 Mk IIIs produced
* Sale includes: Original Shipping Document / British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Production Record
* Sale includes: Restoration receipts / Brochure highlighting the car’s concours appearance
* Correct front disc and rear drum brakes / Correct wire wheels
* 1 of 17,712 3000 Mk IIIs produced


Roughly 2 years out of a detailed restoration, this 2-owner Mk III was completely rebuilt by Harrisburg, North Carolina’s Carolina Sports Imports and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Mike’s Auto Body Repair. Finished in a fresh coat of PPG 2-stage, the car reflects smooth Toyota Sand Stone Beige that’s extremely similar to its original Golden Beige Metallic single-stage. At the front of that pigment, a mirrored bumper hangs new overriders beneath chrome-trimmed headlights, bullet-style parking lamps and a textured grille that’s topped by an ornate header emblem. Above that grille, a subtle hood scoop leads the eye to chrome-trimmed glass that’s reflected in small mirrors and capped by clean cloth. At the sides of that scoop, classy fender toppers perfectly complement chrome door handles, polished profile inserts and sculpted style lines. At the back of those toppers, correct “Austin-Healey 3000” badging rides between chrome trunk trim, simple tail lamps, a small gas cap and a second bumper that props two reflectors outside two more overriders. And it all adds up to one lust worthy 3000 that puts most European metal to shame!


Mechanically, this Austin exemplifies top-notch detailing through a rare twin-carb engine that appears to have been completely rebuilt. Tilt the lightweight hood and you’ll find 2.9 liters of 29A 6-cylinder that looks good and runs great! Based on British Motor Corporation’s stalwart C-Series, Austin’s inline mill isn’t a grossly overpowered piece. But it’s certainly proven its ability to jet this compact roadster out of many tight curves, and cruise comfortably in just about any situation its owners’ demanded. At the top of the light green block, compact Coopers air cleaners sling air in to two familiar SU carburetors. At the base of those carbs, a stamped, factory-correct valve cover caps factory intake and exhaust manifolds. At the base of that cover, an old school points distributor sequences spark through fresh plug wires. Cooling is provided by a correct Coventry radiator. And the car’s tight engine bay is dotted with many show-ready essentials, including a color-keyed generator, a requisite red finger guard and an old school Tudor washer reservoir.


Restored to be cool to look at and fun to drive, this micro roadster is founded on a nice mix of upgraded and factory-correct components. For starters, a fresh 5-speed utilizes a tough hydraulic clutch to compliment Austin’s built-in canyon prowess with great highway manners that aren’t afforded by original 4-speeds. Stops come courtesy of manual front disc and rear drum brakes. The car’s chassis, which rides on a familiar set of coil and leaf springs, has been restored in a subdued mix of beige and black pigment. A factory manifold, replacement pipes and traditional mufflers handle exhaust duties. At the corners of the floor, correct wire wheels spin 185HR15 Vredestein Sprint Classics around fresh knock-offs. And, as far as appearance goes, the bottom of this ‘big Healey’ is exactly what you’d expect from a lightly used classic.


Like its exterior, the interior of this 3000 was completely rejuvenated during the car’s ground-up reboot. Front and center, small bucket seats sport upgraded leather hides. In front of those seats, a correct Walnut-veneer dash centers a retro mirror on factory heat, restored Smiths telemetry and a locking glovebox. Beneath that dash, a flowing console frames a petite shifter in front of an optional ashtray. Below that console, fade-free carpet provides a supple foundation for a polished hand brake and red-trimmed Austin-Healey floor mats. In front of the driver, a classy steering wheel laps a period-correct trafficator. At the sides of the passengers, scuff-free door panels frame bright chrome hardware. And behind the cockpit, a small trunk hauls a fifth wire wheel and full-size tire opposite an Optima gel cell battery.


Date the boy who lives in your painting with sunshine hair, a sharp jawline, and innocent eyes. His painted skin craves your warmth and his heart longs to be free of his frame so that he may dance the night away with you.