free flowing wine

Alderaanian Palace Headcanons

- Balls are held quite regularly, with a mixture of royalty, politicians, celebrity and the upper class (both Alderaanian and off-world). The balls are famous for their free flowing local wines and stunning locations.

- There are many traditional dances involving subtle footwork and much partner swapping (think Russian balls in the 1800s)- young Leia hates them because she only wants to dance with her father.

- Leia’s first ball is when she is five, she clings to her mother’s skirts until an uncle (not really, just one of Bail’s many friends/confidants whom she considers an uncle) persuades her to come out and twirl around in her first gown.

- She also enjoys a dance standing on her father’s feet. Her mother trains her to treat balls as her duty as a Princess, that she must be introduced, make polite conversation…but Bail knows that she hates every minute of forced socialising (so does he, it’s such a drain to pretend to like the Imperials) and tries to keep her entertained.

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