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Random healthy eating on a budget tip: go to markets instead of supermarkets, you get so much more for your money! I got a tonne of bananas and strawberries for really cheap yesterday so here goes a big batch to freeze for smoothies and nice cream. :)

I was surprisingly thrilled with how this recipe turned out! I let it sit overnight before enjoying and by the next day it was flavor packed, tangy, and really filling. I mixed mine with 2 Tbsp hummus to add an extra creamy kick. Especially since all you have to do here is blend the dressing, rinse the beans, and mix, this is an excellent fast & easy meal (especially for college students) and easily portable for grab and go lunch! I buy my edamame frozen and defrost it in the fridge to save money too.

For more easy, healthy lunch recipes go here! :)

Carrot pasta~ a healthy alternative to pasta ~ approx 300 calories

You will need (for ONE person):

- Carrot x 2

- ½ onion (red preferably)

- A portion of your favourite tomato pasta sauce (or make your own!)

- Oil 

How to:

1) Peel the carrots + chop of the ends 

2) Continue peeling the carrot until you get to the tough/bitter inside section of the carrot (we don’t use this, put it in the compost!). These are your ‘pasta/spaghetti’ pieces.

3) Finely chop the onion & fry in 1 teaspoon of oil (use a frying pan or wok). Cook until they begin to soft

4) Add the carrot pasta pieces to the pan, with the onion, and cook until the carrot pieces bend and twist around (ie. until they’re softer and no longer straight & raw). This can take around 10 minutes

5) Add the pasta sauce and cook until the carrot is soft enough for your liking.

Serve with halloumi, feta or cheddar cheese and a salad

NB 1: The 300 calories estimate does not include any added cheese etc.

NB 2: you can use parnsip/squashes instead of/with the carrot if you so wish. Carrot is a good starting point though due to it being so sweet - it’s pretty hard to dislike it!

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