free eyeglasses
How Free Eyeglasses Are Boosting Test Scores in Baltimore
Educators know that poor kids do worse in school. The solution might be as simple as helping them see the board.

I really don’t like how this headline is framed. Even the sub-headline (is that what it’s called?) is insulting and also misses what the point should be.

The reason why this bothers me so much is that I’ve worked in the non-profit & charter school industrial complex where black children are business ventures, and the black community is an endless research project of problems that need to be solved. I don’t appreciate the premise of “who can find the most unique, high yield solution to the negro problem?” Or in other words “what can we do to help this group that refuses to help themselves?”

At this point people are like “you’re looking into this too deep” or “but these kids are receiving help, and that’s what’s most important” okay. yeah. Except go back and read the article. This is about boosting test scores, which is what the whole Black Poverty Industrial Complex bases their model on. Black children become data points that they get to manipulate based off of the unique variable they’re selling.

The fact of the matter is: living in poverty, with a lack of access to their most essential needs, impacts every aspect of life - INCLUDING education.

Black people aren’t only valuable when they’re able to produce test scores that benefit rich white people. That’s when we get white saviors flocking into neighborhoods to rescue black children from their family members. 

& buying kids a pair of glasses, while great for the individual, doesn’t excuse the systemic mechanisms in place that perpetuates poverty and intentionally target poor black neighborhoods.