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I get that as a white male it’s incredibly hard to understand simple concepts such as “Hey I wasn’t even talking about box office sales” or “Hey this was a post about me liking something and in no way needed a response from Fedora Supremes who are trolling the ‘Ghostbusters’ tag”, but I’ll pretend that you have some sort of self control anyway.

I made a post that said: “I just went to see Ghostbusters and it was amazing!”

Can you point out to me where I commented on its box office sales, global success rank, or on anything other than my opinion of the movie itself?

I know it’s difficult to contain your angst that gorgeous women were casted who you don’t want to wank over (because it would undermine your White Male Integrity as an Avid Male Cast-Only Movie Watcher), but feel free to exercise your right to silence while I stay over here and gush about how amazing women are and how awesome it was to see the only three men in the movie be reduced to Incredibly Dumb characters instead of the women for once.

Christopher was swimming back n forth, doing laps at a time where no one was around and most were asleep in their tangible dreams. The spa was a lot quieter, and it gave the freedom of Christopher to swim nakedly feeling that little more free than usual. After exercising as well as relaxing he was washing away the chlorine latched to his skin, a lather covering the majority of his naked form. Though he wasn’t expecting company. 

Fat Burning Ab Exercises

Burn fat and slim down while toning up your abs and strengthening your core. Repeat the circuit once or twice more.

Mini Jackknife Crunch

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Lie on your back with your arms extended at your sides, palms facing down. Keep legs fully extended with toes pointing forward. Inhale, tighten your abs, and crunch up with your legs and shoulders about 6-8 inches off the ground. Pause for a count of 2, exhale, and return to starting position. Arms and legs should remain extended throughout the exercise. WORKS ABS, CORE, HIP FLEXORS

Straight Leg Bicycle Abs

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Lie on your back, lightly holding your head in your hands. Straighten out your legs at a 90 degree angle. Inhale, tighten your abs, and move your legs in a bicycle motion from side to side. Keep your legs fully extended throughout the exercise. Exhale on the way down. WORKS ABS, CORE, HIP FLEXORS, OBLIQUES

Straight Legs Circles

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Rest your upper body on your forearms, elbows directly underneath your shoulders and palms facing down. Keep feet together and legs fully extended in front of you. Inhale, tighten your abs, and raise your legs to a 45 degree and make small circles. Exhale on the way down. WORKS ABS, CORE, HIP FLEXORS, OBLIQUES

Tricep Extension w/Straight Legs

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Sit with your legs fully extended in front of you and feet together. Support your upper body with your hands directly underneath your shoulders, palms facing forward. Inhale, tighten your abs, and extend your triceps by straightening out your elbows. Pause momentarily on top, exhale, and return to starting position. Your butt should lightly touch the ground with each rep, but do not rest it on the ground. WORKS ABS, CORE, TRICEPS

Prone Press

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Get into plank position, resting on your forearms with fists facing each other. Keep your feet hip width apart, resting on your toes. Inhale, tighten your abs, and drop your body through your shoulders. Pause briefly, exhale, and press back up to starting position. WORKS ABS, CORE, SHOULDERS

Side Bridge Lift

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Get into side bridge position, resting on your forearm with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder and palm facing down. Keep your opposite arm extended straight above you and your feet staggered about 18 inches apart. Inhale, tighten your abs, and raise your hips up and down. Do not let your hips touch the ground. Exhale and return to starting position. WORKS ABS, CORE, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Side Bridge w/Rotation

External image

Get into side bridge position, resting on your forearm with your elbow directly underneath your shoulder and palm facing down.. Place your other hand behind your head and keep your feet staggered on top of each other. Inhale, tighten your abs, and rotate your torso, making your elbow meet your opposite hand. Pause briefly, exhale, and return to starting position. WORKS ABS, CORE, BACK, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

Side Table Top w/Leg Lift

External image

Get into side table position, resting on your forearm. Your elbow should be directly underneath your shoulder. Place your other hand lightly behind your head. Rest on one knee, pointing your toes back. Raise your other leg and fully extended it, toes pointing forward. Make sure it is parallel to the ground. Inhale, engage your core, and lift your leg up to a 45 degree angle. Pause briefly, exhale, and return to starting position. WORKS ABS, CORE, ABDUCTORS, ADDUCTORS, OBLIQUES, SHOULDERS

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Pomegranate and poppy seed crusted pumpkin salad, another recipe for my upcoming blog which will be out soon. Legit tho this is the closest I think my brother had ever gotten to salad 😂😂 all he eats is crap, processed junk food, I actually had to pay him to stand there and hold the salad bowl while I took the photo, don’t you just love little brothers?? Haha #littleshit I’m aiming for this blog to be out by the start of next week, so get ready for heaps of vegan recipes (all free of course!!) exercise tips, and so much more. I hope you guys like it!

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Naturalization and Immigration Laws and the First Amendment

Look people, this: 

The Congress shall have Power…To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization

Is a constitutional power of the federal government. Article I, Section 8. 

I’m not arguing it isn’t. 

That doesn’t mean that it has eminence over this: 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

They are of equal importance and as a result the power to establish an uniform rule of naturalization is bound by the fact that the congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….etc. etc. 

In France, Muslim identity is viewed as irreconcilable with French identity. This isn’t rhetorical, but law. France is home to the biggest Muslim population in Europe, and by far, its most persecuted.

- The hijab/headscarf was banned in public schools in 2004.
- Face covering (niqab) was banned in 2010.
- Muslims comprise 60-70% of France’s prison population.
- Vast majority of France’s Muslims are segregated in impoverished, disconnected, and concentrated ghettoes (banlieues).
- Militarized police roam through Muslim communities.
- The state established an official French mosque, meddling with the interpretation of Islamic dictates.
- Unlike the US, there’s no “free exercise of religion” protection

This legal and structural suppression of Muslim identity in France is, of course, built upon a brutal colonial history France has with Muslim-majority African nations. Most notably Algeria, which sources many of the Muslims living in French ghettoes; and Sub-Saharan African nations.

Again, core French principles - laicite - drive the legal reality that “to be French is to reject Islam,” and conversely, “to be Muslim is to reject French identity.” Underlied by a landscape where French Muslims live on the economic, political and geographic fringes.

Indicting Islam as the source of terorrism isn’t only misguided, but intellectually lazy. Let’s examine the structural sources that give rise to deviance - poverty, unemployment and under-employment, racial and religious subordination, and indeed, the gang culture and recruitment strategy employed by the likes of ISIS, preying on disaffected and nihilistic youth.

We can indict an entire faith. Vilify an entire religious group. But can we afford to ignore the structural failings and systemic persecution of the state?

Reject the easy traps of Islamophobia and hate-mongering. Let’s intelligently discuss and strategically address the core catalysts that give rise to this deviance.

Prayers Up, Brains Up.

Free Fitness Classes in NYC for the Week of July 18th

“You don’t need a New Year to make a Change. All you need is a Monday." 

One fitness class can make a difference and change your life this week. So take advantage of over 185 Free Fitness Classes & Training Runs in NYC listed on my blog this week.

Here’s What’s New:

  • Akin’s Army Bootcamp at Bandier Studio
  • BollyX Workouts
  • Brazilian Burn & Firm Pilates in Union Square
  • Pilates at Lole
  • Ready, Set Go Run with NRC on the Weekend 
  • Strength Training For Runners at Athleta
  • UFC Workout
  • USQ Fun Run with Jackrabbit

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Happy Monday!

Monday July 18th

Laughing Lotus - Soul Sweat at Athleta Flatiron - 1:00pm

Core + WRU 5k Run with The Body Prjct - 6:00pm

Physical Equilibrium at Athleta Flatiron - 6:00pm

Shake Out with LRC Run & Meditation at Lole - 6:30pm

TWC Sexy Pace with Isla de Corredores at Jackrabbit - 6:30pm

Ballet Barre at Brooklyn Bridge Park - 7:00pm

FITBK Flatbush Zumba in Brooklyn - 7:00pm

Group Run with Asics Run Club - 7:00pm

Group Run at JackRabbit Upper East Side - 7:00pm

Power Vinyasa at Athleta Flatiron - 7:00pm

Lululemon Run Club at Lincoln Square - 7:15pm

intenSati at Athleta Soho - 7:15pm

We Own Monday Nights with We Run Uptown Crew - 7:30pm

Nike+ Training Club - 7:34pm

Tuesday July 19th

Brooklyn Body Circuit at Grand Army Plaza - 6:28am

Queens Warriors at MacDonald Park - 6:28am

TWC Blockhouse Run at Jackrabbit - 7:00am

Vinyasa Yoga at Athleta Flatiron - 7:00am

Bryant Park Tai Chi - 7:30am

Morning Fitness at Fort Tryon Park - 7:30am

Meditation on The High Line - 8:00am

Fitness Walk at Joe Michaels Mile - 9:00am

Tai Chi Class at Washington Square Park - 9:00am

Lululemon Run Club - 9:30am

Tai Chi at The High Line - 9:30am

Bryant Park Yoga with Athleta - 10:00am

Exhale Spa Core Barre Fusion at Athleta Flatiron - 12:00pm

NRC Speed Run at Mile High Run Club - 12:34pm

Shakti Barre at Athleta Flatiron - 1:00pm

Faith’s Way Fitness at Reebok Fithub - 6:00pm

PiYo & Turbo Kick Live at Athleta Flatiron - 6:00pm

NRC Speed Run - 6:04pm

Sweat 34: Ironstrength NYC on 34th Street - 6:00pm

Group Run at Paragon Sports - 6:30pm

Group Run at Jackrabbit Upper West Side - 6:30pm

Healthy on the Hudson: SWEAT with Lululemon Brookfield Place - 6:30pm

Mountain Athletics Training by The Northface at Columbus Circle - 6:30pm

Inwood Evening Yoga - 6:30pm

Pilates Class at Lole - 6:30pm

Summer on the Hudson: Pilates in the Park - 6:30pm

Navy Seal & Armed Forces Training & Mentoring in Central Park - 7:00pm

Pilates with Fitness Guru at Brooklyn Bridge Park - 7:00pm

Hill Repeats with The Body Prjct - 7:00pm

NYRR Open Run: Brooklyn Bridge Park - 7:00pm

NYRR Open Run at Silver Lake Park - 7:00pm

Shape Up NYC: Zumba Fitness - 7:00pm

itenSati at Athleta Flatiron - 7:00pm

USQ Group Fun Run at Jackrabbit Union Square - 7:00pm

NRC Speed Run - 7:04pm

NRC Speed Run - 8:14pm

Wednesday July 20th

November Project - 5:28 am

November Project - 6:28am

Core Body Bootcamp at Bryant Park - 6:30am

Sunrise Tai Chi - 6:30am

Yoga at Washington Square Park - 8:30am

Shape Up NYC: Walk, Jog or Run with NYRR - 9:30am

LaBlast at Athleta Flatiron - 12:00pm

Pi-Yo at Brooklyn Bridge Park - 4:00pm

Home Run with Nike Run Club - 6:14pm

Ready, Set, Go run with Nike Run Club - 6:14pm

Battery Park Yoga - 6:30pm

Family Capoeira in Inwood Hill Park - 6:30pm

Healthy on the Hudson: Mindful with Lululemon Brookfield Place - 6:30pm

Garden Moves: African Dance in Brooklyn - 6:30pm

Garden Moves: Zumba in the Bronx - 6:30pm

Wildcard Wednesday with Jackrabbit at Time Warner Center - 6:30pm

After work run with Jackrabbit at Upper East Side - 6:30pm

Run Club at Lululemon Brookfield Place - 6:30pm

Summer on the Hudson: Yoga Session - 6:30pm

Zumba in Little Bay Park Queens - 6:30pm

Run Club at Lululemon 66th & 3rd Avenue - 6:45pm

Sunset Yoga - 6:45pm

Club Fit: Yoga in Sherman Creek Park - 6:45pm

Double Dutch in Brooklyn Bridge Park - 7:00pm

Run Club with Lululemon 75th & Broadway - 7:00pm

Yoga at Athleta Soho - 7:15pm

Workout Wednesday Summer Series at Lululemon Soho - 8:00pm

Check out the Free Fitness Classes in NYC to see listings for the remainder of the week.

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Excuse me, but

What part of

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Sounds like “Congress shall make no law, except if, you know, the law applies to non-citizens. Then Congress should feel free to abuse their power and restrict rights all they want.”

I’ll give you a hint.


The constitution and bill of rights is a list of restrictions on the government and those restrictions don’t stop applying just because the people in question are not citizens of our country. 

Did you suddenly forget that rights aren’t given by the government? They are only protected by it? The government can’t restrict those rights without grievously violating the constitution and saying “well they can do it because the people whose rights they are violating aren’t citizens” is not a slippery slope I want to start down.

So, no, the government does not have the right to restrict immigration based on religion or ban the practice of, or belief in, a religion.

And yeah, I’m hella combative over the upholding of the constitution and the protecting of our rights. 

So @aeolusshrugged, go away.

We usually think of our ears as information RECEIVERS. But, really they GIVE just as much information to the voice as they get. Your ears and voice are part of the same neurological loop. So, changing what you hear changes how you sound. In fact, the voice can only produce what the ears can hear! This is known as the Tomatis Effect, named for Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a pioneer in music therapy who showed how the ear “builds, organizes, and nourishes the nervous system.” How does this apply to you? Incredible singers HEAR incredible singers! To be a top-notch vocalist, it’s critical to seek out the vocalists who are pushing the boundaries of vocal limits. Instead of your ears always listening to your VOICE, it’s time for your voice listen to your EARS!
—  Daily Vocal Tips by New York Vocal

I’ve been taking the perspective lately that when attempting to bed men, to realize they are little more than zoo animals. They have all the basic survival conditions of life met, and are free to exercise their will as they please, but their independence is more or less a complete facade. You can pet them depending on the circumstances, but sometimes they bite or cry out, growl, or maybe rub up against you. It’s always subject to change!! They don’t even realize they are in a cage of their own emotions, and frankly, they don’t care. They just exist without an afterthought.

Wow, what a fun day today! Lots of walking with my friend Carolina and vegan ice cream from Cream Crew! 🍦🍦🍦 Biggest coincidence, we also ran into another vegan and ice cream fan, Ariel, who happens to follow me on Tumblr! What a small world! 😝 My daily post is up! Today’s topic: long walks on the beach. 😂 Walking is my favourite way to experience a new place. It’s free, great exercise, and FUN. Who’s with me?? 😎

(at Cream Crew - Vegan Ice Cream)
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Freddie Mercurry - Exercises in free love

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Hi there, I just wanted to send a suggestion to your reader asking about writing every day when one doesn’t have a lot of spare time. They can set aside five minutes and do a free writing exercise on the days when they don't have time.