sports anime: a summary from my experience
  • a small lesser-known team pulls itself together with some promising new athletes and lots of spirit and unexpectedly start rising through the ranks to make a name for itself
  • you barely ever see any of their parents because who needs actual family when you have the team
  • everything is very important, like life or death important. It doesn’t matter if this is a little high school team at a local tournament that literally no-one gives a fuck about, there will undoubtedly be lots of crying and fighting and inspirational speeches like they’re about to go to battle
  • the team is all guys but there is always a cute female manager/coach
  • one game/match/race or whatever takes about 8 episodes, because of all the slow motion shots and the fact that apparently we need to see the exact reactions of literally every person in the room
  • lots of gay
  • no like really, lots of gay
  • every team has a mom
  • every team has a smol baby who needs to be protected
  • there is at least one hotshot athlete on an opposing team who’s cocky and arrogant and all the girls love him but in reality he’s just a dorky little shit
  • two main characters who fight a lot or have lots of tension but we all know they love each other
  • did i mention that it’s gay
the free! fandom in 2016
  • reblogging a post and realizing it was posted two years ago
  • still having a strong emotional connection with all of the characters while still finding new characters to love but whenever you get reminded of the free! characters you get hit with a wave of nostalgia and heartbreak bc the show ended two fucking years ago yet it feels like it came out yesterday
  • crying
  • waiting for starting days to be subbed
  • only living off of fanart and graphics
  • still having to deal with shipping wars
  • ??????????
  • did i mention crying

The Whale Shark Bbe | Yamazaki Sousuke | 
Happy Birthday to my sweet & awesome king Minji!! ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )