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So first of all hello lovelies, my name is Michelle but ya’ll can call me Mitchie. Just because everyone who knows me in the tumblr community calls me like that. (yes, mitchie like camp rock). Anyway, Im twenty one and Im from Mexico. Im very happy this roleplay is back btw. I missed it so much. Anyway, let’s start talking about my daughter Victoria. 

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anonymous asked:

Yo Mineta you around? Gotta ask for some deets on the UA crew man. I know you're all into the ladies so like, what's the deal with gravity buns porkin' up so much? She give up on diets or somethin since she can just float herself around all the time? I figured this was the best place to ask and stuff so yo, you gotta help me out man she's super cute and I just gotta know!

“I can relate to that all consuming need to know. You want it on Ochako? Well, see the thing is… Deku says she’s got a little situation with living away from her folks to come to Yuuei in the city, so I guess she scrimps and saves up so that she can pay for utilities and all that. … But you know, lunch is free if you enroll here, so she pigs out at lunch. And you look plumpest just right after you eat, so… Her butt must be where all that weight goes because hoo boy is hers a big one.”

Announcing the Winner of my 1k Sculpture Contest, tiinasaurus !!

Knuk is a beautifully designed gryphon that I am excited to integrate into my new class.  I will be able to cover a lot about fur and feather textures as well as proportions and color schemes.  He will be really fun to pose with that lanky, yet stout form.

Congratulations, Tiina!  You will be receiving a free enrollment in my class once it opens and will have the chance to receive the finished sculpture once I am done filming.

Thank you to all that entered.  I got some really awesome designs submitted, but ultimately, Knuk was the best fit for the needs of my class.

Honorable Mentions

I would like to include a few honorable mentions that really stood out to me.  These entrants are entitled to 10% off my commission prices if they want to commission me for these characters.  They will also be  guaranteed a slot in any round of commissions that I offer this year OR they may choose a 50% off coupon for my class once it opens.

External image

anemicshoe for her delightful “gardeners”.  These have such a clever design.  I love the contrasting textures and the personality that each one shows.  Very believable!

External image

dokibird for her simple but lovely Maple.  I am a big fan of designs like this that are well composed and have excellent color schemes.  How can you not love that face?

External image

jsug for her beta fish dragon, Ozai.  I love that I can look at this design and literally see it gracefully swimming through the water.  Wonderful integration of real life elements into a fantasy character.

Thank you again for all that entered and reblogged the contest post.  I gained a bunch of new followers because of this contest and I really appreciate the support.  

I will be filming my class in a few weeks and hope to have it ready for enrollment over the summer.  Stay tuned and thank you everyone for making my contest a sucess!

I’m turning 26 after the January 31 health insurance enrollment deadline. What should I do?

Someone asked us:

I saw your post about getting health insurance, and I’ve been taking it for granted that I am under my parents’ health insurance until I turn 26. Well, I turn 26 in late August, but from what I’ve seen, applying for health care is an annual thing, and the deadlines are in January. Does that mean I (and other people turning 26 this year) should apply for health insurance now, or can I wait until closer to my birthday, and apply then?

Good news! You can stay on your parents’ health insurance until you turn 26 and then sign up for health coverage — even if it’s not during the annual open enrollment time.  

First things first: check with your parents’ health insurance to find out when your coverage will end. Some insurers may end your coverage on your 26th birthday, others may cover you until the end of the month, the year, or even beyond 26. So it’s definitely worth double checking. This could mean calling the health plan directly or, if your parents have the insurance through their job, calling their employer’s human resources department.

Even though annual open enrollment in the Marketplace ends January 31, you can still sign up for Marketplace insurance when you lose coverage on your parents’ plan. You’ll have 60 days from the day your coverage under your parents’ plan ends to sign up for a plan in the Marketplace.

You have lots of coverage options that are worth checking out, like:

  • Applying for health insurance through your employer (if you’re working and your job offers coverage)
  • Enrolling in free or low-cost Medicaid coverage (eligibility for Medicaid is open year-round, and depends on the state you live in and your income)

You can visit our website to figure out what health coverage options may be available to you and how much it will cost. You can find out if you qualify for financial help for health insurance or if you’re eligible for low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid. About 8 in 10 people who signed-up for Marketplace coverage have received financial help!  Here’s a cool fact sheet on the different coverage options available after you turn 26.

Feeling confused? We’re here to help you figure it all out. After you blow out 26 birthday candles, make an appointment with an expert in your area who can help you navigate the process.

-Adriana at Planned Parenthood

anonymous asked:

If one wanted to learn to model environments without going to school for it and was looking into where to start, what would your suggestions be for starting out? Techniques that make things easier, tips on things to research, programs to use, etc.

This is a fantastic question, and I’m gonna start answering with someone else’s reply (lol) but only because that person, who I follow on Twitter, made a really insightful and very eye-opening post about the realities of going to art school.

Here is the link.

Your decision to skip modeling school is a smart one if you don’t wanna graduate with a $100K tab hanging on your back, so this artist made a really good breakdown of how you can get a similar education for a fraction of the price. It’s still an investment, but you spend FAR LESS money and time, and learn exactly the same skills you would learn doing 4 years at Full Sail or whatever.

Basically it relies on online classes and tutorials, many of which are dirt cheap and sometimes even free, and enrolling in one-on-one courses with industry veterans that teach you exactly what you want and need to learn. The ones he mentions are focused on concept art and traditional art, but the equivalents of 3D modeling can be found in most of those sites he lists. If I had seen that post 6 years ago I would have taken a very different path into the world of 3D art, trust me.

If you already know the basics, I’ve said it a couple of times already but start out small. Start with a single prop. Make every single texture map. Then move up to whole rooms. Then buildings. Then a whole city block. And then the world is your oyster. Also, get familiar with a game engine like Unity or UDK. They’re free, and will come in handy when the time comes to test your stuff in a real-time environment.

There are no techniques to make things “easier” in modeling. Yes, there are shortcuts and tricks, but everything takes time and effort and requires the same learning curve for everyone, so your question is a little broad. Besides, any shortcuts you need you will learn along the way as you need them.

Things to research? Architecture. Real life landscapes. Nature. Environments from games you love. Take tons of screenshots. Build a library of pretty environments you’d love to model. Build a texture library. If you see a nice dirt texture in your backyard, take a detailed pic, it could come handy later. All games need dirt!

As for software, if you can’t get a hold of the industry standards (max or maya), Blender is an excellent free alternative. If you can spend a little money but not a lot, Modo is also a good bet. Once you master one of them, the other ones become easy as pie to learn.

Also very important: Join a 3D art community like Polycount. Post your art and ask for feedback. It might be harsh sometimes but you get really important insight, tips and tricks not only from people who started out like you, but also industry veterans. FOR FREE.

That’s all I can offer for now. I realize it’s a little generic but your question is a little broad, so I hope this helps. As a start, I really recommend joining polycount and browsing the forums if you haven’t. Tons of inspiration there.

I wish you luck in your adventures, young one.

Here is my least popular political idea. A mandatory one year term in public service for all eighteen year olds with exception of those who join the armed forces. This would be a paid program somewhat like the peace corps. There would be no political indoctrination but young people would learn some basic skills helping others throughout the world. They would learn to work in teams. They would learn first aid and CPR. They would learn a second language. They would learn how to use tools and to build. They would be exposed to other cultures. They would learn to teach. They would learn self discipline and the meaning of hard work and a job well done.

Upon completion all graduates from this program would have the option of a free university education or free enrollment in a jobs training school which would end in a paid position in the area of training. A decent job.