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Gideon of the Trials: Done!

Not quite in time for this morning’s story, but it didn’t focus on him anyways, so that’s fine! Look, Gideon of the Trials is crocheted!

Shield detail!

Sural detail!

Altogether, not that bad, and no where near as complicated as Ral was (I purposefully kept this one less complicated). The Sural just sit, which is nice, though I may experiment for a way to keep them up. Gideon’s Intervention does show his back.. but it came out today, so no real time to incorporate that, whoops. 

But! Enough artist notes, look at how nicely Gideon game out!

Here’s an embroidery pattern for you all!

This is what I’m just stitching now. The owl is a medieval design, which I call “Unimpressed Owl.” You can imaging the possibilities. This piece is for a friend of mine, and then I’ll make one for myself that says “Yes, tell me how yoga will cure my neurological disease which you’ve never heard of before.”


Since many of you seemed to like this Ukrainian design I posted a few weeks ago, I figured out the pattern for you.  (It was one of those anonymous postings on the web so I have no idea who designed it originally or where it was featured so I just figured out the pattern myself from the photo.)  I’ll probably embroider it too, although I think I’ll put my own spin on it to make it a little different.  

Free Pattern


Finally turned this into a pattern. Be advised I gave up on trying to readjust it so the very bottom few stitches fall below the grid but you can totally figure it out and I thought it was better to keep it on one page. And I can’t curse at my poor computer one more time tonight so I’m just going with it. Remember: it’s free. ;)



Link to downloadable file here.

Get at it!




applique-and-embroidery patterns for @jumpingjacktrash’s garden quilt! the crow squares are supposed to be twice as long on an edge as the bugs, i believe. 

purple outlines are fabric patches, orange lines are embroidery— i’d suggest running stitch for wing and leaf veins, stem stitch for body divisions, and split stitch for stripes and bug legs. 

feel free to use the patterns yourself, but please don’t repost or sell. 

Some Lady Power Love

Today I was reminded of this brilliant moment:

so I took a little liberty and made this:

Then I figured other people might like to make one so here’s a pattern:

Here’s a link to the downloadable version.

Pass it along. 

(and I never read the comments so if you feel like going on a Trump rant you can save your finger strength for someone who gives a shit) #ImWithHer