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DIY Birthday Embroidery Free Templates

 I only give DIY gifts to friends who appreciate the time and effort I’ve put into making something unique, and these Birthday Embroideries fall into that category.

Find these DIY Birthday Embroidery Free Templates by Wild Olive at Feeling Stitchy here.

Do you want to start learning how to embroider? Or do you need a refresher course?  Check out the 10 Common Embroidery Stitches post from (NØ)NARRATIVE-LINES here.

Meet Tzipora. She’s cool and she is my alter-ego.

She has a style column on the blog, and this time she is all into a mountain getaway. See what she wears inside the blog post. 

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Some Lady Power Love

Today I was reminded of this brilliant moment:

so I took a little liberty and made this:

Then I figured other people might like to make one so here’s a pattern:

Here’s a link to the downloadable version.

Pass it along. 

(and I never read the comments so if you feel like going on a Trump rant you can save your finger strength for someone who gives a shit) #ImWithHer


DIY Stitch Punk Free Printable Calendar with some of Urban Threads favorite embroidery designs here. Stitch Punk has cheap tattoo and Steampunk inspired embroidery designs (as well as others) in either machine, hand or digital format. For more free calendars including a Kawaii calendar and personal owl calendar (over 50 famous artists’ illustrations of owls) go here: