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My first Yu-gi-oh fanart and its this…I expected nothing less of myself

based on this!

also dedicated to @sergle @yaboybokuto and @officialgrandpa for dragging my little sister and me back into Yu-gi-oh hell after 10 years


some. very rough concepts for the ‘everything is the same but with stands’ AU:

1) on trill, only the symbionts have stand abilities, developed over time through exposure to their hosts’ spiritual energies and wordly experiences. after each host the symbiont gains new ‘act’ form - for example, dax, joined with jadzia, has 7 (6 before unlocking joran). all dax’s abilities are based on some or other form of sound manipulation - act 1 (lela) is able to generate and absorb shock waves, act 5 (torias) has the biggest range of hearing (around 1km), act 6 (curzon) renders anyone the user is talking to extremelly suggestible to persuasion. act 0 (joran), due to his personality being separated from others is the most independent form, capable of verbal communtication and painfully uncooperative

2) quark’s stand ability is to divert attention from whatever he is doing (creating diversions, generating blind spots within 20m range etc etc), which doesn’t make your local constable’s work any easier. also, ferengi obviously have a tradition of preserving and selling stands after their user’s death

a-crafty-lass  asked:

I love your witch AU! Is Hawkmoth in it?

of course he is, i could never forget good ol’ hawky! in this au he functions in the same basic fashion as our current hawkmoth does, but instead of turning his “akuma” into villains he sends out a possession curse, which gives him the ability to up the power on his victim and control them to his will. gabriel wasn’t born with magic, and had to trick his way to a council wand (the source of most of the power, even if one does not have magic they can wield the wand (with practice)) the wand’s secrets and tricks, however, are only known to their specific council member, and in turn are the source of the council member’s life. it grants them near- immortality and power, but since it is their life source if it is taken from them for more than a few days, they will wither and die. then we go on to talk about apprentices and their purpose, but that’s for another post! basically hawkmoth’s reason in the same, his wife, and he needs the combined strength of destruction (plagg and his wand) and creation (tikki and her wand) to bring her back. if you need something cleared up or want to hear/ see more feel free to send me a message!