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Guys we’re in the paper

This is on the first double page spread of today’s (Tuesday 24th January) Metro paper. We made page 3! This paper is distributed for free at train stations which is why I picked it up on my way to college. This is pretty big, right?

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i reblogged that post about valentines but i don’t know if the british detective fandom even has any of those !!! so i made some for endeavour XD

feel free to use, distribute, send to your friends or whatever !

The kids go to the grocery store. Karkat charges through the aisles like he’s been given a mission from God and the cart is his holy battering ram with which he will obliterate all obstacles in his divine quest. Dave won’t go unless he can sit in the cart. Rose rides on the front like a maidenhead on an old ship and insists on stopping to sample the Organic Deer Jerky so she can write scathing reviews of it later. Rose also occasionally lurks the organic section and masquerades as an employee distributing free samples. Would you care to try a lock of eldritch umbilical cord?

At some point (after Rose and John are caught with their bootleg samples, where did you even get those uniforms you two, Kanaya stop hanging around the butchers it’s not good for you), an employee discovers the rest of the group locked in the family bathroom and goes to confront Karkat. The following ensues:

“Sir, I was told by the guy in the cape you locked them in there. Why?”
“It’s for parents with young children, babies who need changing, people with disabilities, and other people who need the extra space and assistance.”

Jane is waved over from the other side of the store after ditching the other alphas to be peacefully overstimulated in the cereal aisle. She does her best to pretend she doesn’t know these people.

The Olicity FicBridge

For those new to following me, I have a page on my blog dedicated to connecting you to your fave Olicity fic writers on Tumblr, Twitter, AO3, and I am someone who likes to spread love and appreciation through the Olicity fandom, and this gives us a way to find our faves and thank them for the selfless work they do for OUR enjoyment FOR FREE. The gift of the fic is free, and the thanks are FREE. Distribute freely! But I digress…..

Check and see if you’re on the page and that your links work (Go here: )  . If you want to be added, updated, etc. let me know your details. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ON THERE ALSO LET ME KNOW. Holly and I are updating info as we discover you, but only want to share if YOU feel comfortable with it.

I have listed those I currently have on the page after the cut. Hopefully the tags work.

For those in the non-writing community (like me!) go check out the links to some fantastic Olicity fanfic writers!

I also want to take this opportunity for a BIG shout-out to @geniewithwifi​ for keeping me updated with new authors and their connections. THANK YOU, HOLLY!

I will also be updating the look soon - so keep an eye out! For now I have chosen function and ease of use and updating over form.

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Club Delirium has always been renowned for its free distribution of booze, sex and drugs, even way back when it was originally founded in the 1920s as an illegal speakeasy, cathouse and opium den - a thrill-seeker’s triple whammy, if you will. 

Decades later, under the rule of Darlene’s sons Luke and Jan, not much has changed. Drinks all around, beautiful, scantily-clad women everywhere and narcotics galore, including the very one that put Delirium on the map as a hot spot for vampire communities miles around - a hallucinogen designed ‘by vampires; for vampires’, known on the streets as ‘cell’. 

The thing is, the human patrons are highly discouraged from taking this particular drug, but, well…people never listen, do they? Why, you ask? Well, simply because, due to the difference in their physiology, ‘cell’ has a differing effects on humans and vampires. For the latter, it’s simply a fun party drug - think a combination of LSD and MDMA with no ill side-effects. For the former, however, the substance is highly addictive and toxic - think the syphilis-ridden lovechild of crack cocaine and crystal meth. 

In cases of severe addiction, the human goes insane with nightmarish hallucinations that invade every single one of their senses which, of course, makes them a danger to both themselves and everyone around them. That’s not to mention the physical effects - imagine septicemia. Good. Now, imagine septicemia combined with the flesh-eating virus. 

You wouldn’t  believe how many long-gone cell addicts the boys have had to dispose of over the years - a bunch of gibbering, damn near zombified loonies running around isn’t exactly good for business, you know. Even worse, you wouldn’t believe how many lurk in the alleyway outside of Delirium. 

I’ve been asked this a lot: every single lockscreen on my blog is made by me! I personally disagree with taking other people’s lockscreens without their consent- there’s a reblog button for a reason and someone worked hard on that and what right do you have to take it without their permission. With that said I have permission to use the photos I do as they’re royalty free images distributed for personal or commercial use 💕

When Nazis Distribute Propaganda in your City, if you Need to, you Tear the Whole Thing Down

It’s beginning to get to me
like salmon get upstream
purely on instinct,
solely because they know they should.
Maybe for the challenge,
to put themselves up against something -
someone -
that holds itself
(by its own standards)
or, at least,
eagerly waiting for something
to bypass its defenses.

It’s always spawning season lately,it seems
and there are more and more fish
of more and more types
that I never thought I would see
in my rivers and streams
in my beautiful forests -
these invasive species seek to propagate.

And I know
that part of being a forest
is being a forest fire
and that if I burn myself down,
I will know how to build myself back up.

I will not give you the satisfaction.
You will not be let back in.


The Diamond Sutra

“All created things
are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, or a shadow
like dew or like lightning
you should view them like this.”

Over 1,100 years ago, on May 11, 868, a man named Wang Jie commissioned a woodblock-printed scroll of the Diamond Sutra, which records teachings of the Buddha. This sutra has the name “diamond” because it is said to be uniquely strong, cutting through delusion to reveal the ultimate truth.

An inscription on the 17½-foot-long scroll reveals: “Reverently made for universal free distribution by Wang Jie on behalf of his two parents.” Commissioning the reproduction of Buddhist paintings, sculptures, or texts was a way to obtain merit—good karma—for this life or next.

It’s on loan from the British Library for the Cave Temples of Dunhuang exhibition, which includes precious paintings, scrolls, and books from the so-called Library Cave of Dunhuang (Mogao). 

Diamond Sutra, 868 CE. Ink on paper. London, British Library, Or.8210/P.2. Images copyright © The British Library Board

Inquisitors Headcanon

just an odd head canon, but:

rising Inquisitors have willingly give up something to receive their title…something meaningful. like, in the tradition of Lord Vader giving up something, with copious amounts of lost limbs and fire. lots of fire.

so, the Seventh Sister gave up her voice and it’s mechanized now. the Fifth Brother? blind. he uses the Force to guide him.

free pain to distribute through all of your great Inquisitor AUs!

Need A Binder?

So here are places where you can get binders!

Places Where You Can Buy ($34-$38) ($33-$35) ($28-$38) ($28-$33) note:there are “light” compression shirts on thus site for about $18

Places Where You Can Possibly Get One Free

FTME Free Youth Binder Program
(For people under 23-USA only- Only have Underworks tri-tops in white- you must fill out an application and include your financial situation)

In A Bind Program
(Provide new and used binders to young trans and gender variant teens and young adults up to age 21-who do not have financial support- NOTE they have a waiting list of 1,000 )

Big Brothers Used Binder Program
(Distributes free and used binders to trans/ftm/intersex men over age 22)

Binder Boys
(On Facebook has monthly givaway contests for pre-op trans guys)

Replace The Ace
(A campaign to reduce the use of harmful binding methods- the distruute second hand bidners to ftm trans identified individuals who use harmful binding methods. USA only)

Point 5cc T-shirt Company
(Sell trans friendly t-shirts and giveaway free second hand bidners on request with the purchase of a T-shirt)

MORF Binder Exchange
(MORF has been redistributing free binders to trans guys all over the UK who need them-UK only )

I Hope This Helps You Peeps Out
Mod Kendrick😉