free dimension


“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 

Every time you make a decision, you tear a hole in the fabric of spacetime and enter a new parallel dimension. Not making a decision causes the same to happen. You may have thought that doing this requires a shaman, hallucinogenic drugs, or a time machine (or all three), but actually it stems from free will, is so subtle you never notice it, and happens all the time.


Like how they learn most things about each other- they were having a stupid petty fight. Rick got annoyed enough that he yelled at Stan in Spanish, expecting the insult to go over his head. He was not expecting a reply. What concerned him far more than Stan understanding the insult though, was that it implied that all those drunken romantic admissions of affection he’d often said in Spanish were also understood… 

“Yes Sanchez, I know you’re an emotional sap when you think no one can understand you.” wubba lubba dub dub

Don’t let another important show go to waste before you give it a chance

Winter 2016 is here, meaning a whole new slate of anime shows. You can put aside the 2015 shows for now and start fresh- what better way to do it than to watch the most appealing, colorful, thing out there.

1.) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is a show I know for a fact people will miss out on because they assume it’s going to be “boring”.
2.) They don’t want to go through the pain of watching a 40 minute first episode made up of just dialogue….

If there are somethings I can promise you though from the very start of this season, is that this show is compelling, funny, sad, and heartfelt. 

1.)First off- you might recognize this drawing style- it’s none other than; Haruko Kumota. 

The famous author and illustrator of a lot of BL (aka “boys-love”) mangas

If you know some of her stories (for example the one here: itoshi no nekkoke)- HER STORYLINES ARE ALWAYS ON POINT.

2.) Meet the protagonist/main character of the story: YOTAROU

This dude is a serious cinnamon roll. He’s a former gangster- street thug who could convincingly make anyone believe anything with the roll of his tongue. He’s like a little dog- very loyal and just all round a very likable character. 

Released from Prison, he decides to follow the path of the arts/theater by becoming an apprentice for Yakumo (WITH THE PERFECT VOICE ACTOR, ISHIDA AKIRA) to become a Rakugo story teller. 


I did not know what the hell that was before this anime- and frankly saying- it’s interesting as hell. Rakugo is basically like stand-up comedy. Although it wasn’t stomach-cramping-rofl- laughing ‘funny’, it was really really interesting. Like it draws you in.

Just see for yourself (click on the ‘see’ right now!!) 

And the animation is amazing- just see for yourself. Give something you haven’t watched a chance this year. Open yourself to newer, stranger, things.

I promise you- you will not regret watching this show.

(give the rakugo anime a chance!!)

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