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Mommy in Training- Derek Hale

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After entering your third trimester, you had finally decided to take your friends up on their offer to babysit their infant daughter. Whether they were actually trying to give you some “practice for motherhood” or saw an opportunity for a free sitter on date night, you’d never know, but you hoped to make the best of the situation. Or that was before Little Anna had started crying endlessly.

You tried everything possible to get her to stop fussing. Changing her, rocking her while singing softly and not to mention trying to feed her a bottle dozens of times. You couldn’t help but feel incapable after she was still sobbing her eyes out hours past her usual bedtime.

“Babe,” Derek called to you in concern from the front door after returning from researching with the pack. Your husband hadn’t been expecting any crying children in the house until the arrival of his own little pup, so the scene of his tired wife carrying a fussy baby while still swollen with his child was troubling (although he had to admit, a slightly heartwarming scene he hoped to see again in the future). It was only after he stepped closer that he realized the baby belonged to Y/N’s friends.

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anonymous asked:

I've been awful lately and Daddy has been really good at being patient . I want to make him a coupon book but I'm having trouble thinking of things . Any suggestions??

Hmmm. Try ‘free hugs, free kisses, date nights, etc’. -Little L & Master M

oh, jupiter ascending. what a movie. what a goddamn delight. how do i even begin to describe this cinematic masterpiece

  • jupiter did not ascend
  • i did
  • i ascended
  • channing potato plays a tortured albino dog-man runt
  • with bad spock ears
  • and space rollerblades
  • jupiter jones spends 80% of the movie falling off of tall, exploding, or tall and exploding buildings and then being rescued by said angsty tatum dog man and his rollerblades
  • sean BEE
  • no you heard me right sean bean is literally a bee man named stinger
  • who is, by the way, a grumpy ex-space cop
  • guess who else is an ex space cop? THAT’S RIGHT potato tatum 
  • why, if he’s part dog wolf, did potato dog once have wings? i get sean bee, but dog man?? space cop academy must’ve been something else
  • visible spittle with every mommy’s boy shriek 
  • oh yeah space capitalism is really bad
  • bees don’t lie. you’re royalty because you’ve never been stung by a bee. BEES DONT LIE
  • very kinky between wolf channing and jupiter. awkward and kinky. actually quite glorious i was mesmerized by the shit they said
  • jupiter jones. wants to be called your majesty. and bitten.
  • potato channing dog tatum is clearly down for biting as well
  • “i love dogs. i’ve always loved dogs”
  • [SPOILER REDACTED] perfectly timed wedding intervention, yeah just like everyone’s favorite rom com trope. similar situation happens AGAIN 
  • the whole thing was so gosh darn pretty
  • panorama shots of glitter and dust and storms and planets and explosions and whooshy blue rollerblades and nebulas wowmygod
  • i have never seen more convincing winged lizard men in my life
  • unlike channing potato’s beard, which was not convincing
  • it appeared to be glued on
  • then frost-tipped
  • A+ for effort though, loved the eyeliner
  • i truly and fully and completely enjoyed this movie
  • it was an experience of a lifetime
  • if star wars is the perfect teenage boy sci fi fantasy, then jupiter ascending is the perfect teenage girl sci fi fantasy 
  • it is the ultimate wish fulfillment space fantasy and its not even trying to hide it
  • a m a z i n g
  • i’m not even sure if i only like it ironically anymore, i truly enjoyed myself that much. i fucking ascended. amazing
  • thank u. bless u, academy award winning eddie redmayne, i hope to one day meet you by chance and tell you how much i loved this movie
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A Latte like Coffee


“Okay,” Vie told herself, mostly because there was no one else to tell her things will be fine. She removed a flyer folded and unfolded so many times from one of the books she was returning. Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop was holding a promo for Valentines Day: buy a cup of tea or coffee, get the another one for your date free. Last night she already decided she will ask Cormac out but now her resolve was wavering again. Nobody dies of hearing no for an answer, right? 

She muttered a few lines as she put the books (1 out of 3 read)  back to their shelves, trying to find which one sound right. “I would like to invite you out for coffee.” Too formal. “You should have coffee with me.” Imposing. “Madam Puddifoot’s holding a Valentines promo. I was wondering if you might wanna have coffee there with me tomorrow?” That’s decent…