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Gay people used to have their own bookstores and cafes but what happened was capitalism. Do you go to a local coffeeshop or do you get Starbucks? Do you buy your books from Amazon or Barnes&Noble instead of looking for a small business? This is why all those places disappeared. Most LGBT centers have gay choirs, though, they're just not skewed young to the queer community.

GOOD POINT ANON! There are few Gay Bookstores left, A LOT have gone out of business in the last few years. They all sell books, movies, gay flags, etc. and almost all of them are now combined with something else to survive: bookstore + coffee shop, bookstore + sex shop, bookstore + art shop, gay books + feminist/women’s books. Almost of all them have free dating nights, parties, book readings, book signings and other events where you can meet lesbian and gay people. Follow them on FB, IG and Twitter to keep up with their events. If you can’t actually go to any of these stores, please support them by ordering something from them online. We need to keep our places open! 

🇺🇸 United States 🇺🇸

Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room > site
12th & Pine - Philadelphia, PA

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division (BGSQD) > site
208 W 13th St, Rm 210 (in The LGBT Centre) NYC, NY

Outwords Books, Gifts & Coffee > site
2710 N. Murray Ave - Milwaukee, WI

Charis Books and More > site
Moreland Ave NE & Euclide Ave NE - Atlanta, GA

Women & Children First > site
5233 N Clarke St - Chicago, IL

Common Language Bookstore > site
317 Braun Court - Ann Arbour, MI

🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦

Glad Day Bookstore > site
Church & Wellesley - Toronto, ON

Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium (and sex shop) > site
Davie & Jervis - Vancouver, BC


A Few Reasons Why I'm Still Single or, I’m Just Not Fond Of Anyone...

He told me I was “fun sized” three times in one night.
He didn’t know who Hunter S. Thompson was. 
He hasn’t read a book since high school.
He asked me to hang out on New Years…Day. I just had a feeling I wasn’t going to be his first kiss of the year.
He picked a MEATLOAF song for karaoke.
He asked me if I thought it was funny that - airquote- 'feminist’ women fell for it when he told them if they wanted to prove that women were equal to men, they could pay the tab and I responded, “No, I’m proud of those girls for putting their money where their mouth is.”
When I explained that my little brother started his life as my little sister, he ROLLED HIS EYES.
He made a comment about Belle having Stockholm Syndrome because who could ever fall in love with someone who hates everything so much?
Because it’s not getting any easier,
and all the wrong ones start to bleed into one big disappointment - that doesn’t hold my hand the right way.
But you did - interlacing your fingers with mine like you knew
exactly where I needed to be touched.
Because you smile a little every time we make eye contact.
Because I think of the silences we’ve shared. I never felt the need to fill them.

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on a scale of hand-holding at coffee shops to whispering 'i love you's' when the other is asleep, how soft are marcus and oliver respectively?

oliver: doesn’t shy away from the soft, holds marcus’ hand everywhere he can, makes sure every other friday that they’re free is a date night. rolls the tension out of marcus’ shoulders after long practices without being asked to. makes heart shaped pancakes on anniversaries (has backup breakfast just in case he burns them). mega Soft™ and he flaunts it for all his friends to see ( “my boyfriend-” “we KNOW, Wood”) because he likes showing off his Man. his goal in life is to make marcus turn bright red, and because flint’s not really a blusher, that means oliver has a loooot of leeway. cuddling is a sport now, he doesn’t make the rules

marcus: Super Mega Soft™ but he tries to hide it aka writing a bunch of random letters to ollie that he never gets the courage to show him, and Definitely whispers ‘i love you’s’ to oliver when he thinks he’s asleep. “accidentally” arranges date nights on the fridays that oliver hasn’t planned anything on. has a little list of ‘things oliver’s mentioned he wants’. likes to play with oliver’s hair when they’re listening to games on the radio. oliver finds him crying while holding their first daughter because ‘she’s growing up too fast’ - Big Marshmallow under Rough Grumpy Exterior (everyone knows he’s soft but they let him have this)

tl;dr as soft as the sweaters that they both share so much that they can’t remember whose it originally was

Mommy in Training- Derek Hale

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After entering your third trimester, you had finally decided to take your friends up on their offer to babysit their infant daughter. Whether they were actually trying to give you some “practice for motherhood” or saw an opportunity for a free sitter on date night, you’d never know, but you hoped to make the best of the situation. Or that was before Little Anna had started crying endlessly.

You tried everything possible to get her to stop fussing. Changing her, rocking her while singing softly and not to mention trying to feed her a bottle dozens of times. You couldn’t help but feel incapable after she was still sobbing her eyes out hours past her usual bedtime.

“Babe,” Derek called to you in concern from the front door after returning from researching with the pack. Your husband hadn’t been expecting any crying children in the house until the arrival of his own little pup, so the scene of his tired wife carrying a fussy baby while still swollen with his child was troubling (although he had to admit, a slightly heartwarming scene he hoped to see again in the future). It was only after he stepped closer that he realized the baby belonged to Y/N’s friends.

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Chapter 30 of Hands of Clay will be up tomorrow! 16,600 words oh my goodness and so much to edit.

anyway there will be lots of this guy

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and this guy

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doing a whole heck of a lot of stuff while the kids are away at school. Another plot-free excerpt:

“What about date nights?”

James slapped Steve on the back as he reached for his sandwich. “What are you talking about?”

“We should plan some date nights,” Steve said. “We can see when Skye is free, then go out and do something.”

James bit into a chunk of pastrami. “Do you want to go watch a game or something?” he asked slowly.

“Well, uh, not really. Unless you want to.”

“Nah.” James swapped out sandwich for coffee again. “We could grab dinner or something, that was nice.”

“It was,” Steve said with a smile. “How would you feel about seeing if Skye can take the kids out during the day on a weekend? It might be better for her schedule, and we could just chill around here for a while.”

“Huh.” James finished his coffee and went to put the cup in the sink. “Chill. So we could, what, work on projects?”

Some colour rose in Steve’s cheeks. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Working on… projects. Around the house.”

James looked Steve up and down. He was wearing black boxer-briefs and a skin-tight t-shirt out of James’ closet, and as usual he looked perfect. “If you want to work on a, uh,  project right now, I have just the thing.”

Steve flushed some more. “Yeah?”

James walked over to Steve, putting his hand around Steve’s neck while Steve automatically put his hands on James’ waist. “If you want, we can head upstairs and you can help me with something that needs to get hung.”

Steve’s expression flickered. “Um.”

James leaned in, brushing the tip of his nose against Steve’s. “There’s a door on the third floor that’s hanging crooked, and it’s been bugging the crap out of me since I moved in.”

Steve let his head fall back. “Bucky.”

“Hey, you wanted to work on projects around the house,” James said. He smacked Steve’s butt on the way to tidy up the lunch dishes. “I got no end of projects around this place.”

Unusual (Cheap) Date Ideas!!

Backyard Camping: set up a tent in the backyard, run an extension cord to it and load up with a TV and any pillows/blankets you can get your hands on. Bonus points if you have an older game console to bring along, like a 64 or a Gamecube. Cuddle up in the tent and watch movies, eat snacks, and fight over mariokart.  Indoor camping is an alternate option, just find a room with enough space for a small tent. It’s the same as backyard camping, but the bathroom is a little closer and it’s air conditioned/rainproof.  

Decorate Cookies: Buy cookie dough or prepare it from scratch. Purchase as many cheap cookie cutters, bottles of sprinkles, and tubes of icing as you can. Put on some music and decorate a batch of cookies together, then enjoy them snuggled up on the couch watching a movie.

Goodwill Date: Both of you have a small budget (how much is up to you, but around $10 works best) to purchase your partner the craziest outfit you can find from your local thrift shop. Go to dinner wearing your new duds. Bonus points if you create fake names and backstories for your new look.

Early Breakfast: Wake up before the sun, around 4:30-5:00 and get breakfast at an early morning/all night diner–somewhere like IHOP or something similar. Once the sun starts to rise, go for a walk at a nearby park or nice area of town. Watch the sun come up and maybe grab some coffee before heading home for a nap.

Scavenger Hunt: Put a spin on your classic scavenger hunt by adding a prizes. Something like if you win, your partner has to take you to dinner; but if they win, you have to suffer through that cheesy-movie they love so much. Make a list of things to find at your local park (acorn, bird feather, lost item, wild flower, ect.) The first one to gather all items in a little baggie wins.

Fancy Fast Food: Go to a dollar store and buy a nice (cheap) table cloth and some fake candles. Wear outfits worthy of a black-tie affair and head to your favorite fast food place with indoor seating. Set up your candle-lit dinner right in the middle of KFC. Bonus points if you eat your chicken with a fork and knife.

Gift Hunt: With a small budget and a time limit, go to the nearest Walmart/Target and search for each other the best gift possible. Try to avoid each other until the very end as to not spoil the surprise. Exchange gifts over dinner afterwards.

Drive In Movies: If you have one of these places near you, load up the back of your car with pillows and blankets, and sneak in a few of your favorite snacks. Works best with vans/trucks/hatchbacks which can be opened up from the back. It’s a vastly different experience than going to a regular movie, and usually a little cheaper.

Board Game: Buy a board game or two from your local thrift store (you can buy from retail, though it’s more pricey and missing pieces won’t matter much). Throw out the rules and make your own as you go. Try to come up with the wackiest game possible. If you have more than one game, try to come up with a way to combine them. My personal favorite is playing games as if they were an RPG/DND style game.


Now that finals are out of the way, I get a week of break before my next classes start. Been pulling so many late nights lately that I decided to make my first free night a date night. We were house bound since both kids are down with a stomach bug, so we spent the evening peeling a bunch of apples for sauce, and chatting.

I’m so thankful for all the support that my wife has given me and sacrifices she has made while I am in school. We have had a lot of adventures in the last 15 years. Glad we can still connect so deeply while enjoying the simple quiet moments of life too.

me the week before a date: has entire list of things to suggest for the date, researching fun events and activities in the area, strategically planning which restaurants are closest to where I want to go, etc

me the day of a date: feels self-conscious about my taste in activities, throws entire list out the window, panics and says LET’S JUST GO SEE A MOVIE