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Sometimes I look at the healthcare “debate” happening in the US and I just…Man, where do you start?

In New Zealand, we have a taxpayer funded free public health care system for most treatments. We have a no-fault accident coverage system that’s paid for by employer levies and the government, and covers prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. And we still have private insurance and healthcare available for people who want it, but it’s rightly seen as optional.

When I injured my spine, I walked (hobbled) into a physiotherapist’s office I chose after investigating my options, arrange to pay one small up-front fee to cover their admin, filled in a simple ACC form, and got 6 weeks of free, high quality care. If I had wanted, I could have pursued other care, including pain care and surgery, or gone to another physio, all without worrying that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. If I hadn’t been treated, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk unassisted, let alone work.

I never lost my ability to choose what care I received (which seems to be the main argument in the US against what you guys call “single payer”) and I got necessary, high quality treatment quickly. If we can do it, why can’t you?

Actually, don’t answer that. I’m not sure I’d like the answer.

thank you for opposing ahca

im going to c/p what i said on twitter over here:

as a self-employed below poverty-line artist: thank you for your hard work opposing ahca.  medicaid is essential for my quality of life and for me to get the care that i need (both physically and for my idiot fucked up brain). without it i would not have been able to afford medication, drs visits, emergency care or mental health services. and you know as an internet artist i need a shit ton of that.

my personal plight is almost certainly not something you care about, but i was seriously looking into finding a full time job just to get health benefits bc there would have been no way for me to continue doing what i do now without free health coverage. i live a really charmed life in that i get to keep doing this thing i do. i realize v often that my life is really unusual and its an act of god that i get to live the way that i do. thanks for the constant support. whether intentionally or incidentally, im grateful

@moxiefashionistaa, I personally have donated to several charities that I learned about because of Taylor Swift.

Just as some other celebrities choose to appear in commercials for charities (e.g.- Jennifer Aniston for St. Jude’s) or to tweet their support for different causes, Taylor chooses to put her money where her mouth is so that the charities she is passionate about will benefit from her donation AND the free publicity she generates for them.

That publicity is a huge part of the equation. Brands vie to get Taylor as their spokesperson because they know that the association of her name with their brand is hugely beneficial. How many news sites would have covered an anonymous donation to African Parks? And how much free coverage did African Parks receive because Taylor attached her name to the donation?

Truly, Taylor cannot win. If she donates anonymously, people accuse her of being uncharitable and not taking a stand. If she donates publicly, it is narcissistic. 

I, for one, am proud to see Taylor leverage her fame for good.


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A Typical Trump Supporter


Liberals love to silence people. The idea of free speech is foreign to them.

Already responded to your asinine comment. Freedom of speech isn’t freedom of ignorance. It isn’t freedom to incite violence or to promote hate speech. Trump shouldn’t be on Twitter, plain and simple. He shouldn’t be on any social media spreading lies and misinformation and promoting hate speech against different minority groups in this country. If you can’t see the difference between what I’m arguing and someone arguing to abolish someone’s freedom of speech, you’re an idiot. 

Also, it’s golden how you can sit here and accuse me of trying to strip someone of their First Amendment right (freedom of speech) when your cheeto Jesus is actual doing that with regards to freedom of the press. Everything is “FAKE NEWS!” and a conspiracy against him, but he wasn’t complaining when that same media gave him free coverage and advertising. Trump would have never gotten as much traction if the media would have done what it should have: ignore his ridiculous antics. 

Instead, when he called Mexicans rapists, they aired it; when he spoke about building a wall, they aired it; when he spoke about specially branding Muslims, they aired it; when he spoke about bringing back coal, they aired it; when he got caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy, they aired it. And now he wants to strip journalists of their freedom. 

If you actually believe that’s what I’m doing and speaking out against me because I’m a “liberal,” but not speaking out against him because he’s as much a conservative idiot as you are, you’re a hypocrite. Now I can pretty much demand your silence because you should have absolutely no response outside of maybe cursing me out or getting angry because I handed you your behind. You’re wrong in every imaginable.
Water-based/Pancake Makeup Tutorial - Mixing & Applying
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New video tutorial is up! This one shows you how to achieve opaque, streak-free coverage with water-based makeup.

Fun fact: The technique I demonstrate here was taught to me by Dana Nye (Ben Nye’s son, and CEO of Ben Nye Makeup Company).

It’s painful to see people on this site cheering Trump getting “revenge” on a Fourth Estate which largely spent its time giving him free coverage and outreach.

First of all, it’s completely unprecedented for a President to do that, and for good reason. The fact that the media is unreliable and sensational is not good reason to support the Executive Branch massively overstepping its bounds to “punish” it like an authoritarian. America’s government has dealt with yellow journalism before without the President personally lashing out at it like an angry child. That’s a breakdown at all levels of society. If you support that you’re not using your brain.

Secondly, if you want to reform the media, there are other, actually legitimate avenues to follow. You should be frightened by any government that attempts to exert control over the media, no matter how crappy that media is. Especially those of you who squawk about communism and how great the profit motive is. Your shitty media is just doing whatever helps its bottom line. If you want it to report the truth, then start actually taking an interest in and paying for the truth. Dishonest media and the free market are inseperable, because lies make money. The solution is most definitely not to back a fascist as he tries to take over the only body really capable of widely criticizing him. That’s how you get Russia Today, or China’s total control over what their media publishes. Come to your bloody senses.

anonymous asked:

Hey do you know of any vegan cruelty free HIGH coverage foundation for pale skin? The highest coverage I've found is Naked by Urban Decay and it wares off during the day pretty fast, even with primer, setting spray, etc. It's also almost $30. I'd like this one to be around $10 or less. I really need help with this. Thanks :)

Kat Von D. Lots of pale options & ridiculously high coverage.

Let’s just go home

A/N: So I apparently was in the mood to write? I wrote something really short. And what did it end up being? Monkey Business. I love Roman and Sun so much. But I wanted some more feels I guess? AnNyway, it’s not great but it’s something I guess? So enjoy it if you like the ship.

Summary: His instinct was to run to him, but he knew he couldn’t.

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Does Letting Your Kid Walk Alone Outside for a Mile Deserve a Visit From the Police?

When a couple in Maryland let their six-year-old daughter and ten-year old son walk one mile home from the park without parental supervision, Child Protective Services was called. The parents, Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, claim they were encouraging their children’s independence by following a methodology known as free-range parenting.

So first of all, this is horse shit.

Second of all, the plan by the Trump campaign all along was to create a huge stupid controversy that would get a fuckton of free media coverage.

Third of all, this “it’s a regular star” or “it’s a Sheriff’s star!” is a lie so fucking stupid, it’s what I expect from a 10 year-old.

And finally, CNN’s new fuckwad “analyst” who is just a fucking Trump campaign shill masquerading as whatever the fuck CNN is saying he is, is working from the exact same talking points as Trump and the Trump campaign.

So the takeaway from this is: media did exactly what Trump wanted, and CNN is a goddamn disgrace as a news organization.

Oh, and fuck Donald Trump and every single idiot who supports him.


The rights of the religious and the secular clash again Wednesday at the Supreme Court, this time in the controversial context of Obamacare and birth control.

The health care law sought to equalize preventive health insurance benefits between the genders. That meant free coverage of birth control for women, with an automatic exemption for houses of worship, like churches — but not for non-profits like religious schools and hospitals. Those non-profits were given a workaround to accommodate their objections, but some say that accommodation still burdens their free exercise of religion.

There are cases before the court from all over the country. The plaintiffs range from large universities to small service organizations, among them the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Catholic nuns which runs homes for the elderly poor.

Birth Control At The Supreme Court: Does Free Coverage Violate Religious Freedom?

Photos: Samantha Del Duca/NPR

White House Cracks Down On Birth Control Mandate

In response to reports that insurers were violating the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) free birth control coverage rule, the White House has warned insurance companies that they must provide all forms of approved contraceptives to users at no cost or co-pay charge. The National Women’s Law Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation recently drew attention to the issue by publishing separate investigations that revealed not all insurance companies are following the law. Now the Obama administration is reiterating that insurance plans have to cover all forms of birth control approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Birth Control Coverage Guaranteed for All  — Despite Religious Exemptions
Now, free birth control coverage is guaranteed for all women, no matter where they work. A new rule issued by the Obama administration on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act.

Now, free birth control coverage is guaranteed for all women, no matter where they work. A new rule issued by the Obama administration on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act. 

lmao so this hollywoodlife article cites an intouch report that, from what i can tell, doesn’t exist on their website yet (at the time of posting this, 1:46pm est, the most recent article intouch has about louis is the birth announcement from 1/22). i wonder if j-14 will also come in and be the first source to repost the story after the intouch article does actually go live, then delete their post a few hours later, just so we officially come full-circle back to the first round of paternity dispute press in fucking august

Corey, Michelle and Frank talking shit about Obama being so vain by naming his health care initiative Obamacare when it’s actually called the affordable care act. These people are so ignorant and happy not to get educated. Corey said he now has to pay for illegals to get free coverage when illegal immigrants can’t even sign up. So how does that happen?