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1960s Glam “Mod Girl” Makeup Look

1960s are undoubtedly my favourite decade for fashion, style and beauty. So many distinctive and versatile looks came out of the 10 years, and many can be taken apart and worn in today’s day and age.

 A dramatic eye, natural (but groomed) brows, creamy, matte, porcelain skin, a peachy cheek, no highlighter, the tiniest hint of contouring and a pale, washed out baby pink lip are the epitome of ‘60s glam.

This look was inspired by the likes of Barbara Streisand, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Priscilla Presley, taking elements from each icon and translating them into a makeup look which features many components. From Barbara Streisand’s beautiful winged eye and cut creases, to Twiggy’s mod look, Audrey Hepburn’s classic style and creamy skin and the occasions she went dramatic with her makeup. Finally, Priscilla Presley with her dramatic wrap around winged eye, dark and statement bearing.


A crisp cut crease with a mod effect and in a classic winged eye shape. The eyes will take a little more time in this look, so patience is the best tool you can use. Starting off with an angled liner brush (any other brush will make this very difficult) and a dark, cool, matte shadow recreate ‘60s elegance by drawing a crease slightly above your eye, using your eye as a guide. Next up create a winged liner and connect it to the crease. Use any tools, tips or techniques you feel you need to draw lines, such as tape or stencils. Next take a shimmery pink shadow and fill in the gap of the crease. Finish off with some mascara, focusing heavily on the lower lash line. Depending on your preference of an extra dramatic eye, or one that is slightly more modern, you can leave the look simply with the upper shadow done, or you can add some more definition to the lower lash line with a touch darker shadow and loads of lashes.


For the face creamy, matte, porcelain skin teamed with a peachy cheek, no highlighter and the tiniest hint of contouring (something I find hard to resist) is reminiscent of the mod girls washed out, yet perfected complexion. A full coverage matte foundation is the key to ’60s skin, but if you want to keep it more modern or prefer a lighter coverage feel free to use whichever foundation is your usual preference. Moving onto concealer, something that gives coverage in a natural way is a smart move, as this prevents an overly cakey effect. A touch (or a lot) of powder to set the areas that are needed will keep the skin looking matte and provide a good base for your cheek colour, a matte, nude peachy shade sweeped high up on the cheeks and even worked slightly under the cheekbone. Contouring is optional, but adding a small amount of contour powder underneath the cheekbone can help further define the face and create a more structured look. Skip the highlighter for this one, it isn’t necessary and glowing skin wasn’t a huge trait of the ‘60s mod girl.


Whilst ’50s lips were all about a gorgeous red, the ‘60s were a touch more understated and in some cases almost invisible. A pale pinky nude lipstick in a creamy formula will work, but try adding a tiny amount of concealer afterwards and smack lips together to create a slightly paler lip colour with a matte effect. Bonus points for finishing off the whole look with a sheer, shimmery lip topper.

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Probably one of the few times in his miserable life he was actually honest. I don’t know what possessed people to vote for this character, it may have been hatred for the first Black president. Racism is definitely one of the reasons, and also, all the three billion dollars worth of free corporate media coverage Trump received was definitely a factor. To hell with the country, Trump is making us, the corporate media, money.

thank you for opposing ahca

im going to c/p what i said on twitter over here:

as a self-employed below poverty-line artist: thank you for your hard work opposing ahca.  medicaid is essential for my quality of life and for me to get the care that i need (both physically and for my idiot fucked up brain). without it i would not have been able to afford medication, drs visits, emergency care or mental health services. and you know as an internet artist i need a shit ton of that.

my personal plight is almost certainly not something you care about, but i was seriously looking into finding a full time job just to get health benefits bc there would have been no way for me to continue doing what i do now without free health coverage. i live a really charmed life in that i get to keep doing this thing i do. i realize v often that my life is really unusual and its an act of god that i get to live the way that i do. thanks for the constant support. whether intentionally or incidentally, im grateful

You love being an intern at such a prestigious company. Sure, the corporation is huge and super successful, and they treat their interns extremely well with many perks: a huge free gym just for interns, an exclusive intern commissary with lots of protein options, and free health coverage including mandatory therapy once a week. You grew to understand that the therapist could really mentor the interns to find their purpose. You grew to appreciate that your therapist helped you sort thru how to maneuver the corporate life, especially who had the power and who to suck up to. Sure, the gym was great and had plenty of equipment (although the music piped through the sound system seemed to make you zone out at times), and you ate every meal at the commissary (even though some of the dishes had a slightly medicine taste). Still, the best perk given to the interns was the free therapy. You learned that your therapist gave great advice. Over the last 6 months he has given you terrific advice, and you learned to trust his words of wisdom. Even now, you are so happy to have him give you advice. For instance, he told you “Silly boy! When the billionaire owner of the corporation invites you to his Caribbean island for the weekend, you go!” You knew you should go, but was so happy when the therapist confirmed your wish. Yes you have been lusting for the owner for the last 6 months. Yes you cancel all other dates and plans and agree to join the boss. You remember the advice the company’s therapist gave to you in your weekly sessions. The therapist has been great for the last 6 months since you started seeing him. Those sessions helped clear up your life and set you on a path for true success. After just a few sessions you realized that your boyfriend was stressing you out and it was a good idea to dump him. You also learned that you wanted to devote time to the gym instead of dating. You put on 20 lbs of lean muscle and reduced your body fat..this new body needed less stress and you were so happy to ask the therapist to make some decisions for you so you would not have to stress about some big decisions. Hair style, body hair, where to live now that you moved out of your bf’s house, and even who to focus now that your body was ready to date again. He made you realize that you could land one of the major clients, or executives of the company. In the last few weeks you had begun to lust for each of these older powerful men. Then, one day the big boss owner walked through the intern gym and took a look over the class of interns. You remember he looked at you and smiled before leaving the gym. At your next session the therapist had a huge smile and told you he wanted you to meditate and fantasize about a perfect life. He used the short phrase that got you to relax. He led you through a mediation exercise and you felt so relaxed. He had you imagine yourself naked and waiting for your ideal older man to step in front of you. It felt so real. Like you were actually naked and hard. Of course it was just a fantasy. It surprised you when you saw the big boss enter the room. Yes, he must be your fantasy of an ideal man. So powerful and sexy. Yes he was your new goal. Of course, such an ideal man needed the ideal boy but it was worth the effort to be perfect for the boss. Perfection meant more (and very specific) polishing and the boy learned what he wanted to change - bigger pecs, fuller lips, even less stress, cuter haircut, maybe a different name. The owner deserved a celibate boy. It’s as if his fantasy man said that aloud in his fantasy. Thus you decided that you had to be celibate and train your ass so that the boss might fit right in should he ever want to invite you on a date. During your meditation you heard this billionaire god tell the dr other things to change but you zoned out. In the days that followed your workouts changed as did the various vitamins you took. Grooming changed and you look on the super elite air of a male model who could be kept by the richest man in the country. Your therapist made more decisions to help you reach your goal. More hours in the gym, dr visits to make those lips and teeth perfect, and different files to listen to when you slept. A month has passed since you fantasizes about being inspected by the boss. But yesterday the owner called you to his office and invited you to join him for a weekend retreat. Strangely, the therapist was also in the boss’s office. As he had made most decisions for you over the last few months, you turned to your therapist to ask him what to do. He repeated the phrase that makes you relax deeply when you mediate in his office. You love to meditate for him as you get to hear his great decisions. Yes l, you would love to go away with your ideal man. No need to pack as he would supply anything you needed. Yes, the billionaire would make all decisions from now on. Yes you wanted to take your shirt off now to show him the hard work you have done on your body. You were still a little out of it when you had the urge to kiss him and let him worship those big pecs of yours. Soon you were whisked off to his private jet and coasting above the clouds. You then hear the big owner use the same special words that the therapist says when he wants you to de-stress. You relax and just want him to make decisions. The boss is always right. You love him making all decisions from now on. The more decisions he makes, the more you become devoted to him. Yes, relax and listen. He decided that you wanted to be his perfect muscle trophy boyfriend and you would gladly let him mold you further. He also decided you no longer wanted to work for the company and you obediently signed a resignation letter he put in front of you as well as some other papers. You seem to pay no attention to the content of those documents and it really does not matter. You feel so happy that he now has power of attorney over you and that he decided you needed a better name : Cody (you always loved that name, didn’t you? If not, you love it now). He decided your immediate goal was to seduce him so that he wanted to be your master and very generous sugar daddy. It is as if you knew your eyes and pecs had some unique power and they were unleashed at full force. You seal the deal and ride your master before the jet lands. As the jet taxis to the awaiting car he gives you your new outfit befitting a silent obedient trophy boy: Versace speedo and ray bans. You are so happy that you no longer have to make any big decisions ever again. you here you are, on a weekend long “retreat” to his island.You have already taken 6 of his loads since you arrived yesterday. Keep up the good work and you will be moving into his penthouse upon your return. I bet you will never go back to the intern pool.


“New line of state of the art Android Girls now available for stunningly low prices starting at $1.0 billion. Introducing ‘Lindsey’ LYN-ZOID #718-818 with stunning breakthrough technology, order now for 1 free year of insurance coverage.”

Program your own Lyn-Zoid™ – requested by Ebonnie

wendynerdwrites  asked:

Why have so many people seem to have taken this long to realize what Trump is when he's literally been telling us for years? That's what I don't get. He's been very upfront about who he is FOREVER. And yet there still seem to be people insisting that he's the type of person to listen to qualified people and NOT be petty.

I admit that when he first announced, I thought he was a joke (in that nobody would take him seriously, not that he wasn’t serious).

But once he began to get all the free, uncritical media coverage, it became very clear that he was a monster. 

I don’t think that his voters didn’t notice. I think that they didn’t care (or if they did care, they thought it was exactly what they were looking for.)

But people who should know better? People who should be smart enough to see through the bullshit? I think that they are blinded by their own hubris, convinced that they will be the one who gets past his bigotry, narcissism, cruelty, and evil.

Trump rolls back access to free birth control

Donald Trump’s government has issued a ruling that allows employers to opt out of providing free birth control to millions of Americans.

The rule allows employers and insurers to decline to provide birth control if doing so violates their “religious beliefs” or “moral convictions”.

Fifty-five million women benefited from the Obama-era rule, which made companies provide free birth control.

As a candidate, Mr Trump had pledged to eliminate that requirement.

The mandate had been a key feature of so-called Obamacare - President Obama’s efforts to overhaul the US healthcare system.

It included a provision that permitted religious institutions to forego birth control coverage for their employees.

But the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said on Friday it was important to expand which organisations can opt out and deny free contraceptive coverage…..

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Pulled Thoughts Regarding Supergirl’s Cast’s SDCC Behavior

I posted a little about this on Twitter this morning, and I’ve been talking both online and offline to a few friends about this throughout today, and I wanted to pull together everything I’ve been saying about this situation and how it applies to the big picture of media with regard to LGBTQ+ representation and fan treatment.

This is probably going to read more like an essay than my typical rants, but I’ve been in fandoms for a long time, and I’ve been blessed (if you can call it that) to see how things work from both the network’s side and the fandom’s side, so I’m going to throw in my two cents here.

But, just in case, the TL;DR for all of this is simple: Nothing will get better until everyone on all sides are educated on how things work and why things should and/or shouldn’t be said or done starting with networks teaching their actors and showrunners how to appropriately engage with their fandoms.

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Full Coverage CAKE FREE Foundation Tutorial! | Jackie Aina

anonymous asked:

Can you do a smut scenario with Mark? Something like palming his crotch under a table in public and getting him sexually frustrated and then he snaps, so they get it on in a dressing room/toilet (with lots of teasing)

(And in the mere distance, you can vaguely hear the screams of admin from writing her own story.)

“Settle down everyone!” Taecyeon said at the end of the table as he raised his wine glass and tapped it with his spoon. 

Everyone at the long business table started to hush as Nichkhun cleared his throat. “Alright, so in celebration of such a great concert,” he began, “PD-nim reserved this table for us at this lovely restaurant.” The whole table clapped and cheered as JYP stood up and bowed graciously. “And let’s not forget to clap for the guests that are with us tonight.”

Mark nudged you to stand up as the other companions stood up as well. You quickly stood and bowed, sitting down with a flustered face and leaning in towards your boyfriend’s shoulder. He kissed your forehead in response, knowing that you weren’t used to attention from the others.

As more speeches were given by the others, you began to grow hungry as you heard your stomach growl. Trying to distract yourself, you leaned your right elbow on the table to prop your head up, eyeing Mark who was actively listening to the next speaker.

The stylists did a great job today, you thought. It’s rare to see Mark all dressed up in a white dress shirt and a black suit jacket (not to mention a cute black bowtie to tie it all together - literally and figuratively). His skin looked flawless in the light as well. The gleam from the dangling chandelier also made his hair look extra shiny. He looked perfect. So perfect, you questioned as to how he fell for you.

Glancing at you, Mark noticed your hypnotized face. He brought his left hand down to your right leg and gave it a quick squeeze, making you jump back into reality. He laughed. He then went for your right hand to squeeze that as well.

After Jaebum ended his speech, plates of food were being brought out by the waiters and waitresses. Every eye opened wide at the sight of the gorgeous and delectable plate in front of them.

As the plate moved in front of you, you automatically took your fork and dug in. You closed your eyes in complete bliss as the food happily satisfied your hunger.

Dessert was around the corner, but you noticed that Mark didn’t even touch his entree dish. (Meanwhile, you asked for another plate from the waiter that walked by.)

“Mark,” you whispered as you put your fork down and wiped your mouth with the napkin on your lap, “are you okay?”

He looked up from his phone and shook his head.

“Are you feeling alright?”

Mark put his hand up, signaling you to wait a bit. You assumed he was going to type it to you as he quickly whipped out the memo app on his phone. You assumed he wasn’t comfortable telling it out loud.

I have a bit of a my pants..

You sat back a bit. “Wait, did you like— wet them or something?” you softly responded as you scooted closer to him so nobody else could hear.

He laughed as he continued typing.

No no no! It’s.. It has to do with the fact that you look stunning in that little black dress you’re wearing right now.

You had to think for a minute until it clicked in your head.

Mark, your boyfriend - the cutest and nicest boy you’ve ever met, was horny. And it was because of you.

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Over the last year Trump has struck some stunning blows to the organization of CNN as a whole.

To start from the beginning:

Trump gets CNN good ratings as a personality, so they give him free coverage, albeit to slander him. This helps his campaign. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

Trump: 1 CNN: 0

CNN predicts over and over again that Trump will lose, slander him and make him into a bogeyman, they say over and over that anyone who votes for him can only be a racist and a bigot. The people vote for him anyway, deliberately spitting on CNN’s opinion.

Trump: 2 CNN: 0

Trump disinvites CNN from his press conferences. CNN throws a hissy fit but can’t do a dang thing about it.

Trump: 3 CNN: 0

CNN publishes a laughably fake and bizzarre “Russian intelligence dossier” now known as “pissgate” to smear Trump, and gets their ass handed to them by every other news organization.

Trump: 4 CNN: 0

CNN continually lies about Trump’s involvement with Russia, eventually publishing a blatantly fake story that gets retracted the next day because they were called out on it.

Trump: 5 CNN: 0

But that wasn’t enough punishment for CNN, because in the latest round, they’ve delivered themselves up for yet another beating. Instead of using the ostensibly righteous position that was afforded to them by Trump’s mockery, they went the extra mile and blackmailed a random kid for making the gif that was used to insult them.

One wonders who in their right mind could actually believe this gif incites violence against reporters?  As a person who would never harm a hair on the head of a reporter from CNN or anywhere else for that matter, I can say I am perfectly happy to watch CNN as a news organization get pummeled into the ground by public disdain. Trump started this fight but our little “Hanassholesolo” may very well have unwittingly delivered the KO.

anonymous asked:

That doesn't really disuade my point. The torch thing is retarded. And that doesn't change the fact nazis are arrogant, annoying, stupid cocksuckers. Any public display of their brazen stupidity hurts them. They actively set out provocateurs like spencer to get beaten up to fish for sympathy. This event made them look like retards of the highest caliber. Nazi fucks have a methodology to their bullshit. This isn't standard for them. There's no precedent. Shit don' just come out of left field.

>have rally
>bait counter-protesters into attacking
>get shitloads of free media coverage
>leftists trot out the KILL THEM ALL FUCK WHITE PEOPLE shit, reinforcing victim status

Doesn’t look like it’s hurting them from here fam

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Urban Outfitters

1. They promote harmful eating disorders to young, impressionable girls with products like this:

2. It’s now suddenly “cool” to take drug overdoses, well, that is according to Urban Outfitters who are promoting them with their “novelty” shot glasses:

3. They think that having depression is now fashionable:

4. In response to the massacre of innocent students at Kent State University in 1970, Urban Outfitters think it’s cool to start selling this “blood stained” garment:

5. They promote rape culture and pass the ownership of rape on to women:

I could go on and on with a huge array of “controversial” products that the tools over in the new product development department have deemed to be the next hot assets to the PR strategy of Urban Outfitters, but for the sake of time, I think the top 5 above will hopefully encapsulate my feelings towards Urban Outfitters.

I totally understand that sometimes companies will take risks in order to gain some free PR coverage but this strategy is abhorrent, offensive and damn-right obnoxious. Urban Outfitters have a duty of care to their young, impressionable customers as a corporate citizen. 

I will never be buying from Urban Outfitters again.

Let’s just go home

A/N: So I apparently was in the mood to write? I wrote something really short. And what did it end up being? Monkey Business. I love Roman and Sun so much. But I wanted some more feels I guess? AnNyway, it’s not great but it’s something I guess? So enjoy it if you like the ship.

Summary: His instinct was to run to him, but he knew he couldn’t.

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Water-based/Pancake Makeup Tutorial - Mixing & Applying
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to mix water-based makeup into an opaque paste and apply evenly to skin without streaks or blotches. Products: Makeup: Ben...

New video tutorial is up! This one shows you how to achieve opaque, streak-free coverage with water-based makeup.

Fun fact: The technique I demonstrate here was taught to me by Dana Nye (Ben Nye’s son, and CEO of Ben Nye Makeup Company).