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Sometimes I look at the healthcare “debate” happening in the US and I just…Man, where do you start?

In New Zealand, we have a taxpayer funded free public health care system for most treatments. We have a no-fault accident coverage system that’s paid for by employer levies and the government, and covers prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. And we still have private insurance and healthcare available for people who want it, but it’s rightly seen as optional.

When I injured my spine, I walked (hobbled) into a physiotherapist’s office I chose after investigating my options, arrange to pay one small up-front fee to cover their admin, filled in a simple ACC form, and got 6 weeks of free, high quality care. If I had wanted, I could have pursued other care, including pain care and surgery, or gone to another physio, all without worrying that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. If I hadn’t been treated, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk unassisted, let alone work.

I never lost my ability to choose what care I received (which seems to be the main argument in the US against what you guys call “single payer”) and I got necessary, high quality treatment quickly. If we can do it, why can’t you?

Actually, don’t answer that. I’m not sure I’d like the answer.

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Why have so many people seem to have taken this long to realize what Trump is when he's literally been telling us for years? That's what I don't get. He's been very upfront about who he is FOREVER. And yet there still seem to be people insisting that he's the type of person to listen to qualified people and NOT be petty.

I admit that when he first announced, I thought he was a joke (in that nobody would take him seriously, not that he wasn’t serious).

But once he began to get all the free, uncritical media coverage, it became very clear that he was a monster. 

I don’t think that his voters didn’t notice. I think that they didn’t care (or if they did care, they thought it was exactly what they were looking for.)

But people who should know better? People who should be smart enough to see through the bullshit? I think that they are blinded by their own hubris, convinced that they will be the one who gets past his bigotry, narcissism, cruelty, and evil.

thank you for opposing ahca

im going to c/p what i said on twitter over here:

as a self-employed below poverty-line artist: thank you for your hard work opposing ahca.  medicaid is essential for my quality of life and for me to get the care that i need (both physically and for my idiot fucked up brain). without it i would not have been able to afford medication, drs visits, emergency care or mental health services. and you know as an internet artist i need a shit ton of that.

my personal plight is almost certainly not something you care about, but i was seriously looking into finding a full time job just to get health benefits bc there would have been no way for me to continue doing what i do now without free health coverage. i live a really charmed life in that i get to keep doing this thing i do. i realize v often that my life is really unusual and its an act of god that i get to live the way that i do. thanks for the constant support. whether intentionally or incidentally, im grateful


Full Coverage CAKE FREE Foundation Tutorial! | Jackie Aina

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Can you do a smut scenario with Mark? Something like palming his crotch under a table in public and getting him sexually frustrated and then he snaps, so they get it on in a dressing room/toilet (with lots of teasing)

(And in the mere distance, you can vaguely hear the screams of admin from writing her own story.)

“Settle down everyone!” Taecyeon said at the end of the table as he raised his wine glass and tapped it with his spoon. 

Everyone at the long business table started to hush as Nichkhun cleared his throat. “Alright, so in celebration of such a great concert,” he began, “PD-nim reserved this table for us at this lovely restaurant.” The whole table clapped and cheered as JYP stood up and bowed graciously. “And let’s not forget to clap for the guests that are with us tonight.”

Mark nudged you to stand up as the other companions stood up as well. You quickly stood and bowed, sitting down with a flustered face and leaning in towards your boyfriend’s shoulder. He kissed your forehead in response, knowing that you weren’t used to attention from the others.

As more speeches were given by the others, you began to grow hungry as you heard your stomach growl. Trying to distract yourself, you leaned your right elbow on the table to prop your head up, eyeing Mark who was actively listening to the next speaker.

The stylists did a great job today, you thought. It’s rare to see Mark all dressed up in a white dress shirt and a black suit jacket (not to mention a cute black bowtie to tie it all together - literally and figuratively). His skin looked flawless in the light as well. The gleam from the dangling chandelier also made his hair look extra shiny. He looked perfect. So perfect, you questioned as to how he fell for you.

Glancing at you, Mark noticed your hypnotized face. He brought his left hand down to your right leg and gave it a quick squeeze, making you jump back into reality. He laughed. He then went for your right hand to squeeze that as well.

After Jaebum ended his speech, plates of food were being brought out by the waiters and waitresses. Every eye opened wide at the sight of the gorgeous and delectable plate in front of them.

As the plate moved in front of you, you automatically took your fork and dug in. You closed your eyes in complete bliss as the food happily satisfied your hunger.

Dessert was around the corner, but you noticed that Mark didn’t even touch his entree dish. (Meanwhile, you asked for another plate from the waiter that walked by.)

“Mark,” you whispered as you put your fork down and wiped your mouth with the napkin on your lap, “are you okay?”

He looked up from his phone and shook his head.

“Are you feeling alright?”

Mark put his hand up, signaling you to wait a bit. You assumed he was going to type it to you as he quickly whipped out the memo app on his phone. You assumed he wasn’t comfortable telling it out loud.

I have a bit of a my pants..

You sat back a bit. “Wait, did you like— wet them or something?” you softly responded as you scooted closer to him so nobody else could hear.

He laughed as he continued typing.

No no no! It’s.. It has to do with the fact that you look stunning in that little black dress you’re wearing right now.

You had to think for a minute until it clicked in your head.

Mark, your boyfriend - the cutest and nicest boy you’ve ever met, was horny. And it was because of you.

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Looking for cruelty free foundation with medium coverage, wiling to invest in a TRULY good product! For combo / oily skin too :) Anything by Tarte or Too Faced I should know about?

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Urban Outfitters

1. They promote harmful eating disorders to young, impressionable girls with products like this:

2. It’s now suddenly “cool” to take drug overdoses, well, that is according to Urban Outfitters who are promoting them with their “novelty” shot glasses:

3. They think that having depression is now fashionable:

4. In response to the massacre of innocent students at Kent State University in 1970, Urban Outfitters think it’s cool to start selling this “blood stained” garment:

5. They promote rape culture and pass the ownership of rape on to women:

I could go on and on with a huge array of “controversial” products that the tools over in the new product development department have deemed to be the next hot assets to the PR strategy of Urban Outfitters, but for the sake of time, I think the top 5 above will hopefully encapsulate my feelings towards Urban Outfitters.

I totally understand that sometimes companies will take risks in order to gain some free PR coverage but this strategy is abhorrent, offensive and damn-right obnoxious. Urban Outfitters have a duty of care to their young, impressionable customers as a corporate citizen. 

I will never be buying from Urban Outfitters again.
Water-based/Pancake Makeup Tutorial - Mixing & Applying
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to mix water-based makeup into an opaque paste and apply evenly to skin without streaks or blotches. Products: Makeup: Ben...

New video tutorial is up! This one shows you how to achieve opaque, streak-free coverage with water-based makeup.

Fun fact: The technique I demonstrate here was taught to me by Dana Nye (Ben Nye’s son, and CEO of Ben Nye Makeup Company).

so wow. I’m officially designated as a Person With Disabilities.

dental coverage, a free bus pass, reduced prices for certain services. BUT I can’t earn more than $9600 a year. which won’t be a problem for ME in particular, but that’s still pretty rough.

I feel… validated, I guess?? but I know there will be people who don’t see this as a good thing. I don’t want to think of it as a crutch. I don’t want to let myself stagnate. I will Try to Get Better. x__x

Let’s just go home

A/N: So I apparently was in the mood to write? I wrote something really short. And what did it end up being? Monkey Business. I love Roman and Sun so much. But I wanted some more feels I guess? AnNyway, it’s not great but it’s something I guess? So enjoy it if you like the ship.

Summary: His instinct was to run to him, but he knew he couldn’t.

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It’s painful to see people on this site cheering Trump getting “revenge” on a Fourth Estate which largely spent its time giving him free coverage and outreach.

First of all, it’s completely unprecedented for a President to do that, and for good reason. The fact that the media is unreliable and sensational is not good reason to support the Executive Branch massively overstepping its bounds to “punish” it like an authoritarian. America’s government has dealt with yellow journalism before without the President personally lashing out at it like an angry child. That’s a breakdown at all levels of society. If you support that you’re not using your brain.

Secondly, if you want to reform the media, there are other, actually legitimate avenues to follow. You should be frightened by any government that attempts to exert control over the media, no matter how crappy that media is. Especially those of you who squawk about communism and how great the profit motive is. Your shitty media is just doing whatever helps its bottom line. If you want it to report the truth, then start actually taking an interest in and paying for the truth. Dishonest media and the free market are inseperable, because lies make money. The solution is most definitely not to back a fascist as he tries to take over the only body really capable of widely criticizing him. That’s how you get Russia Today, or China’s total control over what their media publishes. Come to your bloody senses.

Happened Too Fast

A/N: This one is full of angst and possible triggers maybe, please read the warnings, wouldn’t want to upset anyone. Also any medical anything I get wrong I apologize.

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Tagging: @brooklyn-writes-flangst

Warnings: Possible Trigger, hospitals, angst, illness, descriptive details about illness, crying, character death, violence, mentions of blood, swearing

Word Count: 4032 (This got loooong, hope no one minds)

Summary: There was an uneasiness in his stomach as he walked down the hall towards your door, a part of him wanting to turn around and go back to Sammy’s room, his had to deal with monsters, ghosts and demons his whole life but he’d never had to deal with this, he was at a loss for what to say to you.

Dean had just been looking for fresh air, a quiet place away from the bustle inside where he could clear his head; he hated hospitals well enough in any normal situation, but seeing his baby brother hooked up to beeping machines with wires in his arms was too much for Dean to handle. He made his way past Doctors and Nurses, no actual plan to where he was going, all he knew was he needed out, for at least an hour or so.

He’d been by Sam’s bedside ever since they had wheeled him back out of surgery, explaining that it could be some time before he was awake again - his injuries were pretty severe. Dean choked back his emotions as he thought about what happened not even three hours ago, when they were arguing over the plan in their motel room; in the end the plan didn’t matter though, Dean had miscounted, misjudged and made a mistake, at least that’s what he was telling himself over and over again. He’d seen it happen, almost in slow motion as the group of low level hell spawn they had been hunting flung Sam backwards; he’d hit the wall above the staircase at an odd angle, the loud crack of his skull on dry wall making Dean wince. The blow had knocked him out, his body slumping to the floor in a heap.

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some headcanons cos we need more

• cress has watched anime and she has her favorites it’s either sailor moon (HAH) or neon genesis evagelion
• wolf LOVES reading, but especially graphic novels with superheroes and he doesn’t care about the whole “marvel v. DC” because he just likes superheroes
• cinder can sing. Like, SING. You could arguably say she is equal or even better to cress, but really just likes singing duets with cress cos it’s fun and they know all the lyrics (esp to Beyoncé or drake)
• Thorne can sew and EVERYONE is so surprised???? How can he sew????? but it’s because of the military (that’s his excuse) but one time cress says she needs some mittens and MAN. DOES HE SEW SOME BEAUTIFUL MITTENS ( they’re the deep blue of her eyes, with the pattern of the ocean waves and the ocean meeting the sky with a few clouds over head, and oh god, they’re so beautiful) and cress loves them. She even gives it to their children when they’re old enough. Thorne, afterwards, sews to relieve stress.
• Kai has a shiba inu named Barack Obama. Torin says Kai named it that because of his beautiful tolerance of ignorance and bigots in the world. The shiba inu only likes Kai and only acts decent when Kai is around. Torin has had daydreams about getting rid of the hell demon of a dog, but knowing Kai loves it so, he doesn’t get rid of it. Emperor Rikan gets rid of it. But Kai, unfazed, just gets another shiba inu and names HIM Barack Obama. Torin is defeated.
• Winter loves loves loves loves taking care of Jacin. She feels that he was always her guard and protector, always putting her needs before his. So when Jacin comes down with the cold, she takes full advantage and babies him for the entire two weeks. Jacin feigns being upset, but he really does love it when Winter falls asleep curled into him, tired of all the work of taking care of him. He decides that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he’ll let her take care of him more often. Their relationship gets 100x happier and healthier because of that.
• Scarlet is offered so many jobs once she and wolf travel back to the European Federation, all from modeling to being the French representative at the European Federation meetings. She declined them all, and is determined to have her farm (Benoit Farms) become one of the most respected produce companies in France. And it does, within 10 years. By 25 years, the company is a giant in the European Federation and Scarlet is know for her “humanitarian management” because of her high wages, full free medical coverage, and long relaxing breaks. Needless to say, a job at Benoit Farms is basically equivalent to being a high end office employer, and Scarlet is the biggest, Baddest, and Coolest™ CEO. Wolf is just her cute stay at home husband who loves the kids.
Birth Control Coverage Guaranteed for All  — Despite Religious Exemptions
Now, free birth control coverage is guaranteed for all women, no matter where they work. A new rule issued by the Obama administration on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act.

Now, free birth control coverage is guaranteed for all women, no matter where they work. A new rule issued by the Obama administration on Friday affirmed that, even given the religious exemptions provided by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby ruling last year, all women will still be able to get coverage for all forms of birth control through the Affordable Care Act. 

White House Cracks Down On Birth Control Mandate

In response to reports that insurers were violating the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) free birth control coverage rule, the White House has warned insurance companies that they must provide all forms of approved contraceptives to users at no cost or co-pay charge. The National Women’s Law Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation recently drew attention to the issue by publishing separate investigations that revealed not all insurance companies are following the law. Now the Obama administration is reiterating that insurance plans have to cover all forms of birth control approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With Republicans’ efforts to destroy the ACA now underway, several commentators have expressed something akin to cautious optimism about the effect of a potential repeal. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler awarded Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) four Pinocchios for claiming that 36,000 people a year will die if the ACA is repealed; Brookings Institution fellow Henry Aaron, meanwhile, predicted that Republicans probably will salvage much of the ACA’s gains, and conservative writer Grover Norquist argued that the tax cuts associated with repeal would be a massive boon for the middle class.

Although Aaron has a rosy view of a likely Republican plan, much of what they — notably House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who is Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Heath and Human Services, which will be in charge of dismantling the ACA — have advocated in place of the ACA would hollow out the coverage of many who were unaffected by the law, harming them and probably raising their death rates. Abolishing minimum coverage standards for insurance policies would leave insurers and employers free to cut coverage for preventive and reproduction-related care. Allowing interstate insurance sales probably would cause a race to the bottom, with skimpy plans that emanate from lightly regulated states becoming the norm. Block granting Medicaid would leave poor patients at the mercy of state officials, many of whom have shown little concern for the health of the poor. A Medicare voucher program (with the value of the voucher tied to overall inflation rather than more rapid medical inflation) would worsen the coverage of millions of seniors, a problem that would be exacerbated by the proposed ban on full coverage under Medicare supplement policies. In other words, even if Republicans replace the ACA, the plans they’ve put on the table would have devastating consequences.

INGLOT is in Singapore! A Quick Overview for Beginners and the Fall In Love Collection

I remember how we used to have to travel to other countries to get hold of INGLOT cosmetics. Now the brand has finally arrived in Singapore (Wisma Atria B1), and everyone here can get hold of their refillable, customizable Freedom System palettes and tons of rich pigmented colors starting at SGD12 per pan of shadow. 

If you haven’t visited any INGLOT store before, you might experience one of three things when you walk in; complete bewilderment, complete ecstasy, or a combination of both. 

If you’re starting to build up your collection or want to experiment with more colors, this is a VERY good place to start because you can create your own custom eye-cheek-lip palettes for an affordable price - pretty much drugstore pricing or better, coupled with professional quality.

In fact - I’d go so far as to say - if you’re in Singapore and want to explore color cosmetics at a budget - ditch the drugstore and visit INGLOT first. You get far more bang for your buck considering the appalling prices of drugstore makeup here.

If you’re unsure where to begin, I’d personally suggest:

  1. Start with the eye shadows. They have SO many colors grouped in different tones and finishes that it could take you an hour just to swatch and go through everything. And the quality has always been good. Don’t be surprised if some testers don’t seem pigmented. After random greasy fingers touching them all day everyday, they aren’t always reflective of a new pan. I like a lot of the mattes too and consistently smooth pigmented mattes are hard to find. Just sayin’. 
  2. Another thing I love playing with is the Duraline fluid with iridescent loose pigments. I used to have to ship in Ben Nye mixing fluid but now you just need to pop into Inglot. One tiny drop of this on your finger mixed with loose pigment, and you have an instant stay-all-day liquid metal shadow. (Like Stila’s but umpteen times more affordable.) You can even mix your own liquid liners with this.
  3. Look for anything with the AMC label. AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components, and the ranges with that label in the name are a lot more intense and pigmented than usual, including shadows, foundations, powders, etc.
  4. Lip Paints. Lipsticks are fine and good, but I LOVE the creamy, opaque lip paints in pots. These are not glosses. Oh no. They are full-color lip paints that go on like butter.

2 other groups of products to look out for are the new Fall In Love collection. This is a metallic group of 5 shadows, liners, and polishes with the same luminous, intense, almost-glowy finish. The pigmentation is out of this world for the 3 warmer shades, and only the blue and teal shadows need a bit more work. (By a bit more, I’m saying they have average pigmentation levels.)

They’ve also launched their new HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. This paraben-free medium-buildable coverage foundation promises to give good coverage and a flawless matte finish suited to our humid heat, and also contains white truffle extract to condition the skin. I’ll try to do a review of this, and their AMC Under Eye Corrective Illuminator soon.

Do you have a favorite INGLOT product to recommend?