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I would just like to point something out

To all the people on tumblr making jokes about “killing a dictator” in the Ides of March tag in a very obvious attempt to tactlessly mock/passive aggressively threaten Trump…

…You do realize that when they did that the very thing the conspirators didn’t want happened (Rome became an Empire with basically a hereditary line of absolute monarch) and they were all killed for their trouble?

You–you know that right?

Often times in the most (in)famous cases of political assassinations rater than lead to the “freeing” of the people or society it in fact often lead to the EXACT OPPOSITE since violence gives an excuse for a violent retaliation and suppression?

Can you just maturely accept that you lost a perfectly fair election and can *gaspchoke* try again next time around? Because just in case you didn’t notice we live in a beautiful place called AMERICA where we have this thing called ELECTIONS where you can, without threat of government or party reprisal, vote for whoever you want? And that the President isn’t an absolute monarch but a man hemmed in by MANY rules and laws purposely designed to limit his power so as to avoid anything even close to dictatorship?

So maybe you want to think twice before making your very tasteless (and might I add very undemocratic sentiment) public? Or just, you know, educate yourself a little bit? Please?

Last Goodbye.

Summary: Y/N is a young avenger with cancer saying her last goodbye.

Word count:2k

Being an avenger is an awesome thing. Knowing that your actions saved someone’s life is the best feeling that you can ever experience. Having people thanking you on the street. But of course there are many bad sides to it, like not being able to save everyone, ruining and breaking buildings, houses, cities. But it’s important that you remember the good things, and how they made you feel. Life isn’t worth spending your time torturing yourself with what you could’ve done and what would be better at that moment.

And as an avenger you can’t be hold down, like the government wanted us to be. We are also people, this is free country, and we have right to choose, and yeah sometimes we choose badly thinking it’s the only way, but we learn and we never do anything without the reason.

So of course when the war between Tony and Steve took place, I was placed on team Cap. I am not saying Tony was wrong, and I don’t hate him, but I just don’t feel like someone should tell me what to do, when there are lives that need to be saved. Also I never had anyone parenting over me since I grew up as an orphan.

But the fact that Steve and Tony went from friends to enemy’s its killing me. It’s just not right and now I worry I won’t be here long enough to see how everything plays out.

Just because I wear the title “Avenger” doesn’t mean I am immortal, I do have better immunity than other human beings, but I am not resistant to everything.

While battling one war I was fighting another on my own. Not like anybody could really help, so I haven’t told anyone. One battle ended up even we could say, this one is ending up badly for me, because I am losing, big time.

Diseases don’t choose between black or white, short or tall, poor or rich, they just strike and kill. And that is exactly what’s cancer doing to me.

I know for some time now and I hoped I could prevent this moment, to make some more time, but in this war I don’t get to choose anything, I am just a solider that is slowly losing. But I wanted some more time, some extra time so I could prepare, but I guess you can never prepare to say your last goodbye.

And the death isn’t what I fear, I’ve almost died five times on my missions, but what I do fear is telling this to the avengers, to my friends, my one and only family that I ever had and that ever cared about me.

It’s gonna be hard to break it to them, especially now when they are one against the other. It’s gonna be hell of a ride.

And I feel like my time is coming, it’s right around the corner and I fear I won’t have enough time to say goodbye to everyone. They noticed something was up when we went out for lunch and I couldn’t eat and I became weak. I lost a lot of weight and I just can’t walk fast anymore like I used to.

And even when I get up to walk to the balcony to get some fresh air, it’s very painful. And now I even fear if I do to many steps I will just collapse and stay somewhere laying unable to get up or seek for help.

I know I should’ve gone to the hospital but what good would it do? I would give me some extra time but the medicine would do even worse to my body. So what kind of superhero am I if I can save everyone but I can’t save myself?

I decided that it’s time, not like I have plenty of it to choose, and I texted the avengers yesterday, separately, tell them I have to confess something. They don’t know the other side will be here and I hope Tony will go over his pride and show up.

Whole day and this whole morning I have been thinking what to say, how do I break it to them? How do I start? Do I just burst out that I have cancer or do I try and avoid it in some poetic kind of way?

They are about to come and I still don’t know. I am already standing in front of my apartment door, because if I hadn’t I would have hard time getting up and before I could reach the door they would turn around and leave thinking I pranked them.

I heard a knock and my heart rate went way too high up. I waited ten seconds which would be the time I would require to get from my living room to my hall, while I was still healthy.

I opened the doors and I could see Tony, Natasha, Vision, Peter and T’Challa standing there. Probably they texted and realised I called them all. Tony gave me a questionable look and I just smiled and waved to my living room telling them to go and settle I will be right behind them.

“If this is some kind of trap and you plan on killing us I suggest you to stop it right away.” Of course Tony couldn’t go without some kind of sarcastic comment.

“Just shut up and go in my living room.”

And just as I closed the door there was another pair of knocks. I again opened the door and let Steve, Scott, Bucky, Wanda, Sam and Clint in. I hugged everyone and followed them to the other part of the avengers. Well I tried to follow them but it was a bit hard with my condition.

When I finally stepped in living room I could see that nobody was sitting and that there were some intense staring going on. I sighed and before I could say anything tony cut me out with a comment that five against seven isn’t fair and that if that’s not the case he won’t make peace with baster who killed his parents.

Before this could turn into civil war part two, I raised my voice and asked them nicely to sit the hell down because I have to tell them something. For once they actually listened and I was quite surprised.

But when the moment came for me to sit down I wasn’t so sure on my legs and I probably started to swing back and forth because Steve quickly stood up and grabbed me by my left hand. It took me a moment to get back from dizziness.

“Y/N, is everything alright with you?”

Before I was able to answer or even nod, tony cut me with his sassy little comments that I would most likely love to shove up his ass.

“Does she look okay to you? No offense but you look like crap.”

“Tony.” Was all that Natasha said and he just gave her a “What?” look.

When I finally sat down, I thanked Steve for help and tried to reach for a water bottle that was on the table but I just didn’t have that strength in me. Natasha quickly grabbed one and handed it to me. I gave her a small smile and took a big sip of water.

I wasn’t even thirsty, but I wanted some extra time, and I looked around the room to see how’s everyone siting. On my left was Steve followed by Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Scott and Clint, while on my right there was Tony, Natasha, Peter, Vision and T’Challa. It makes me sad that Thor and Bruce are missing but I just couldn’t reach them. I wish I could say goodbye to everyone.

I settled the bottle in my lap and put my arms around it. I took a deep breath, praying to God, if he even wants to hear, to give me strength to say everything that I want to say.

“You all probably wonder why I called you here, and by now you maybe suspect something, but you just don’t want to except it. Trust me it’s mutual.

I took another deep breath while taking in their confused facial expressions and their lost looks.

“For quite some time I’ve known that in my organism lives an uninvited enemy. To be honest I didn’t try to fight him on that decision to stay in my body. Probably I should’ve but I found it useless and waste of time. There is no cure for this little bad boy and probably for some long time there won’t be.
While we were fighting each other acting like little spoiled brats, nobody knew I was having a battle on my own. And it’s all my fault that you didn’t know, because how could you? And I had planned to tell you sooner, but then everything happened and the rest it’s history.
In meanwhile, the little enemy became bigger, and no Scott I am not making fun of you. My enemy took and took from me and he will continue to do so, but sadly not for long. And my enemy doesn’t spare anyone, so why would he spare me? just because I save the earth a few times? Some still think I am dangerous.”

I could hear a sigh from Tony and I knew he wanted to make a protest, but for once he kept it in.

And somehow I came to the hardest part, which I was preparing the whole day and now my words are stuck in my throat and I just can’t make a sound nor a sentence.

I tried to focus my eyes on my water bottle but they just got blurry and I could feel hot tears on my hands. I cleaned my throat but after all that came out was just a little broken whisper.

“I have cancer.”

As the words were out I felt so much better because the burden wasn’t on my shoulders anymore, but I still couldn’t look at them.

I could hear signs and deep breaths, a little silent what’s coming from all around the living room. They weren’t ready, how could they be? How could anybody be ready to face horrific reality? And they weren’t ready to lose another avenger nor was I ready to lose them, and they were already in bad relations, this was just like a cherry on top of the wrong cake, that didn’t bring any happiness.

I am ready to face death but not their broken hearts and red eyes full of hot tears.

I heard a movement and in the next moment well known pair of strong hands was wrapped around me. I tuck my head in the crock of Peters neck and started sobbing slowly. Everybody was broken, this isn’t what they wanted to. There was already too much that they have lost.

I could hear someone sobbing but I wasn’t ready to look to whom the belong. I could hear Bucky’s voice, so unknown, so lost asking me why, saying it’s not fair. And it’s not, but there is nothing we can do about it.

I pulled away from peter and he sat on my right side still rubbing my back. I took a deep breath knowing that the words I will say now, won’t be easy and I will break in the middle but I just had to.

“So basically, this is how I imagine our last goodbye. I do-don’t much time left, I am weak and I can feel it so I want to say goodbye now before I can’t even sit properly. I want you to-I- I want you to remember me by my good days, by all the good things I did. I want you to remember me in the times before the Sokovia accords, I want you to remember me smiling, running, killing some monsters. I want you to remember our fights and how I knocked you down, Sam, when you ate my last slice of pizza.” This brought them a little smile but it wasn’t a happy smile.

“I said I was still half asleep.” He tried to joke it off, but the tears in his eyes didn’t allow him to.

“Sam I want you keep watching Supernatural after I die, and come to my grave and tell me everything that Sam and Dean did this time.
Bucky, I want you to keep moving forward, you will remember don’t worry, the things that you did weren’t pretty but it also wasn’t you.
Wanda, don’t blame yourself, you are young and beautiful, don’t mourn too much it’s not healthy, also make me some paprika soup, sorry Vision you can’t beat hers.
Scott, keep an eye on them all, okay? Make sure nobody joins me any time soon.
Clint, kiss your kids in my name and tell them that I went on a big beautiful trip filled with cars and flowers and that we will see each other, but not so soon.

Nat, keep being the way you are, and don’t worry he will come back sooner or later, and tell him I love him and that I will miss him.
Peter, don’t let the ruin you my thunder buddy.
T’Challa, your highness, I will make sure to find your father and tell him that you love him and miss him.
Vision, I give you the biggest duty, keep them alive, together with Scott, and if they don’t listen, kick their ass in my name.”

By this point most of them were crying, but my eyes were dry, I cried a lot before but at this moment I just can’t anymore. I told everyone something but now two of the most stubborn people are waiting for their turn.

“Steve and Tony, what am I gonna do with you two? I am not gonna ask you to make peace, because I know you won’t and even if you did, it would never be a true one. But what I am asking of you is that you talk it through, just two of you, without any weapons, in a closed room where the biggest weapons are your words. Please don’t stay like this, don’t make enemy’s where you don’t need them. You are both stubborn old fellas and work it out. Don’t let this fight tear you apart completely, and I am so sad I won’t be here to see you two working it out, but I-I will watch you from upstairs or where ever I will be. Make me proud. All of you, whatever you do, make me proud.
This is the goodbye, I love you all and remember who I was, who I defeated, but not who defeated me.”

We were all crying together for an hour and then they left saying that they will come tomorrow and that they will visit me every day. Steve even wanted to stay with me but I didn’t want him too. Well I did want his company, but not tonight.

After they left I slowly walked into my bedroom, turned on the tv and put “Me before you” on. I laid on my bed, put my blanked on and closed my eyes. And when I wanted to open them again I just didn’t have enough energy in me anymore and I slowly drifted away, leaving this painful world.

Hope you like it.


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Hi, love your blog, I wanted to know your opinion, it occurs to me after 12x10, that at some point they are gonna make Cas change for a female vessel again so they can make Destiel happen but without taking risks there was so much emphasis in angels not having gender. Thanks!

Hi, thank you so much!

I don’t think we need to worry about that, because the female!Cas solution would create more problems than it would solve. I mean, people who are against Destiel claim they don’t see it at all, so turning Cas into a woman would still be perceived as forcing him on Dean, I guess? Plus, some of those people want the story to be about the brothers right up to the end - a last episode/season where Sam and Dean are both in happy relationships would be a complete letdown for them. As for the other side, a woman playing Cas would be an absolute betrayal, and it would (rightly) spark up those homophobia claims again, because lookie here, when we had Misha you were denying anything even existed and now Cas’ a woman suddenly she and Dean are smooching all over the place and fuck you. 

No, it’d be a complete clusterfuck.

It’s likely that a female!Cas could be used to tell Dean it’s actually allowed to feel something for his goddamn angel, but, here again, this would work only if Dean was actually straight. I once knew a couple who went through this - a straight guy fell in love with his gay best friend and panicked and had to readjust his entire worldview and even now they’re together and disgustingly happy his boyfriend’s like, the only man in the world the guy finds attractive? So these things are sweet, and they do happen. But as I said - in Dean’s case, it’s a bit late to pretend he’s 100% straight (about 12 seasons late), so I’m not sure what a female!Cas would accomplish, if anything.

(I still want Dean to stay up half the night looking for information about that 1901 thing, however, but that’s a personal pet peeve of mine - how little interest the boys seem to take in this immortal creature who’s right there and has seen mostly everything and speaks ALL the languages, including dog and cat, and why the hell aren’t you asking him questions 24/7, you twats? 

But, then again, we know Sam and Dean do things offscreen, and we know some of those things include research and being giant nerds - like, when did Dean learn that spell he used against Toni? And what happens now Sam knows it’s possible to use Enochian magic? And Jesus, why are we never shown these things, ever? It’s so damn interesting!)

Anyway - in my opinion, the best way out of this is to establish Dean’s bisexuality first, and deal with the Cas situation later - I remember reading a very detailed post about this, but I can’t remember who wrote it (if you’re reading, man, please let me know so I can credit you) - something like, a normal monster of the week episode but the person who calls them and needs help is actually this boy Dean hooked up with in high school. That other post had a whole summary for this story, and, again, I don’t remember the details - in my head, right now, it probably goes something like this - Sam and Dean arrive in Nowhere Town, New Jersey, and they meet this Nicky person in a diner - only Sam does a noticeable double-take, because Nicky? That Nicky? He always assumed Nicky was a girl, because he remembers Dean getting in trouble with Dad when he disappeared a whole weekend with ‘Nicky’ to go to some concert, and the way Dean talked about it and kept calling Nicky from every phone booth he could find once they hit the road again - not to mention the note Sam had found in one of Dean’s school books, and he wasn’t snooping, swear to God, he was just - well, Sam was sure - and instead, here he is, Nicky Taliaferro, a grinning, tattooed, badly shaven menace who’ll later drink both of them under the table. And maybe at the end of the hunt, once the whatever-its-name is dead, Sam will glance at Dean as they drive back to the Bunker and go, ‘So Nicky’s a nice, uhm, guy’ and Dean will sort of growl and scoff, ‘It’s a free country, right’ and Sam will reply ‘I was just saying’ and ‘Yeah, I know what you were saying, shut up’ and then Dean will turn the radio on and that will be it, and Sam will know and Dean won’t give a damn that Sam now knows, and we will be certain as well because of all those flashbacks and young!Dean being completely flustered and adorable and it will be a day of rainbows and unicorns and our government will probably hand out free kitties to everyone. 

And as for Cas and Destiel - well - I’m a sucker for the good, old bedsharing trope, because it’s canon that Cas feels lonely, and that it must be particularly boring and depressing at night, when Sam and Dean are sleeping in their rooms and Cas is - where, exactly? pulling bits of string on a crime board, or cataloguing the Bunker’s books, or maybe pottering around in the kitchen, or painting his toenails, who even knows - and I just want Dean to see this and acknowledge it and get into this habit of staying up later and later every night, finally falling asleep next to Cas on some couch (where is our damn couch? honestly), and then it’s just a thing - sharing motel rooms when they go on hunts, sitting too close in bars and pubs, and next it just - happens - because, well, as much as I want them to talk it out, I doubt either of them knows how, and that doesn’t make me sad or bitter at all, and I never ever think about it because I’m a completely functional adult.


(Requested by Anon)

You twiddled your thumbs in front of you, eyes cast downward as you tried to think of how to word your confession.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Did something happen to you?” You shook your head quickly and sighed. “Daddy, you know you’re the number one man in my life, right?” Your adoptive father, Garrett, narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“I’m the only man in your life, right? You can’t date humans and vampires are off limits. I know you won’t go near those shape shifters either.” He paused for a moment. “Right?” You grimaced and shook your head. “Not with that smell.” You stuck your tongue out in distaste.

You both shared a small laugh before you remembered what he said about vampires being off limits. “Well dad… It is a free country right? You always talk about that.” You started off with a hopeful smile. He didn’t look amused. “Y/N-“ He began.

“I’m dating Emmett Cullen.” You cut him off quickly, wanting to get it over with as soon as possible.


Dead silence.

You were almost scared to look up at your father’s reaction. Almost.

He was sitting still with a blank look on his face. “Emmett Cullen…” He murmured thoughtfully, like he was trying to remember the name. Then he shook his head and stood, beginning to leave the room at a frighteningly human pace. “Dad? Where are you going? What are you going to do?” You asked cautiously.

He gave you a reassuring smile and patted you on the head. “Just going to show him what he’s messing with. He’ll be sure not to mess up when I’m done.” He left the room, leaving you to take in the reality of his words.


Today, my Spanish professor took time out of the lesson to discuss our rights. It ended up being the whole class time.

Elementary- there was a girl who was wearing sandals and a recess monitor told her she couldn’t have her free time so she sat on the tar and cried the whole time, the monitor didn’t do anything about it.

Elementary- if you laugh out loud, you would have to have lunch with the teacher in her room.

Spanish teacher: “this is teaching if you wanted to be a comedian it was unright and no one needs humor”.

Elementary- A clumsy girl was playing tag and accidentally fell on someone and so she had to be ‘on the wall’ for the rest of the time.

(Being on the wall meant at recess people who needed discipline would stand next to a wall and just watch everyone having a good time)

Spanish teacher: “this is teaching them that it is not okay to mess up a bit, they have to stay in order”.

Elementary- when someone didn’t do the pledge correctly, they would have to sit on the uncleaned stage in the cafeteria and everyone would stare at them during lunch.

Spanish teacher: “its initially just making them not want to be an actress or performer because they would not want to be on that stage from the discipline, they could’ve been born to act or be in front of people, but no.. just because of doing one little thing”.

Elementary- he went to a private school, and every time someone asked to go to the bathroom.. The teacher would stop teaching just to take them there to make sure they didn’t do anything.

Spanish teacher: “that’s giving you no privacy at all, no teacher should be allowed to do that”.

Middle school- If you were late to art class, she would embarrass you in front of the class and give a lunch detention.

Middle- If you didn’t pass in a paper the day its due or didn’t sign a permission slip, lunch detention.

Spanish teacher: “The only free time of your day.. they take away because of little things you didn’t pass in. This is why I do not give them to my students, it’s the only time you have to be loud and talk to people and be around your friends”.

Spanish teacher added: “even when your late to a class, you don’t have much time to go from your locker all the way downstairs or even talk to your friends or do anything and they make you bring a pass? That’s immensely unfair”.

Highschool- many things wrong, you probably get it.

Every grade- the dress code is unfair, the girls can basically only dress like its Antarctica while the boys, can dress like they are going to the beach.

My Spanish teacher inspired me so much today, she took her time and actually discussed our rights and put her own job at risk.. she thinks she would get fired if she mentioned anything to anyone and so she keeps to herself. The class was frustrated and angry, before everything, my classmates thought that everything was fair and equal.. that’s until they focused on what was actually unfair and unright in schools everywhere. People need to realize how bad this can actually get and these people, need to understand what they are doing. The class was talking about going on 'strike’ or starting a group.. but who would actually, take stand. The school wouldn’t even allow it most likely.

—  This is so disappointing
why american thought that internet users are only americans?

Here is an example

this person literally asked where i live so that they could calculate my shipping, and i simply wrote back london, because that’s exactly where i was reside

and this person simply reply with “im not sure what you mean by london”


then i replied

“you ASKED me where i LIVE”

and they asked “….if you live in CALIFORNIA, I CAN JUST MEET UP WITH YOU”



I replied that i lived in LONDON


“Well i originally thought you lived in the US”


“I’ve been diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia!”

“Thinspo isn’t promoting eating disorders!”

“An ana buddy is just someone to talk to who knows what you’re going through!”

“Anti pro ana bloggers are bullies!”

“You said this, but I’m the exception because… !”

“I’m just expressing myself!  It’s a free country!  I have a right to free speech!  I can do whatever the hell I want!”

PTA Sans: The one where Linda was against vaccinations (because that is how she rolls)

Or: Where Sans didn’t know where to begin, had a bit of a bad time and Papyrus had to pick up the pieces.

Warnings: some swearing, Linda, debate about vaccinations, Sans rambling about vaccination, Sans having a flashback and a bit of a bad time, no beta around here

AO3 Link

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Film Night

Fandom: Marvel Avengers

Word count: 2629

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve, the Avengers (slight background Clintasha)

Warnings: kind of graphic description of a horror film, Bucky not knowing how to fit in.

Summary: Requested by @me-shipper-trash.  The reader decides it’s her job to catch Bucky up on all the films he’s missed. 

You hadn’t intended to make it your mission to give Bucky an education in all the films he’d missed whilst he was a part of HYDRA. But, really, the man hadn’t even seen any Disney films. You had no choice but to make him watch as many films as you could.

It began when Steve found Bucky and brought him back to live at the Tower. Out of all the Avengers, not many of you empathised with Bucky. Obviously, Steve did. So did Nat, after her upbringing in the Red Room. And so did you, because your parents were both big-time criminals, and the Avengers taking you in had been the biggest stroke of luck you’d ever had.

It was with that in mind that Steve asked you and Nat to keep a special eye on Bucky when he brought him back to the Tower. It was never going to be easy for him to settle in, because there was the whole issue of Tony’s parents to deal with. But all of you hoped that, with a little help, Bucky would eventually feel at home here.

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“It’s super annoying that you’re so fit because you make me exercise more. How else was I supposed to ogle you?" w/ Daisuga if ur still taking prompts

It wasn’t that Suga minded, really.

He’d always been one to live an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, go to the gym, blah blah blah.

But honestly right now he was just so tired.

He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to keep this up much longer and so therein lied the root of his current anxious stomach and rambling thoughts and- dammit, why couldn’t his hair just cooperate for once?

You’re going to the gym, the little cowlick hovering over his forehead cackled, you’re just going to get sweaty and gross and that guy doesn’t even know your name so why do you care so much anyways?

Suga frowned, his eyes straining to cross and glare up at the offending locks before he shook his head to dislodge whatever bizarre delusions his brain was currently cooking up. Did he mention how tired he was?

It had been a long day. It had been a long week. But now it was Friday and (despite his protesting muscles) he was going to march down those three flights of stairs, walk into that ice-box of a gym with his head held high and shoulders squared if for no other reason than to abuse another poor treadmill and surreptitiously (if his timing was just right) get to appreciate the entirely unfair body belonging to his downstairs neighbor and, consequently, his mortifyingly immature and unwarranted crush.

He was twenty-six. Twenty-six year olds weren’t supposed to have crushes like this. They weren’t supposed to fawn over powerful quads and biceps. They weren’t supposed to imagine being swept off their feet by strong arms and crushed into a bare, glistening chest. They weren’t supposed to get weak in the knees at just the sight of warm, brown eyes and a smile too kind and genuine for this world.

Yet here he was.

The gym was quiet when he entered, not another soul in sight, because most residents were probably busy eating dinner or, you know, not pining away for a complete and total stranger.

Suga chose his favorite treadmill (the one with the best view of the entire gym) and pretended not to groan a little as he stretched his calves. It was like clockwork every night, just as his heart rate leveled out and his cheeks felt the tiniest bit flushed, said stranger would make his entrance.

Oh, it was just so unfair.

As per usual the man didn’t pay too much attention to Suga, throwing him a few cursory glances and (on lucky occasions like this one) a friendly grin, which Suga would attempt to return around the nerves making him sweat more profusely than even the workout itself.

The man would always do a round of cardio first, either bike or run on one of the farthest treadmills from Suga’s own and Suga would watch him from the edge of his vision all the while pretending to be doing anything but. 

Today the stranger was wearing these orange shorts that, by all accounts, were entirely too short and small for those thighs and that ass. But who was Suga to complain? The man could do as he pleased, wear whatever shorts he liked, this was a free country, right?

Suga was in so much trouble.

It didn’t take long for the man to switch over to weights and Suga was finally hitting his stride, feeling his earlier exhaustion translating into something close to adrenaline (but was it from the workout or from the way those shorts were hugging that tanned skin that Suga just wanted to….)

Get a grip! Suga shuffled damp bangs from his forehead with a quick shake of his neck. This was normal, this had been the usual routine for what, going on almost an entire week now? The man stretched forward to pick up a pair of dumbbells. Suga should be used to it by now, none of this should affect him so detrimentally anymore- but holy shit, look at that ass!

It wasn’t that Suga was un-athletic by any means, but certain impairing distractions happened to the best of them, didn’t they?

The first thing he felt was a snap of pain run up his left leg, the second being more of a shooting throb through his ankle and foot as he instinctively stepped off the treadmill trying to catch his balance on the grips, the third was his ankle buckling beneath him, and the fourth (perhaps most mortifying) was the slam of his backside hitting the floor as his body forced him to sit and stay.

Do not cry, do not cry, do not cry, his mind chanted at him furiously as his hands went to grab at his ankle and survey the damage. Okay so he probably wasn’t going to cry, but Suga had to bite down hard against his lower lip not to let out a whine of agony.

But then suddenly there was a hand against his shoulder and he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a pained little gasp, turning in surprise to look up into warm, brown eyes staring back at him.

“Are you alright?” the man asked, a picture of concern.

Suga wanted to scream. No, he was not alright! And that had nothing to do with his possibly sprained ankle and the shooting pains at all!

Instead he swallowed and stuttered out, “I-I’m fine.”

The stranger regarded him with a dark, quirked brow. “You don’t look fine. I think your ankle’s already beginning to swell.”

Suga looked down at the offending body part and then back to the man with uncertainty. “I-I guess I sprained it.”

The man frowned. “Do you want me to get you some ice?”

Suga’s head shook furiously, their proximity only just now registering in his brain as very, very close. “No, no. It’s my own fault for being so distracted,” he gasped out, feeling heat rising in his cheeks.

“Distracted?” The man seemed rightfully confused.

Suga licked his lips. Well, in for a penny. “By you,” he said.

This was met with a very wide-eyed look and- was that an actual blush forming? “Me?”

Suga huffed, unable to hold back any longer. Screw it, he was in deep enough now that no amount of backpedalling would save him anyways. “It’s super annoying that you’re so fit because you make me exercise more,” he hissed a bit petulantly. “How else was I supposed to ogle you?”

Yep, that was definitely a blush creeping across the man’s features, dark and stretching across the bridge of his nose and up to the tips of his ears.

“That-” Suga immediately felt his heart in his throat at his impulsive words. “-that’s so embarrassing!” he whined in a full panic now. “I’m so sorry, the pain must have short-circuited my brain or something-”

“Hey, hey, calm down.” The man placed both hands against Suga’s shoulders now, holding him steady. “It’s not that embarrassing.”

Suga looked up to find the man’s lips quivering a bit. “It’s not?”

“Um, well- no, not really.” He looked incredibly sheepish now and Suga couldn’t quite wipe the smile off his face at the sight. “You’re- you’re not so bad to look at yourself.”

Well, that had been unexpected. Suga’s eyes blew wide. “W-what?”

“I mean, I can’t really say I only come to the gym to see you.” The stranger’s hands hadn’t left his shoulders and Suga could feel a little tremble of anxiety run through them both. “But it certainly doesn’t hurt to get to ogle a little myself. You’re beautiful.”

“Seriously?” Suga’s body jerked in a sudden need to be that much closer to this confession, but his ankle protested wildly in the process. He grimaced. “Ow.”

The man let out a soft chuckle, but his voice was still full of concern. “Maybe we should get you that ice now. Do you think you can walk?”

“I don’t know.” Suga’s eyes clenched shut as he tried to stand. “I’m guessing not.”

“Here, I’ll help.” Suddenly there were strong arms under his own pulling him up and against a firm chest he’d just been daydreaming about mere moments earlier. “You live on the third floor right?”

“Ah, yeah.” Suga’s eyes opened to stare up half-lidded. “You live on the second?”

“Yeah. I mean, I can take you to my apartment if you want-” the man stopped and stumbled over the words pouring out of his mouth. “-less stairs that way, you know?”

Suga smiled. “Okay.”

“Yeah?” He sounded both surprised and ecstatic all at once.

“Yeah.” Suga nodded affirmatively, grin only pulling wider at the sight of the other man’s still red cheeks. “I’m Suga, by the way.”

For his efforts he received a broad smile of his own. “Call me Daichi.”

The stranger (Daichi) then hooked Suga’s arm around his neck to hold him up, wrapping his own arm around his waist and still looking just as endearingly giddy as Suga himself felt at the odd (but favorable) outcome of their evening workout.

Huh. Well, if a sprained ankle was all it took, Suga supposed he could get over the pain. With a little help from Daichi, of course.

‘Hearth’ is now available on Amazon

You can get it here ( or here (.com)

Blurb: Ivy goes home over the summer, back to Hearth, and the memory of her dead mother. Hearth is a claustrophobic English village that no one leaves, yet the houses stand empty. It’s here she starts dreaming. Dreaming of Beltane, a land dominated by strange forests, where the people have titles instead of names, and wear the familiar faces of her friends and family. Beltane offers Ivy an escape, a role, a title: the Dreamer.

As she becomes more and more entangled in this decaying world of tyrant queens and lost creatures, her family on the other side start unravelling mysteries of their own in an attempt to get her back. With the clock ticking down and the forest creeping in, Ivy has to fight to remember one very important thing: her own identity.

It’s £3.29 on kindle. You don’t need a kindle. Just download the free kindle app from here (this is but should be available on all versions of amazon just look to the right of the novel cover on the website)

anonymous asked:

Why would you be offended if a white woman were to get box braids? We live in a free country, everyone has the right to do what they want. So basically black people shouldn't wear western clothes but they should only wear African clothes based on what you're saying. You have no right whatsoever to say what people can and can't do babes

Yes a free country where my natural hair is not seen as professional and is looked at as being unkept. Yes can you believe it? the hair that NATURALLY grows from my head is not professional? A free country where little black girls and black boys are being suspended from school for locs & braids. (All of which are hair styles that promote healthy hair growth for our natural hair). So yes when white people in this FREE COUNTRY get praised for the same hair styles we are made fun of for, fired, and suspended from school for..decide box braids are now “high fashion” “cool” and the “newest trend”..not on us of course, but on them? you better believe I think its a disrespectful slap in the face. I am not okay with white women getting praised for the same hair styles we are frowned upon and ostracized for. I will never support it.

I just don't understand why equality is still being argued about. It's 2015 and we have fucking Apple watches but not basic equality?????


fic: suck it (and see)

Pairing: Eren/Jean
Rating: M
Tags: Alternate Universe (Modern Setting, Uni/College) 
Warnings: smoking cigarettes 

Chapter: 1/?
Read on AO3 [here]

Summary: In which Eren and Jean meet due to a bad habit, and end up becoming each other’s. 


Jean doesn’t want to look up, so he doesn’t. He’s staring at the ashtray next to his bare feet, overflowing with stumps of cheap cigarettes. It doesn’t make for a pretty sight and he muses that he should clean it up. Jean explicitly doesn’t think about the fact that the tray had been half-empty as he sat down only an hour prior.

The voice behind him huffs then, impatient after being ignored. Jean rolls his eyes.

“Can I smoke here?”

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anonymous asked:

if God loves us, why does he make people gay?

If God loves us, why are people born with depression? Why are people born with learning disorders? Why are they born into abusive families? Why are they born into poverty? There are a lot of the things that don’t seem fair and that’s due to one thing: The Fall. As soon as sin entered the world, God’s initial plan for us was no more, but by His grace, He still chose to offer Himself up as a living sacrifice for those sins so that if we chose to accept Him, we would still get to spend eternity with Him. I don’t believe that being gay is a sin, I believe that living a gay lifestyle is a sin. However, even though I possess this belief, I fully respect that others don’t and thus have really no issue with gay marriage, which I know upsets a lot of Christians. I mean, this is supposed to be a free country (USA), right? My philosophy? Lead other’s to Christ, show them His love, help them build their relationship with God and allow the Holy Spirit to convict them of anything in their life that shouldn’t be there. Then, if the person has entered into a relationship with God for a long period of time and I still see something that needs to be changed, which could be anything and not just homosexuality, I’ll address it ONLY WITH the Holy Spirit’s leading. Correct someone too early or in the wrong way and you’ve destroyed all progress. Just because you see something in a fellow believer that you think needs to be changed, doesn’t mean that you should address it. I would only do that if I felt the Lord give me permission to do so. Anyways, in short, all of the things in this life that seem unfair and horrible, seem that way because they’re not supposed to have ever existed. They are a result of humanity’s sinful nature. God loves everyone so much that He STILL gave us a way to spend eternity with Him even though we don’t deserve it. <3

- Sarah

Trick or Retreat

4.6k fic
Rating: mature

I received this lovely prompt from an anon :

The company has a compulsory training weekend for all the staff. Niall doesn’t want to go, but drags himself there anyway. It’s boring like he knew it would be, so he sneaks out, only to bump into a beautiful stranger having a smoke. They exchange words and somehow Niall ends up leaving with him. They drink, they kiss, they fuck. Fast forward to the next training day, when Niall realises that his one night stand is the CEO, Zayn Malik

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Jackson vs. The Hat

“Please take it off..”


“But we are going out for din-”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Its a free country, I have the right to dress to impress." 

Jackson stood up from the couch and did a stupid pose, before walking into the kitchen. It was your anniversary dinner tonight and he mentioned that the both of you were suppose to dress formal. Sure he was wearing a nice dress shirt with slacks, but he also still had one of his snap backs on. If you had to wear these annoying heels tonight, he was going to go the whole night without his hat.

"I don’t understand what you’re trying to prove. You look good with or without your hat.” You stated, following him into the kitchen.

He scoffed.

“I wear hats for a reason, babe. I want you to see me as hot not cute.” He frowned, taking a sip from his bottle of water.

“I love you either way. But I have to admit, you’re really cute without one..” You reached up and took the Chicago Bulls hat off his head and peck his lips, as he leaned in for more.

It was the truth though. His hair made you want to kiss him about a thousand times because it was so foreign all the time. You’re so used to seeing him with the caps and beanies that you forget how much you loved it when he didn’t wear any at all at the beginning of your relationship.

“You never mentioned hot..” He muttered.

“Of course I think you’re hot without them as well. But you really want to know why I don’t prefer them most of the time?” You questioned.

“Why?” Jackson asked.

“Because you look exactly how you looked when you asked me out at that coffee shop a year ago. I had a chance to see that side of you and learnt there are many more, but I love this hair.” You ran your hands through it as he tried to not smile, but failed. 

Jackson wasn’t the one that give up so easily during a dispute, but it was your anniversary and he just wanted you to be happy.

“Only for tonight.” He told her.

“Thanks, baby..” You grabbed your purse off the couch and walked back to him, as he tossed the snap back on the kitchen table.

“Don’t look so down. You’re going to be very happy that you didn’t wear one at all when we get back home.” You gave his butt a small squeeze, as his eyes widened. 

This was going to be one hell of an anniversary dinner.