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Here’s some lock screen options for iPhone users! The top two are for the iPhone6, the bottom two are for the 6Plus. @lusterrdust

If anyone wants another phone wallpaper, just let me know what you use and I’ll set the dimensions for ya.

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Keeping up with the Stilinskis

Author: hales-republic
Type of Work:
Title: keeping up with the stilinskis
Word Count:

“Oh come on, dad, he’s totally your type!”

“What are you talking about?” Stiles asks with a strangled voice. “Oh my god, Luke–”

“He’s totally got that Dale Cooper look going on!”

Deputy Hale frowns. “Who’s Dale Cooper? What is going on here?”

But Stiles barely hears that because–

“Why do you know Dale Cooper?” Stiles shrieks. “You shouldn’t know Dale Cooper! Dale Cooper should have no relevance in your life! You should be living a Dale Cooper-free life!”

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What’s up, sluts?! Guess who just got outta prison!
—  Dimitri, to his colleagues after Sly helped him escape

Black Panther Party Community Programs
1966 - 1982

1. Alameda County Volunteer Bureau Work Site

2. Benefit Counseling

3. Black Student Alliance

4. Child Development Center

5. Consumer Education Classes

6. Community Facility Use

7. Community Health Classes

8. East Oakland CIL (Center for Independent Living) Branch

9. Community Pantry (Free Food Program)

10. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Awareness Program

11. Drama Classes

12. Disabled Persons Services/Transportation and Attendant

13. Drill Team

14. Employment Referral Service

15. Free Ambulance Program

16. Free Breakfast for Children Programs

17. Free Busing to Prisons Program

18. Free Clothing Program

19. Free Commissary for Prisoners Program

20. Free Dental Program

21. Free Employment Program

22. Free Food Program

23. Free Film Series

24. Free Furniture Program

25. Free Health Clinics

26. Free Housing Cooperative Program

27. Food Cooperative Program

28. Free Optometry Program

29. Community Forum

30. Free Pest Control Program

31. Free Plumbing and Maintenance Program

32. Free Shoe Program

33. GED Classes

34. Geriatric Health Center

35. GYN Clinic

36. Home SAFE Visits

37. Intercommunal Youth Institute (becomes OCS by 1975)

38. Junior and High School Tutorial Program

39. Legal Aid and Education

40. Legal Clinic/Workshops

41. Laney Experimental College Extension Site

42. Legal Referral Service(s)

43. Liberation Schools

44. Martial Arts Program

45. Nutrition Classes

46. Oakland Community Learning Center

47. Outreach Preventative Care

48. Program Development

49. Pediatric Clinic

50. police patrols

51. Seniors Against a Fearful Environment

52. SAFE Club

53. Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation

54. Son of Man Temple (becomes Community Forum by 1976)

55. Sports

56. Senior Switchboard

57. The Black Panther Newspaper

58. Teen Council

59. Teen Program

60. U.C. Berkeley Students Health Program

61. V.D. Preventative Screening & Counseling

62. Visiting Nurses Program

63. WIC (Women Infants, and Children) Program

64. Youth Diversion and Probation Site

65. Youth Training and Development

The next time someone (white people and ignorant black people alike) tell you that the Black Panthers were a terrorist group/hate group, kindly ask them if the KKK ever did any of this. As long as YOU know what the panthers stood for and represented, that’s all that matters.


2012 | 2016. The differences between these pictures make me even more sad. I’m sick to my stomach because people won’t be allowed to be what they are anymore. America was the country everybody wanted to live in because of what they were: a free and cooperative amount of people who just wanted to live their lives. Now that your freedom has been killed my an Umpa Lumpa, you have to know that we’re here for you, anytime you want. Please, be safe. 

there were a million ways bailey could have spent his day off, but what he woke up and got straight to doing was something he had dreamed of accomplishing ever since he was a youngster. all he needed was a stand, a big piece of cardboard, some sharpies, and his b e a u t i f u l presence. he set the booth near the beach, propping the sign he had worked on endlessly for almost an hour on top. it read: ‘ BAILEY COOPER’S FREE KISSING BOOTH! ’ the letters were big, bold, and lined with hearts all around. he figured waiting until february was no fun and it was now or never. hopefully he’d get some memorable smooches, or he’d give someone else a memorable smooch.

he stood behind the counter made of cardboard boxes, rested his palms on their surface, and grinned widely at any people who passed by. here went n o t h i n g, “ free kisses! get your f r e e kisses! i’m a celebrity, y’know! ” it had been a grand total of twenty-two seconds before he took on the persona of an obnoxious carnival game host, “ y o u, over there! yeah, you! don’t you want a kiss from lil’ ol’ me? it’s free and i swear, these lips are not rigged at all, ” he wiggled his eyebrows at the person, puckering his lips.

There’s nothing about markets that require private ownership over the means of production. See mutualism, market socialism, and market anarchism for anti-capitalist market systems.

There’s nothing about “keeping the fruits of your labor” that requires private ownership over the means of production. In fact, workers who are employed under a boss never get to take home the full product of their labor, since the grand majority of it belongs to the boss based on private ownership claims over everything the worker produces. Hell, socialists very often argue “to each according to their contribution”, allotting individuals greater reward the greater their labor contribution to the collective pool, as long as a livable floor is established for all and no one hierarchically owns and manages the workplace.

There’s nothing about “small government” that requires private ownership over the means of production. Worker cooperatives are completely viable. Furthermore, there’s the fundamental idea that collective operations ought to be deliberated on democratically, rather than through an autocratic capitalist or state. Private control over the means of production is not a natural conclusion of “limited government”; if anything, for all intents and purposes, they’re actually opposed to each other.

There’s nothing about organization and management that requires private ownership over the means of production. Workers are perfectly capable of voting on accountable managers and building consensus on organizational aspects of the institution. In theory, we vote on politicians to “help manage” the country, but we in turn don’t expect them to wield power tyrannically or claim sovereignty over the country like a king; the same principle applies to democratic workplaces, in the sense that you can totally separate elected/accountable/immediately recallable management from the hierarchical ownership of the place.

If the idea is that we need to eradicate concentrations of power, then socialism is the way to. If the idea is that we need to maintain individual liberty to the extent that “fists can be swung until they hit another nose”, then socialism is the way to go. If the idea is that we need to build a system where we recognize hard work and labor as the necessary base, then socialism is the way to go.

Alanna couldn’t fully bring herself to hate winter anymore. She couldn’t bring herself to like it either, but that’s a different thing entirely.

Winter was still a season of inactivity, a season of restlessness and irritability. It was still the season of breath taking cold, of weather that made her miserable. But now, it was also the season of home.

Winter was the season she was least called upon by her king, and subsequently when she spent the most time at the Swoop. It was the season George was the least busy as well. Winter meant long evenings in their study, laughing and talking in leisure. It meant knowing she would both go to sleep and wake up by his side for weeks at a time, something that was a luxury in sweeter weather. Winter was the only season that her children became used to her presence, enough that they would forget she was there and just be themselves. Most frozen nights she slept warmed by them, their hot little bodies pressed close to hers, keeping cold air at bay. Sometimes (ofttimes) she would lean over and bury her nose in each child’s hair, reveling in how perfect they smelled. She could look at George in those moments, and know he was thinking exactly the same.

Alanna was never quite certain whether she had made a truce with winter or it had made one with her, but either way, it had became a season that she couldn’t hate any more.