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ever seen those themes with beautiful and unique fonts as titles or accented text? welcome to 666rps’ font page! insert a code that is below each of these free fonts into your theme’s css and you will be able to use it to your design’s content. this page was inspired by hailthehelpful’s & galaxias-themes’ font pages, so check out those too in order to find just the font you are looking for. please message me if you have any questions on how to use these fonts, and click here or on the image to visit the page with the codes. please reblog this if you’re planning on using any so as many people can get use of them as possible.

blessed inspiration.
Free to use Valentine’s Day Card for all the beardie owners(or people who just generally like lizards) out there

It’s fun because they eat bugs geeeeeeeddit?????? 

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Since you are an awesome freedom artist, do you create your own fonts or find impactful fonts (that are license free) that you used for your recent works? If possible, what do you suggest to find a bunch of interesting fonts online and what sort of fonts you used right now?

Getting Fonts with Free License

Using free-licensed fonts is indeed very important for individual artists, as commercial font royalties are often calculated by letters and can be extremely expensive. Fonts that come with proprietary operation systems — like Microsoft Windows and Apple OS — are, most likely, also proprietary. You cannot use these fonts to publish your work without paying the license fee, otherwise the owner of the font can sue you for that.

What’s a Free Font?

Free and open-souce fonts are often licensed using SIL Open Font License, sometimes referred to as SIL or OFL. These fonts are free to use, study, modify and distribute. A full list of various of free font licenses (from Open Font Library):

There are 4 primary sources from which I get my free fonts:

1. From the repository of a GNU/Linux distribution

Most GNU/Linux distributions hold a number of basic free fonts that are easy to read, which resembles to those preinstalled in MS Windows. If you are not using GNU/Linux, you can still download them from their websites. I use the following ones more often:

  • Liberation fonts (Libreoffice’s default font, good for document)
  • DejaVu fonts (arguably the most widely used free font, good for on screen display)
  • Droid (Once the default font of Android)

2. From Google Fonts

Google maintains a large repository of free and open source fonts. It has a very friendly interface that allows you to type whatever preview text and set the font size you want. It helps you in using those fonts on your website as well.

Visit Google Fonts (License page)

If you are using Ubuntu or its derivatives, you can use TypeCatcher to make font searching and installing from Google Fonts much easier.

How to install TypeCatcher (Launchpad PPA)

3. From Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel hosts a large number of fonts that free for commercial use, which are not necessarily free-licensed. However, the website has a filter to shows only those fonts with OFL/Apache license.

Visit Font Squirrel (OFL/Apache fonts only)

4. Open Font Library

Open Font Library also hosts a large number of free fonts but the interface is funny so it’s not very easy to find what you want there.

Visit Open Font Library

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