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Congratulations! I'd enjoy some Darcy/Tony, funny meeting at a party theme #1 If you do this, thank you sooo much. Your writing is pretty spectacular.

:D :D :D Thanks so much! Of course, I’ll try my hand at Tony x Darcy (it feels a bit wobbly to me still, but I hope you enjoy!)

Prompt: Funny meeting at a party, #1,  “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me”

Pairing: Tony x Darcy

Rating: T

Notes: I gave our girl a PhD in this bc it’s in my power to do so :P *Oprah voice* you get a PhD! you get a PhD!!!

Darcy leaned against the balcony, grateful for the cool night air across the back of her neck. Stark’s parties were always amazing, but sometime around 1am she usually started to feel claustrophobic and too hot. She must be getting old.

She sipped at her candy apple martini (it was bright red, and had gold leaf on the rim because Tony Stark was the least subtle person on the planet) and listened politely as Helen Cho talked about her plans for the rest of the weekend. (Genius geneticist and an avid free climber? She was a madwoman.)

Cho was in the middle of lamenting the cost of proper rock shoes when suddenly, there was giggling from below them.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks! It is the east and Darcy is the sun!!” The man called out loudly and flung his arms dramatically to the heavens.

Helen nudged her none too gently and Darcy’s drink sloshed dangerously in its glass. “Darcy, that’s Tony Stark!”

“Oh my god,” Darcy squeaked as Helen threw her head back and cackled with laughter  “What in the world is he doing? How does he even know – ”

“The very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly into your service!” Tony yelled. His tie was loosened, and he was grinning up at her. Bruce Banner stood next to him, pinching the bridge of nose and trying desperately to blend in with a topiary.

“He’s mixing up the plays,” Darcy said, one hand on her hip.

That’s what you’re getting from this?!” asked Helen incredulously.

She handed her drink off to Helen, then leaned over the railing.

“How drunk are you, Stark?”

“Rude! I was in the middle of a solil – a solay – I was in the middle of wooing the beautiful scientist!”

Darcy rolled her eyes.


Apparently she was being wooed. By Tony Stark of all people.

Okay, so she wasn’t completely immune.

Tony Stark was hot. He was confident. He also had like, a million advanced degrees and Darcy, herself the recent recipient of a PhD, was a person who’d quite inadvertently surrounded herself with geniuses of all disciplines.

Smart was sexy as hell.

But she also knew that Stark’s penchant for going through women like…well, a playboy billionaire, was legendary.

She was understandably cautious.

“So whaddaya say, Lewis?” Tony called out again. “You, me, dinner? Or you, me, Italy? I can have the jet ready tomorrow. Sunbathing on the Amalfi coast, baby!”

“Sleep it off, Romeo!” she yelled back, even as her martini-addled brain was coming up with interesting new ways to break public indecency laws on the beach with Tony. She told her brain to shut up and dragged a pouting Helen back inside.

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A group of students led by Jughead Jones decide to venture onto a trail high up in the mountains. The climb proves more perilous than planned and the adventure turns into a nightmare.

Day one, Day two, Day three, Day four, Day five, Day six, Day seven

Had a brilliant last climbing session tonight,completed some routes that had previously proven quite tricky,my arms feel like jelly now though 💪


Happy New Year 2016!

On my DA page, I do little small drawings once a week and publish it on my main page and change it every Monday. Here are all my drawings from year 2015. This year I did color palette challenges from this: [x]

I used a random number generator to choose palettes. I started with random subjects aandd… You can pin point down when a certain game took over my life. *cough*

Anyway! 2015 has come to an end… It was… and interesting year. I’m left with mixed feelings. I don’t remember much from first half but my life changed totally in May when I lost my job and splatoon came out… Eh, it has been an interesting Autumn and Winter. Things could be better for me, but I’m positive and smiling. 2016 can only go better. ^-^

So let’s drink for that. Happy new year 2016 everyone!

photo: “ Doing an unnecessary dyno at 25ft because giant foam pits are awesome. This is at The Hub climbing gym up in Canada.”

Y'all should be pretty used to this random curiosity that we at The Daily Send take in those of you rock wrastlers that choose to tune in via our Facbook, Twitter and Tumblr- we want to know who you are and typically, in the venture to learning who each of you are we stumble to the understanding of how fucking rad every one of you folks are you. So here I present to you another of your peers- peeled back and poked through a small chat about climbing- what happens when you chose to chase the wave of a climber’s high and what this means to Andy Lipnicky (@ratherbeclimbing).

Climbers are lazy and this might just be a little long for a photo-based blog site to capture your attention, so watch out for the ellipsed and paraphrased version that only gives you the gems hidden in the goods and please, go bug this guy over @ratherbeclimbing, he’s one hell of a conversation.

Okay, so from the beginning, when did you start climb

I started climbing in my senior year of undergrad, about 5 years ago. I got started pretty late.

Why do you say pretty late?

Well most of the really, really good climbers out there seem to have started when they were super young so I tend to feel that I’m a little late to the game.

I wouldnt sell yourself short. To say you started late is to brand your capabilities with an excuse, anything is possible and stranger things have happened. But regardless, your senior year of undergrad, what- or who- sparked the desire to start climbing

That’s very true, just because I started late doesn’t mean I can’t still achieve great climbs or climb really hard. I just wish I could have been climbing longer! It really started pretty randomly. I had a few friends up for a visit and I took them climbing at a local gym for a fun thing to do and I had a ton of fun. So then I started taking different friends to the gym. Each one said they had fun, but no one wanted to really go again. After my fifth or sixth time, one of the employees recognized me and taught me all about bouldering. Then I realized I could climb without a belayer and I was hooked. I was driving 45 minutes, three or four times a week to go climb. Then I found out my undergrad was only 20 minutes away from a great gym, so I was all set to continue climbing once I went back to school

So would you say youre a bouldering by preference?

Oh, definitely. I could go about that for awhile

Im a boulderer too, no worries there– so,what about bouldering captures you more? I mean, in terms of focusing your attention there over other forms of climbing

The reason I love climbing is the grace and beauty of it. When executing a good climb, you should feel like you’re dancing with the wall, flowing with the rock. In bouldering, there is absolutely no restrictions. It’s you, it’s the rock, and that’s it. It’s simple and has no restrictions beyond what you are willing to try. I understand that there is a beauty in roped climbing as well. There is beauty in the minimization of energy, that every move must be calculated and exact and fluid, but for me the rope is a mood killer. That being said, I am not a free climber.

Well said. So do you see climbs as conquests…as a way of overcoming the rock at all?

Not really, it’s more of a personal challenge. There is always an easier way to get up the rock, so the goal isn’t to get to the top. I guess the goal for me is to prove to myself that I can do it. Like I said before, a good route should feel like a dance, and I want to be a fluid and flawless as possible. It’s about good execution and about doing awesome moves that make you feel powerful and strong. Even a V0 can feel amazing if it’s got good flow.

Okay so now Im curious, where exactly is your home crag?

Currently I live in Rochester, NY. My home gym is in an old barn called The Red Barn at the RIT campus. I started climbing at the Niagara Climbing Center, and I really learned how to climb at On The Edge in Melbourne, FL. College life makes you have many homes haha I guess my home outdoor crag would be the Niagara Glen in Ontario, Canada. I grew up in Western New York, not much outdoor climbing around unless you’re willing to drive to the Daks [Adirondacks]

Interesting…how long into it did it take you to get regularly outdoors?

I went outdoor climbing after about a year of climbing for spring break trip. I had a great time but I was going to school in FL so outdoor climbing meant a 7+ hour trip. It wasn’t really until a year ago that I got into outdoor climbing. Now I have a bunch of unsent problems that I dream about

We all beta dance in our sleep…Have you ventured anywhere else to climb besides in Ontario?

Oh yeah, I’ve climbed at Priest Draw, AZ, Little Rock City/Stone Fort, TN(love that place, can’t wait to go back), and a few places in the Daks. The Daks are where all my current projects are.

Of these other crags though, do you have a favorite?

Little Rock City was my first outdoor bouldering experience, so it will always hold a special place for me. But really, it’s ideal. Super easy approach, a crazy number of problems, great guidebook, locals almost always there and super friendly. It’s really an awesome place. Also, Jimmy Webb climbs there and he’s pretty cool, I guess.

What would you say is one rather significant climbing experience for you?

Hmm. Thats a really good question. I’m not sure I have a single defining moment. Maybe it’s a cop out, but this last weekend I was climbing at Mckenzie Ponds, NY and I sent my first outdoor V5. I haven’t climbed all that much outdoors really so I don’t actually know where my level is at. Gym routes are often graded really soft. But after only a few tries I was on top and it felt great! I did it again right afterward just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

Why is this particularly significant then?

I’m coming back from a fairly recent injury. I was really strong last spring, the strongest I’ve ever been but I was training hard and climbing harder and it was too much. I pulled down hard on a crimp and heard the dreaded POP of my pulley blowing out. That was last April and I’m finally getting back into being able to pull hard again. So being able to throw down a crimpy V5 feels like a great step in the right direction.

It mustve been one hell of a feeling. I think injury is something that plagues us all and its a by product of the passion pushing us further than we should go sometimes

I had set the goal for myself of climbing a V10 by the end of 2015 and then blew my pulley. It was really demoralizing to come to terms with the fact that I was now looking at a 6 month recovery period just to get back to where I was before the injury. When I was able to climb again, all I could really do was V0s and few V1s before I had to call it a day. It was really tough to keep up the psych.

Yea but thats the nature of any relationship- including that with rock. There are the ups and the downs, accomplishments and setbacks

Definitely. It’s so hard to call it a day even when you know you’re exhausted. “Just one more burn.”

Its just hard to come to terms with. So through the injury and all the down bullshit that comes with it- what was it that kept you on the track of being in love with climbing- what is it that is most important to you about it? What essentially is your climbing philosophy?

The gym is my zen place. It’s the place I can go and know that nothing outside those doors matters. Everyone here is here for the same reason, the love of climbing. Besides being injured, I had a lot going on in my personal life and the gym gave me a safe place to just escape all of that for a while. The people who climb are amazing. They’re accepting, they’re kind, and they’re psyched to climb and psyched that you’re climbing, no matter what level climber you are. Let’s be honest, we all think we go to the gym to crush, but most of us really go to the gym to shoot the shit and hang out with people. We’re all a huge family. So I guess, not climbing means not being a part of that and not being able to do the thing I love. So really, not climbing is not really much of an option. I’m not sure what it means to have a climbing philosophy, so I hope I answered your question and didn’t ramble off topic…

No that was perfect. What is the rest of your life like- what do you do for work? How old are you?

I’m a graduate student. I study astrophysics, my topic of specialty are dwarf galaxies. I’m 25

How often to you climbing? how often are you exposed to the community?

At the moment, I climb every Tuesday and Thursday. I workout at the climbing gym every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I set routes on Wednesday mornings and I forerun other routes on Sundays… So I’m at the gym 6 days a week. I pretty much know everyone there. And since it’s now October, I try to outdoor climb on the weekends.

Oh, a regular, I like it. Any other outdoor activities youre involved with?

Of course, I enjoy hiking and camping, although I don’t do nearly as much as I’d like to. I’ve been known to disc golf and slack line as well.

So there you have it everyone- Andrew Lipnicky. He’s smart in all those intergalactic ways- handsome in the make-your-girlfriends-drool kind of way (trust me, he sent the ‘obligatory shirtless’ bouldering picture)- well versed in his explanation of that fiery passion that drives him to lose a little more skin on rock-and he truly knows how to shoot the shit. Keep your eyes out for this one, you’d be lucky to share a spot with this monkey. 

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