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Research has shown that pleasure affects nutrient absorption. In a 1970s study of Swedish and Thai women, it was found that when the Thai women were eating their own (preferred) cuisine, they absorbed about 50% more iron from the meal than they did from eating the unfamiliar Swedish food. And the same was true in the reverse for the Swedish women. When both groups were split internally and one group given a paste made from the exact same meal and the other was given the meal itself, those eating the paste absorbed 70% less iron than those eating the food in its normal state.

Pleasure affects our metabolic pathways; it’s a facet of the complex gut-brain connection. If you’re eating foods you don’t like because you think it’s healthy, it’s not actually doing your body much good (it’s also unsustainable, we’re pleasure-seeking creatures). Eat food you enjoy, it’s a win-win.


“Well, stranger, you are not bad looking– to women, at least, which is what you came to Thebes for. Your hair is long– you don’t wrestle – curling down to your cheeks; very seductive! You take care to keep your skin fair, not exposing it to the rays of the sun, but keeping it in darkness when you hunt Aphrodite with your beauty.” -Pentheus to Dionysus, Bacchae Welcome to the Cult of Dionysus

QOHOR lies near a great forest, the Forest of Qohor. Their city guard is made up entirely of Unsullied, of which every one carries a spear with a braid of human hair. Their craftsmen are renowned throughout the Free Cities. Their blacksmiths have the ability to meld paint in with the metals. Some blacksmiths claim to know how to reforge Valyrian steel. The wood from the Forest of Qohor is sought after. Qohoriks worship the Black Goat. 

Over four hundred years before the War of the Usurper, a khalasar led by Khal Temmo came out of the Dothraki Sea intent on attacking Qohor. Qohor hired the mercenary companies Bright Banners and the Second Sons and purchased three thousand Unsullied. When the Unsullied arrived, the Qohorik forces had been shattered. The Dothraki had returned to their camp to wait for the next day to finish the city off. The next morning they found the Unsullied standing before them. Eighteen times they charged and attacked the Unsullied ranks, each time failing to break through.

At the end of the battle, twelve thousand Dothraki were dead including Khal Temmo. The six hundred remaining Unsullied watched as the surviving Dothraki cut their braids and threw them at the feet of the Unsullied.

NOVROS sits among the Hills of Norvos, on the Noyne, a tributary of the massive River Rhoyne. Located between Pentos and Qohor, it serves as a gateway for caravans and travelers going east-west on the ancient Valyrian roads, with the ruins of Ghoyan Drohe to the southwest. It is a land of rolling hills and terraced farms, surrounded by small walled villages that support the larger city. Norvos is ruled by a High Magister and a council of religious protectors.

There are three bells throughout the city, each which different sounds. Norvos is home to an order of militant Bearded Priests, marked by axe shaped brands on their chests. Norvoshi are known as masters at creating intricate textiles, including fine tapestries that are renowned the world over, and for an annual festival that features bears dancing down a path known as the Sinner’s Steps

Racists in DA Fandom

So, I’ve noticed that there’s two types of toxic fans.

Type A is the blatant racist. They’re the ones that tell People of Color to shut up. They’re the ones writing blatant and harmful tropes. They’re the ones who cry bullying and send anon hate. They can usually be spotted by their blog headers, “Anti-SJW,” or “Free Speech Advocate” or reblogs of “don’t like don’t read” posts. They’re easy to block because they fly their hate flags. 

Type B is a bit different. The False Ally. Type B is someone like Renmiri who reblogs a ton of social justice stuff, and then turns around and supports racist creators, citing “free speech” or “it’s just fiction” or “art.” They’re the type that I really hate. Because when you glance over someone’s blog, you think “sure, seems alright, lots of feminist and social justice stuff here!” and then the come out with some flaccid excuse to defend some racist creator, just when you’re really hoping for some reinforcement. You want your fellow white people to stand next to the creators of color and say they will not stand for this behavior, but they don’t. 

And little by little, people like Renmiri chip away at the trust that POC have in their white friends. Little by little they dig, until black women feel alone, like their works are going to be plagiarized, like their bodies don’t matter, like their experiences don’t matter. 

Until nothing is left but loneliness and anxiety. 

I’m not great with words, but I won’t stand by and watch my black friends get torn down again and again. 

And to those who fall into the type B category: