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Shuichi Saihara Sprite Icons

  Listen,, I love this boy so much, I really do. But how many sprites does he freaking need. Like really. He has a sprite for everything. Anyway, these were requested by an anon, but like always, free to use for everyone! Like/reblog if you take~.


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When Robbie Turner is right, she’s right. Farewell again, Naysha Lopez.

  • Aries: Fire Bending- Vitality, Chaotic, Captivating
  • Taurus: Seismic Sense- Connected, Pure, Meticulous
  • Gemini: Air Bending- Detached, Peaceful, Adventurous
  • Cancer: Metal Bending- Lucky, Unusual, Visionary
  • Leo: Water Bending- Opportunistic, Fierce, Volatile
  • Virgo: Lightning Generation- Control, Incisive, Distinctive
  • Libra: Lightning Redirection- Fearless, Enduring, Unyeilding
  • Scorpio: Earth Bending- Brash, Strong Willed, Striking
  • Sagittarius: Flight- Decisive, Intangible, Free
  • Capricorn: Chi Blocking- Innovative, Energetic, Precise
  • Aquarius: Blood Bending- Crude, Provocative, Unpredictable
  • Pisces: Energy Bending- Transformation, Versatility, Empathy
Rantaro Amami Sprite Icons

  100x100 of all of Amami’s sprites as requested by a friend of mine who’d rather keep their identity a secret, but I mean; anyone can use them. I’m really glad Amami doesn’t have that many sprites, so I was able to get these done pretty quickly compared to the others? Like/reblog if you take, hope you enjoy!


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Kokichi Ouma Sprite Icons

  A collection of 100x100 Kokichi Ouma sprite icons. Let it be noted that these are not all of Kokichi’s sprites — I left out the ones I thought had the most spoilers. Nevertheless, some people consider leaked sprites to be “spoilers”, so this’ll be going under a cut, but will not be tagged as spoilers. I made these out of boredom, but if you like them, they’re free to use without credit! Just like/reblog if you take. ASK FOR ICONS OF KOKICHI’S SPOILER SPRITES.


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carmilla, a madreblu translation: italian lesbians

“Sembrerò fragile, 
sembrerò quasi normale,
sembrerò docile, 
sembrerò un serpente speciale

I will seem fragile.

I will seem half-real.

I will seem docile. 

I will seem to be that peculiar serpent…

“Vieni da me (quando vorrai ) vieni da me (ora),
non lasciare che sia una notte normale! 
Sarò così (come vorrai) sarò così (ora), 
un'amante che sa l'egoismo che l'amore libera…”

Come to me (when you want) come to me (at this hour).

Do not let this be an unsweet night. (note: the translation here is normal, but I am taking poetic liberties) 

I will be as such, how you want it, I’will be as such (at that hour). 

A mistress who knows of selfishness and free love. 

“Adesso sai chi sono io, adesso sai chi sono, 
(adesso sai chi sono) lasciami bere—ancora! 
Adesso  sai chi sono, io adesso sai chi sono–LASCIAMI– 
Adesso sai chi sono, lasciami andare ora!”

Now that you know who I am, now that you know I am, 

(now that you know who I am), let me drink, yet!

Now that you know who I am, now that you know who I am, LET ME!

Now that you know who I am, let me go at this hour!

“Io non ho verità. 
Sono qui senza respiro. 
Sembrerò libera, 
ma di te io non so fare a meno.” 

I do not have truth. 

I am here and without breath.

I will seem so free, 

but I do not know what to do without you.

Vieni da me (come vorrai) vieni da me (ora). 
Io sarò come se non avessi paura. 
Sarò così (come vorrai) sarò così (ora). 
Con il buio che c'è, a cercare di levarti l'anima…

Come to me (how you want), come to me (at this hour).

I will be as if I were fearless (or: I will be as if I did not emit fear). 

I will be as such (how you want it), I will be as such (at this hour). 

With darkness there, I’ll try to strip you of your spirit….(????)

Mi prenderò cura di te, diventerai parte di me, esisterai solo per me,
ho bisogno di levarti l'anima..

I will care for you, 

you will become a part of me. 

You shall exist only for me. 

I desire to strip you of your spirit (????)

This is by Italian pop-alt band Madreblu. I’ve taken the liberty of translating it, and in doing so, I have altered it just a little. It is by no means 100% correct, and I’ve embellished on the meanings a little because it is so poetic by nature. If any Italian can tell me what levarti means, that would be wonderful (I assume it was levare (to remove) with pronomi diretti—so “remove you”)! Also, if you want to criticize my translation (nicely), that is welcome too! This song is very important to me and who I am.