free chapter sampler

While out at my local walmart last week I perused the doll section - as I usually do - and was struck by this gorgeous Briar. I’ve been trying to save but I knew she had to come home with me and the sale at the time - $10 - gave me even more reason to want her. Her lovely face really caught my attention:

but what really got me was the ‘Free Chapter Sampler’ sticker on the front of the box. Free sampler of what?

As it turns out it’s just a physical copy of the Next Top Villain preview (and she’s not the only one, as shown in jadestoybox‘s post here)  -

still, I considered this a win and my curiousity was satisfied until I placed my new Briar on the dresser next to my old one and looked in disbelief.

Was my new Briar….taller?

I thought so but needed to really compare from the ground up to figure out how and why this was and discovered that height wasn’t the only noticeable difference between the two -

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