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Photographed by Igualdad Animal at La Puerta del Sol in Madrid. “Thus, just as animals can be enslaved, so too can they be liberated; indeed, where animals are enslaved, humans arguably have a duty to liberate them. Answering this call of conscience and duty, animal liberation groups have sprouted throughout the world with the objectives of freeing captive animals from systems of exploitation, attacking and dismantling the economic and material basis of oppression, and challenging the ancient mentality that animals exist as human resources, property, or and chattel.”
— Steve Best


**The first four photos are of gorillas who are are fighting and showing their dominance through exposing their teeth as a threat. Their body language is very easy to read.**

The next two and a half photos are of Harambe. The Gorilla who had an unsupervised child, climb through the fence of an average zoo barrier and fall 12-15ft, into his enclosure. Being confused and alarmed to the new “intruder”, he walked up to the boy and starred at him trying to figure out what was happening. Everyone above started to yell and cause more tension. The 400lb gorilla then proceeded to hold the 4 y/o hand in the water, then after helped him stand up by guiding him and cradling his body. He then dragged the boy twice by his leg, which was probably due to the insane energy and yelling from on lookers. Other than dragging the boy, Harambe displayed no violent or angry body language towards the boy. None of what you see in the first photos. No teeth were exposed. His didn’t bang on his chest or the ground. He didn’t toss the boy. There was no growling or howling. The only reason people took is as “threatening” is because he dragged the boy to the corner and stood in front of the boy. It genuinely appeared as if he was trying to protect and guard the boy from the chaos.

The last photo are of the Chilean lions that were intentionally aggravated and provoked by a naked and suicidal man. Once alerted, the lions gently and playfully began paw at the actual intruder. They did not seem to want to harm him. Only before the man, who left a suicide note in his clothes, started attacking the lions, trying his best to agitate them. Once the lions were scared and started to feel threatened by the attacker, they began to fight back and maul the man in natural self defense, one would expect from a lion. He was heard yelling things about Jesus and the end of the world while being mauled.

Unfortunately due to reckless human errors, these beautiful, endangered, captive animals were killed. They were all shot. One more understandably, but not completely justified than the other.

I understand why people would be so upset and defending the actions of the Cincinnati Zoo officials. It was a small innocent child who fell into a potentially harmful situation and emotions for the boys safety were running at an extreme high. However, if you can think it’s okay to keep wild animals in captivity; then you better have an escape plan a-z prepared incase an event like this happens, that should not have to result in anyone dying.

The Chilean zoo officials claimed to not have any “fast acting tranquilizers” on hand?!?!!!! So after a clearly suicidal man started to ATTACK captive lions, he goes to the ER and lives while the lions are the ones who end up dead??

It just doesn’t make sense.

Animals are not our entertainment. They are not toys. They have no place in captivity. Unless it is a rehabilitation sanctuary for animals that cannot adapt to wild life, then they don’t belong under our lock and key.

There shouldn’t be easy access to such “dangerous” animals. Period point blank. But especially if you aren’t going to have the training or fucking brain cells to think of evacuation plans for high risk situations.

I hope society and zoo officials can learn from this devastating and horrific showcase of mans arrogance over nature.

These beautiful creatures didn’t deserve to die due to the every reoccurring of mans “mistakes”.

Morgan’s loss is Loro Parque’s gain. Sadly, the Dutch High Courts DENIED Morgan her freedom, once again. This is unfair to her. A beautiful young orca, whose life was never suppose to be subjected to being imprisoned. Prisoned amongst other orcas, who constantly bang her, rake their teeth on her flesh, and where a sexual mature male constantly sexually harrasses her. She’s not ready to breed, yet she will be and probably soon. Her bloodline is fresh…for now.

All the work that Dr. Ingrid Visser, and countless others, went into to help her, gone.  All we can do is support her and the others, as well as Morgan as best as we can. Because at least they fought for her, they tried so hard. We can just say Thank-you, and that our hearts break along with theirs and Morgan’s.

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The Free Willy Story: Keiko’s Journey Home

If you’ve seen the movie Free Willy, but haven’t followed Keiko’s (the Orca in the film) real-life story back to freedom, you’re really missing out. His story is very touching and an example of how we really can make progress to free select captive Orcas back to their natural homes in the wild.