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Donald Trump could be getting his Trump TV — as a state-run channel

  • Trump will gain access to a state-run media channel thanks to the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which Congress passed Thursday.
  • This year’s NDAA dissolves the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent government agency that encompasses the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Office of Cuba Broadcasting, Radio Free Asia and Middle East Broadcasting Networks. 
  • Rather than being run by a bipartisan board, these news services will be run by a CEO of Trump’s choosing.
  • Of particular importance here is the VOA, which broadcasts the news in more than 40 languages and originated in 1942 as an antidote to Nazi propaganda. 
  • The VOA broadcast only internationally until 2013, when Obama signed legislation making its content available to audiences within the U.S.
  • Per the VOA Charter, signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1976, “VOA news will be accurate, objective and comprehensive” and “will represent America, not any single segment of American society.” Read more

[Eng subbed] [Innocent minds, pls don’t watch this xDD] This is what happens when you let a bunch of bored hip hop dudes from AOMG get their free reign to broadcast. They make things dirty with innuendos and then tries to get a warning from V app hahahahaha…. Jay again with his nips but he didn’t want to play with the dirty joke xDD

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