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[Eng subbed] [Innocent minds, pls don’t watch this xDD] This is what happens when you let a bunch of bored hip hop dudes from AOMG get their free reign to broadcast. They make things dirty with innuendos and then tries to get a warning from V app hahahahaha…. Jay again with his nips but he didn’t want to play with the dirty joke xDD


Yoru mo Aoi Shouta - FutsuOta Special 20170428

Sorry for the slightly bad quality recording, the broadcast kicked me out in the beginning since im only a free viewer but the rest of the recording went by smoothly. The full live broadcast was free unlike the regular broadcast where free viewers get kicked out after 10 minutes. So I hope no one calls me out for uploading this as I just wanted to share the cuteness that is Shoutan in this special episode for those who weren’t able to stream it live in NicoNico.

FutsuOta - letter reading corner. This was a special episode where Shouta mainly read lots of letters and gave his comments etc.,. He didnt do the regular corners from his regular broadcasts like S-Chan game… It’s also why the whole broadcast was only around 35 minutes, and probably why the full broadcast was free.

Some funny moments:
- he noticed a typo of one letter sender where she typoed kore kara mo (literally “from here on out”) to kore kura mo and Shouta was like “LOL i typo like this too!” lmao
-a letter sender asked about his manly glasses selfie the other day and he said he likes to show gaps like that every now and then to surprise people (lol i bet he was laughing his ass off seeing how fans went wild on twitter after that selfie lol)
-he makes lots of dumb faces and voices lolol well sasuga extra af shouta lol also his dumb laughs blessed my life as always
-letter sender’s sister calls shouta “Shoutantantan” so after reading the letter he went “Hello Miko-chan, Shoutantantandayo!” and if that aint the cutest thing ever

Anyways enjoy! 

Note: Please do not reupload anywhere and claim it as your own recording. If you want to upload somewhere else please let me know through pm or chatbox and link back to this post~

sukekiyo - niconico broadcast - 2015.02.08 part 1

You Masuda: Good evening everyone, this is You Masuda. Today we have  a special event commemorating the release of VITIUM by sukekiyo.
The special program started at 5:00, but now we will start the main part. Soon all members will come here to the studio. While doing an interview we will learn many facts about sukekiyo"s reality.
I think you will be able to get to know sides of sukekiyo that you don’t know about, so it will be interesting. While there will be (and are) many comments and questions on niconico, we will get to know the answers.
We are now in niconico satellite studio in Ikebukuro, outside there are many fans, that’s great. From now on we will have about one hour. Let’s start.
So now let’s introduce all members. We can start from Kyo.

Kyo: I’m Kyo, hello.

Takumi: I’m Takumi, I play on guitar and piano. Hello.

Yuchi: I’m Yuchi, bass. Hello.

Mika: I’m Mika, drums. Hello.

Uta: I’m, Uta, guitar. Hello.

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The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, Doctor Who - BBC Radio 4 Extra
Colin Bakers star as the Time Lord tackling rogue androids

BBC Radio 4 Extra will broadcast a free Big Finish Sixth Doctor story on May 28 at 1800, repeated May 29 at 0000. It’s usually available here for online listening for a week after the broadcast. Presumably Part II will be the following weekend.

anonymous asked:

why do you think lay not coming back with the rest of exo is a good thing?

I don’t think it’s a good thing: I’m sad that one of my biases isn’t coming back and promoting with his band mates; I’m sad that yixing won’t be able to be with his brothers; I’m sad that exo is yet again down another member; I’m sad that lay and exo will not get to rest; I’m sad that the fandom is tearing itself apart over this OT8 vs OT9 fan war.

However! I do think it’s necessary. In the past, South Korea and China have been long standing trade partners and allies, which is one of the reasons why EXO-M and so many other Kpop groups are allowed to promote in China. However, recently, US has been trying to push South Korea to deploy a missile and flight surveillance system (THAAD) against North Korea – which is great and all but it disrupts the delicate balance of power, as well as jeopardizes China’s missile and flight operations. So, China has been mounting trade sanctions (why yixing hasn’t been allowed to promote w exo recently) and other pressures to pressure Moon (new South Korean President elected after the mess of Park Geunhye) into rejecting THAAD, but since fear of North Korea outrules fear of trade sanctions, South Korea went ahead and deployed THAAD anyways. As a result, tensions are high and throwing Lay right into this political mess will just result in a witch hunt not unlike the mess Tzuyu was forced into (albeit a slightly different reason). Lay is the only SM artist with a steady, large, and increasing Chinese fan base; it won’t be wise to topple that base over a comeback. He can always join exo after this political mess is over and comeback with them later. Lay has been doing his best toeing the line between supporting a South Korean band while being Chinese and not pissing anyone off, which requires an enormous amount of talent and knowledge – bless this boy’s heart. Ultimately, it’s good for both Lay and EXO for Lay to lay low (ahaha see what i did there all this talk about sad political things made me sad I needed a vent) on promotions this round and allow both to properly flaunt their hard work and talent without political mud. Hence the flimsy excuse of “packed schedules” (which i don’t doubt both definitely have, but SM has better planning skills than that).

td;dr I’m sad that lay won’t be coming back w exo but I also understand and will support both Yixing and OT8 no matter what 🤗

I’m sorry this is such a long reply anon, thank you for clarifying ❤️ let’s look forward to this comeback which will definitely be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Monty sighed as he leaned against the side of his booth, watching various people pass by as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ played over his radio. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my job– but how am I supposed to sit here and watch everyone have fun?” He whined and shifted around some, much like a child about to throw a tantrum. “I wanna’ go on the riiiides already!”