free breathalyzer

Got profiled hardcore by a town sheriff just now at 2:30. Followed me down every side street and straight down the alley my house is in. Got spotlighted the second I got out and was asked if I lived here and if I had been drinking tonight. Put my hands up and said “I do live here but no sir I haven’t been drinking, just pulled in from a long drive home from vacation so if my driving seemed a little off that’s probably because I’ve been jammed in a car for 8 hours straight. You’re free to breathalyze me if you’d like tho..” He declined and drove off.
The SECOND I saw him pull out behind me I made sure to drive like the biggest granny out there. Speed limit, 5 second stops, looking both ways, turn signals… so lets be real dude; you saw a blacked out sports car covered in decals with tinted windows at 2:30am driving around the neighborhood and thought you could score big. Too bad a petite little white girl with and infant and luggage stepped out.