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I just got my new chokers from @ameliastardust and omg they are so perfect! I was surprised when I saw my name on the note inside. She writes out a message for every order! Really you guys should all get your jewelry from her, she’s so nice and it’s a lot cheaper than any other store online.

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Can you tell me what the ring and the silver bracelet he always wears means? The significance behind them?

The silver bracelet was given to Chris by his sister Katie and he’s been wearing it for several years now:

On Chris’ wrist is a silver bracelet Katie gave him. “It reminds me of my family,” he says.

(A young Pine sporting the bracelet from as early as 2004.)

As for the ring, if you are referring to his gold pinky ring (18k gold, by David Yurman), I don’t recall him mentioning it having any particular significance, other than the following in a more general sense, and in regard to fashion:

…I am very particular about how [a suit] fits in the shoulders and the body, I get into it, I really enjoy it quite a bit. And little details like pocket squares and cufflinks and pinky rings and stuff, cause when you go on the red carpet, it’s not the real world, you are at work, so I kind of like to make believe that’s a different time. And that makes the whole red carpet experience easier.
I hope you find this useful, anon!

I love Nahyuta, but then I also felt bad since throughout AA6 he… ‘borrowed’ Klavier’s defense attorney and investigator. So, uh, yeah. Trying to compensate with a headcanon.


These Spartan Race bracelet/wristbands are pretty sweet, aren’t they?

Would you like two for yourself? For free?

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Hi, guys! I wanted to let you all know that I sell friendship bracelets. The ones pictured above are ones I made for myself (either representing something or matching with a friend) but this picture was taken a while ago now and I’m much better at it than I was). I’ll try to make a future post with pictures of each type.

The bracelets normally take me about an hour to an hour and a half (not including food breaks lol), but this fluctuates greatly by the kind. Because of this, and the cost of thread, the price of each is different but averages about $8.00 for knotted ones and $4.00 for braided ones, including Kumihimo.

SO, here’s the kinds I offer:

  • Chevron, arrows, diamonds ($8.00)
  • Stripes ($7.50)
  • Bracelets can have a line or dots running through the center (I’m not sure what this pattern is called; I figured it out on my own) - ($6.50)
  • Alpha pattern bracelets (names, numbers, and pictures) - the example on my wrist in the picture is the bottom blue one, which is actually in Hebrew - ($9.50)
  • Off of that, I can do non-English style letters as well. So far I’ve only ever done Hebrew and Quenya, but I’m sure I can figure something out. Another example of this is a pair of corresponding skyline bracelets that I’ve made for myself and my best friend but SHH it’s a surprise ($10.00)
  • Kumihimo bracelets (I’m most familiar with round and spiral but I know how to do the others as well) - ($5.00)
  • I’ll also do simple braids if you’d like ($2.50)
  • I’m also happy to learn a new pattern if there’s something specific you would like

All bracelets can have borders added to them (+$0.50)

I’ll ship anywhere in the United States and will happily cover the cost of shipping.

50% of all proceeds go towards donations for my local animal shelter (the Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay, WI)

^ Instead of donating money, I instead see what they need at the moment and purchase that for them every time I reach $100 dollars in sales.

For the end of Pride Month (but actually, this will be going on until the end of July since I am a bit of a numbskull and forgot to post this earlier) 100% of the proceeds from bracelets representing a part of the LGBTQ+ community (see my pansexual flag bracelet) will go towards an LGBTQ+ charity of the buyer’s choice.

Send me a message if you’d like one!

I do also have a couple finished ones that aren’t actually for anyone specific, so if you’d like me to send you one of those, they’re free of charge.


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