free bison


“Swirl it. Swirl it.”
“Oh, crowning otter is really graphic.”
“Nice try, I saw you looking.”
“It’s like camping except without all that awful nature.”
“You’re judged from the day you were born ‘till the day you die.”
“Don’t judge me, you judgeroo. Go play your judgeridoo.”
“Good luck with your blemishy face.”
“Look around, food trucks are the future!”
“You seriously should, it’s a good idea!”
“I still have the ‘96 Olympics on VHS.”
“Burn, you beautiful bench, burn!”
“What do you expect? You coddle them too much.”
“I pulled some strings, left several persuasive voice mails…”
“Everyone out of the pool. We’ve got a code brown, don’t go near it.”
“We are still in the red.”
“Isn’t it funny how much more I know than you?”
“Hey, Jennifer Slowpez! Get off the road!”
“This is nice, right. A little cramped, but cozy.”
“I’m hopped upon bennies.”
“Make us seem cool.”
“Okay, I definitely won’t…”
“That’s not what I said!”
“These crepes gave me cramps.”
“He’s a nasty bitch.”
“I don’t think I can eat another slice of cake.”
“Their burgers are grass-fed, cruelty free soy bison.”
“We were kind of busy, partying our nuts off.”
“Please, I’m not strong!”
“These foodies are showing some spine, I like it!”
“What is going on out there?”
“We almost had it all, didn’t we?”
“Don’t worry, only fifteen more miles to go.”
“That could be our next Christmas card.”
“You’re a hurtful slut!”

So I fell in love with padalickingood’s Hybrid AU and I made a bunch of sketches. I started coloring them but I’m taking forever (big surprise there) so I thought I might as well post this now.

P.S. I know rabbits aren’t classified as rodents but it just sounded like something Ray would say.

Photo by @ronan_donovan // A scene like this can only play out in Yellowstone National Park: wild wolves and free-ranging bison interact as they have for thousands of years. No where else in the U.S. is the suit of large mammals better represented than in Yellowstone.

Look for the May single topic issue of National Geographic Magazine dedicated entirely to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Text by @davidquammen and photos from @michaelnicknichols @chamiltonjames @dguttenfelder @erikalarsen888 @drewtrush @joeriis @e.l.johns and video produced by @shannon_sanders by natgeo

You know what would be ironic? If the plan to rescue Korra was not thought up by Sokka, but by Zuko. Here’s why:

  • Throughout ATLA, Zuko struggled to capture the Avatar., Why? Because he never had a solid plan.
    • Yeah, I’m going to hide in a cave with the Avatar to wait out this blizzard, and hopefully not freeze to death.
    • I’m going to free the Avatar’s bison and somehow use him as a lure to find the Avatar. This can’t backfire in any way, shape, or form.
  • So, it would be ironic as fuck if the one time Zuko succeeded in “capturing” the Avatar was not just after he joined the Gaang, but after HE THOUGHT UP A PLAN FOR THE AVATAR’S “CAPTURE.”.

And you bet your ass Sokka would joke about this the whole time, on top of joking about how Zuko is still trying to find the Avatar after all these years. 

kittensinmisery  asked:

I really like your Lin being brainwashed theory, even after seeing the parallels between her waking and Zuko's (which I forgot about and was happy to see!). When Zuko woke up, his change in attitude/mind set felt natural. Lin's felt forced and too weird. I read your tags on the parallel gif set you did, and I can really see that happening. Thanks for sharing it! My friend and I were trying to figure out why that moment felt so off.

Zuko’s transformation felt right because he did something right -freeing the Avatar’s bison and he was taken care of by someone the audience can trust.

Lin’s transformation felt weird because she has been holding back her emotions for 30 years and she just lets go just like that? Not to mention, the background music gave a creepy vibe to it along with Korra, Mako, and Bolin being surprised at her transformation. There’s a lot of parallels between Zao Fu and Ba Sing Se and we can see that Zao Fu strives for perfection which means the people are in a good state. Idk that Acupuncturist did something. As I mentioned in the tags, Maybe Su had something to do with it? since she wants a perfect family where Lin is included or at least they’re both in good terms with each other. 

This is the only scenario where Lin is her most cheerful state, so that moment was definitely off.