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Easy low carb snack! Cheese wrapped in deli meat and pan fried! 

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"I don’t think vegan or vegetarian food is that much more expensive" it is

No, it’s not.

454g of vegan mince - £1.50

250g of real mince - £2.39

400g of vegan meatballs - £1.50

400g of real meatballs - £2.40

8 vegetarian beef burgers - £1.50

4 real beef burgers - £2.70 x 2 = £5.40

500g of dairy free Flora - £1.70

500g of regular Flora - £1.70

1 litre of soy milk - 0.79p

1 lire of semi-skimmed milk - 0.66p

Additionally, lentils, beans, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta and so on can be cheap depending on where you shop. If you’re smart, it really isn’t any more expensive and people use that as an excuse. This is just an example of one large chain supermarket - there are often deals on with products such as Quorn and Linda McCartney as well as their own branded vegan and vegetarian foods. You can buy tofu in Chinese supermarkets for cheap or even Amazon - you can get 4,188g for £15.00. That’s literally nothing and would last forever.

I purchase food for myself and for Joseph, who eats meat, and there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, if you’re buying decent meat then you’ll spend much more than you would if buying vegetarian or vegan. Even meat eaters need to eat vegetables, fruits, and so on so typically, the only difference is the meat substitute, which as you can see, can be quite cheap.

Beef Jerky from the oven

Once again: no special ingredients or equipment is needed, except coconut aminos, but that’s available in most health food stores or online.

I really appreciate a good jerky, especially because there is NO CLEAN ONES out there and because we’re going camping for 4 days and I will need some portable snacks that are actually good for me.

1 lb top sirloin
1 bottle coconut aminos
1 tsp of each: salt, cracked pepper, ground coriander
½ tsp of each: ground cumin, ground fennel

If you like milder taste use half of the spices!! I like it spicy.

I didn’t trim the fat from the meat. I like the fat. But it’s up to you.
Cut the steak against the grain, diagonally, like on the video.
Mix the coconut aminos with all the spices and pour it into a glass or stainless bowl, then add all the strips and make sure all the slices get covered. You can add water to the marinade if it doesn’t cover your meat.
I marinated it overnight, but I guess a few hours would do!

Set your oven to 200 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Place the rack on top (you want to leave the jerky exposed to air on both sides). I used a cooling rack intended for baking and did two batches, that’s how much a pound will make!

Place jerky on the racks, leaving a little space between.
Bake for at least two 2 hours (checking frequently) or until it is, well, jerky-like! You want it to be dry.
Store in an airtight container.

Happy fourth! :)

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i dont know what's happening with the avalanche of main mod original quotes but i am sure liking it (some of them such as the seregenti one are perfect gems omg)

omfg…what happened is that I’m on summer break and can’t seem to get anyone to hire me to do some menial task until school starts, so I’ve been rewatching a bunch of shows.  I figured I might as well take advantage of my free time and beef up the queue a little bit instead of just relying on submissions!

Just a gentle reminder

That this (cutting off a cow’s horns):

Is still a common occurrence in the dairy and intensive beef cattle industries in order to prevent animals and livestock workers from being harmed due to keeping the animals in such abnormally intensive environments. Cows will bleed for more than 15 minutes after the horns are cut off and commonly only get some antiseptic powder or spray on the open wounds, no pain relief. Cows put through this often become unreasonable due to the pain and are known to collapse or flip in the crush in which they are held, or charge workers afterwards. Let cows keep their horns, and go dairy and meat free today.

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Can you post your favorite recipes? I need some good things to cook!

Hiya Anon! I was suppose to have already done this for @525600choices​ and I have just not gotten around to it! So let me go ahead and do that right now!

My favourite recipes





I am sure there are some I am not thinking of right now, or maybe even some of my own recipes that I can’t think of off the top of my head because it feels conceited to list my own recipes Hahahaha!

You might be able to find more recipes, or pictures of what the food has looked like when I have made it by checking out my Keto Tag

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions or are looking for a keto replacement recipe in particular for a classic favourite of yours!