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Heya! So ahah li'l awkward here but do you have any tips on how to look more like a guy. Like... How do you do it so well? (( FtM and I am... So fucking feminine holy shit ))

Hey there! I feel so flattered by this ask! Thank you!

You could use make up. It’s an easy way to succeed if you don’t want to use wigs and latex. When I feel lazy for a huge beard but I need to switch I grab my mascara and start painting a beard. If I want something a bit more realistic I’ll add some crepe wool hair. So you may start like this

and easily end up like this

it feels manly enough and you won’t spend more than 10 mins.

If you want more tips, try wearing oversized clothes. They’ll help you to hide your curves if that’s what you want. A binder might help you to hide your breast too! 

friendly reminder that femenine boys are also valid and lovely, though <3

the magic of coconut oil

As you all may know bleaching your hair damages your hair, some have more damaged hair than others and some have less damaged hair but still, your hair will be in a death state if you don’t use the right things. My hair got very damaged lately and I wanted to do anything I could to bring it to a decent state. I tried many products, I really did and I ended up to one conclusion: coconut oil is the only answer to bleached damaged hair. It’s seriously pointless to waste money on all those hair products you see in drugstores because believe me when I say that most of them are just sh*t, PLUS coconut oil is very cheap so it’s a win win situation!

Of course coconut oil won’t be enough to keep your hair healthy and back to normal but it sure helps the process. Here’s what I did:

I went to a chinese food shop downtown and bought a 500mL coconut oil jar (yes, the one used for cooking), when i got home i brushed my hair and applied the oil on dry hair from my roots to my ends, wrapped the whole thing with foil and a towel and then left it on my head for more than two hours (since the moment it has to stay in your hair for at least two hours). After that I shamphooed my hair twice with a normal shamphoo to remove the oil untill I didn’t feel my hair greasy anymore then used conditioner as usual. When I blow-dried my hair I immediately realized that my hair was SO much softer, I almost had tears of joy. The only cons of this is that the oil will fall on your neck and face this is why you’ll have to always have a towel around your neck to remove the dripping oil. The perfect way to do this is to leave the coconut oil on your head a whole night and I sure will try this when the weather will be warmer and when I’ll be ready to cover my bed with towels, untill then I’ll keep leaving it on my head for 2 to 3 hours.

Oh! This remedy is not only for bleached hair! If your hair feels dry and dead you must have to try this aswell! Coconut oil gives the hair all the proteins it has lost due to various reasons (heat tools, weather, bad diet ecc). Try it! You will not regret it!

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ugh i'm so glad i don't do twitter, this shit just reminds me that lgbt couples have to put twice as much work in(and interracial couples even more so) as str8 ones to be seen as an actual couple and even then ppl will keep moving the goalposts (i'm getting flashbacks to an f/f otp of mine who got the same bs thrown towards them DESPITE being clearly shown as a couple for years and getting married at the end of the show. but sure, just gals being pals right? they got married PLATONICALLY)

twitter is certainly a mess rn, the problem lies as well in the absolute lack of thought ppl put into their own opinions lmao literally all of them are quoting a single thread that completely disregarded all previous relationship development malec went through bc they want ‘normal moments’

i mean i agree that some of the interaction between magnus and alec should be less plot-driven, but id rather their conversations be meaningful than meaningless. (the actual problem has always been the lack of physical intimacy but we ought not forget that the 207 backlash came up when they were filming 215 so they couldnt change anything before that)

i think one thing that i find extremely infuriating is that stupid “i dont know why they love each other!!!” bs bc it shows, just as you said, how much more work lgbtq couples and especially!! interracial ones have to do to be seen as in love. like.. if you want to know why they love each other: watch the show. its there. dont disregard the conversations they had about mental health, about their insecurities esp those pertaining to romance, the absolutely sweet way they behave around each other..
(little wonder woman spoilers for emphasis!!) steve told diana he loved her at the end of the movie, theyd known each other for.. who knows???? no one cares. they went through a lot of shit together so they love each other.
magnus and alec know each other for approx. 6 months (i think it was alberto who said that 2a is about 5/6 months long? but even if it wasnt its enough time emotions dont work like we want them to), tell each other they’re in love after going through a life or death experience and ppl are saying it was rushed.
……idk what to tell you its pretty obvious whats happening here.

we should focus on the actual problems of their rep and not make others up