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Lucky the Monkey -Free crochet pattern

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year’s today, i suppose to feel happy but now i only hope my families and friends in Tainan, Taiwan will be safe after this bad earthquake that hit my hometown 2 days ago.SO, i name this cutie LUCKY, wish Lucky will bring some luck to everyone who needs it


  • crochet hook size 2.6mm
  • pink and beige felt cloth
  • 12mm plastic safety eyes
  • pipe cleaner & hot gluegun
  • Poly-fil/Wool to stuff the doll
  • stitch marker ,sewing needles, embroidery thread in white
  • 4ply yarn in dark red and beige. The yarn I use is Red heart comfort.


X: single crochet

Ch1: chain one

St: stitch

V: single crochet increase

/\ : single crochet decrease

MR: Magic Ring/an adjustable ring

For example :

x,v : repeat the pattern  ” X, V ” ( single crochet, single crochet increase)  till the end of that row

2(x,v): repeat the pattern  ” X, V ” ( single crochet, single crochet increase) for  2 times

Finished Size   about 4~5 inches tall


Always use the stitch marker to mark your first stitch each round.

Head (in Dark red)

Rnd1— MR 6X (6)

Rnd2— V (12)

Rnd3—X, V (18)

Rnd4— 2X, V (24)

Rnd5—3X, V (30)

Rnd6—4X,V (36)

Rnd7~12—X (36)

Rnd13— /\ , 4X (30)

Rnd14—/\ , 3X (24)

Stuff as you go from here to get ready to the end

Rnd15—/\ , 2x (18)

Rnd16—/\ , X (12)

Rnd17—/\ (6) Close off. Fasten off the weave in the yarn.

Ears (in beige) , make 2

Rnd1— MR 6X (6) , chain 1, turn the work.

Pull the tail to tighten it up, the tail here means the short end of the magic ring.

Turn the work to the back, you will start your first stitch right on the 6th stitch of Round 1 in Round 2, I hope I did not make this too hard to understand.In the picture below, i mark the LAST STITCH to help you to see what stitch you are working on in Rnd 2Left picture is the front when you are done Rnd1 of the ear should look like, then you just turn the work to the back and it should look like the picture on the right.

Rnd2— V (12), ch1 , turn the work

Rnd3— 2X,  4( V, X) , 2X   (16)

Leave a long tail to sew to the head.

Legs (in dark red), make 2

Rnd1— MR 5X (5)

Rnd2— V (10)

Rnd3~5— X (10) Fasten off the weave in the yarn

Merge 2 legs together

Rnd6— X (20)

Rnd7~14— X (20) Stuff

Fasten off , leave a tail for sewing the head to the body later

Hand(in dark red), make 2

Rnd1— MR 6X (6)

Rnd2— X,V (9)

Rnd3~7—X (9)

Fasten off , leave a tail for sewing to the body later

Tail , in dark red

Cut the pipe cleaner into the length you want, mine is about 8~9inches ( about 21 cm ) and I just insert it into the tail when I am done. You can make it longer/shorter as you like

Rnd1— MR 5X (5)

Rnd2~30—5X (5)

Face & heart on the belly

I did not make the template of Lucky’s face and heart so you will have to draw it yourself. Make sure you  draw the  shape onto the paper first then adjust the size to match the head and body you make. You can make the one shaped like mine or you can just improvise to your very own style. Once the size is right, cut it off from paper and place it on top of the felt cloth to cut the shape you want from it.


Use pencil to locate the position of the eyes on the face felt first, you can easily make a light mark on the felt, but do not make it too big and too hard.  You can sew the eyes to the felt cloth first, then decide where do you want the mouth.


After the eyes are done, then you can use pencil to draw the mouth omto the felt , but make sure just to make the mark, not really drawing too hard on it. Then you just sew the mouth simply follow the trace you just draw for the mouth , remember to cover the pencil trace.

After you are done the eyes and mouth to the face felt cloth, make sure you place the face to the bottom of the head, where you close off and weave in the yarn. By doing so, you will have a beautiful and clean shape of the head and you get to cover the hole.

You can either hot glue or sew the face to the head, i sew mine to create a curved edge. Pick some white thin embroidery thread to sew the felt to the head.

Final Steps

Sew the ears to the head , sew the hands and tail to the body. Sew the head to the body at last

Blush on the face and inner ear if you want, some old blush can be useful on this.

May Lucky the monkey bring you the good luck in 2016.

Feel free to share the picture of your Lucky with me!!

Enjoy the pattern!!