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okay, but imagine any slasher making a serious phone call, and like, one of them (probably chucky) shouts "PASS THE WEED!!!" and like, everyone else joins in by doing stuff like shouting "oh baby, dont stop!" and other shit , finally they hang up and stare angrily at them all (i know its weird im sorry)

For some reason Jason was the first one I thought about as soon as I read this. Poor guy.

(Continuation of ^)

“I came all the way out here just for you to tell me THAT shit!? Then how DOES it work, huh!?”

Thistle opened his mouth to say more but was interrupted by a soft rumble. He looked up, noticing the sky through the cracks in the barrier looking rather cloudy. 

The thorny skeleton glared at Friday for a brief moment before letting out a sigh and freed him of the thorns around his leg. 

“Come’on, kid. We’re leaving. We can talk more on the way- Unless of course you have somewhere better to be.”

( @the-holiday-viruses )

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Thoughts on this crack ship? New!PennywisexJason Voorhees? Well I thought of it. Silent Laughter

I ship it too ~

Especially thanks to @vexusblast23 for showing me this pic of a Jason and Pennywise cosplayer! I mean they’re so cute!