free animated gifs

“You can draw me something for free, I mean you love drawing and animating It’s not a big deal if you do one only for me, it’s your passion!

Free art, it’s the best you know, just a little one for me :3″

Yes it happened a lot this week I don’t know why, maybe my smiling avatar face! Free art, let me reply to you little guy.

I let the magic bread talk for you ;)

Just testing out how Gavin’s little dude will move. You know, trying to give him character/ personality. BOy I haven’t animated in a long time; getting those legs to look right was like reinventing the wheel. 

It’s far from perfect but this project is gonna be anything but perfect anyway lol so. 

more coming  s o o n 

Unfortunately, I have been busy literally every week this summer except for one in June, so I decided to take that entire week to work on a little something for reibert week (specifically day 3: childhood) since I wouldn’t have the time to do something for each day. It definitely isn’t perfect, but it was great animation practice!

Bonus: How I wish the whole thing could’ve looked, but I didn’t have enough time to draw those uniforms for 30 different frames

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*