free animals

Just testing out how Gavin’s little dude will move. You know, trying to give him character/ personality. BOy I haven’t animated in a long time; getting those legs to look right was like reinventing the wheel. 

It’s far from perfect but this project is gonna be anything but perfect anyway lol so. 

more coming  s o o n 


Amazing third (?) day!! The second day in Melbourne wasn’t very photographable because we went to another museum featuring human cadavers and other parts and couldn’t take photographs. I also explored the city some but didn’t find it very photographable, it was just like every other city in America!

So on the third day, we had an excursion to the wildlife park on Philips Island where animals are free to come and go from the park (aren’t fenced in) and are there purely for educational purposes. This park is so important because it’s the last population of koalas that haven’t been exposed to the chlamydia that has been killing off their populations and they may be needed to repopulate Australia. Scary thought but fascinating (really shows how evolution and natural selection occurred before human interference). I made friends with a wallaby too so that was fun.

After the park, we went to the beach to watch the nightly ‘march of the penguins’. This event was also non-photographable because it blinds the penguins even without flash but we could take pics if they were in the car park so my friend snagged one! It was amazing and other than some tourists ruining it for some of us, we had an amazing experience watching these penguins scuttle across the beach. They have to do it at night so they’re not seen by their predators when they come back from a few days fishing at sea. Smallest (and cutest) penguins in the world. And the view wasn’t bad either!!


“You can draw me something for free, I mean you love drawing and animating It’s not a big deal if you do one only for me, it’s your passion!

Free art, it’s the best you know, just a little one for me :3″

Yes it happened a lot this week I don’t know why, maybe my smiling avatar face! Free art, let me reply to you little guy.

I let the magic bread talk for you ;)


After a large amount of time spent convincing me (AKA literally one message), and after seeing @spooky-majora‘s amazing post of the exact same thing, I animated this.

Bonus images: