free all prisoners

No offense but I just had a Steven Universe x Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney crossover dream and it was the best thing ever

so I saw other people who didn’t want to send you like a million asks sending headcanons via submission so I hope that’s okay

but imagine in the Haggarian!Pidge au, the team wouldn’t be able to form Voltron for however long Pidge is being the Winter Soldier so what if they do a bunch of cat/mouse sorta attacks at Zarkon’s empire. not facing them head on, because that would be tantamount to suicide, but just being an annoying little thorn in Zarkon’s side as they build up a rebellion.

so imagine in one of these little attacks where they’re just trying to make Zarkon’s life as inconvenient as possible, they just happen to decide to fuck up a work camp where, unbeknownst to them, Sam and Matt Holt are both being held prisoner.

the paladins obviously free all of the prisoners, but when Shiro gets face to face with his old crew, he immediately recognizes them and they him. they reunite, but Sam and Matt can immediately tell that something’s wrong when the team realizes who they are.

now it hasn’t been specified if the team thinks Pidge is captured or dead, but they are MIA (and presumed dead, but as a rule, no one admits that)

so after a few days, Sam and Matt stop whatever’s going on and finally demand to know what the hell the team is hiding from them and why exactly they can’t go back to earth.

the team looks around at each other, all unsure as to how they’re supposed to break the news. Shiro decides that he should be the one to tell them so he quietly leads them to the Lion’s chamber where the green lion had been kept since Pidge was lost. Matt and Sam are confused because they did not see this lion out with the others and there’s no one else to pilot this one except for Allura and Coran and both of them didn’t really suit the personality of the workshop space next to the green lion.

in fact, both of them were immediately reminded of Katie’s room back home.

Shiro very quietly begins to explain: when he escaped Zarkon and crashed on earth, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and a genius called Pidge were the ones to find him. he tells him how they found the blue lion first and it took them to Allura and Coran, who sent them off the find the others in order to get to the black lion and form voltron to give the universe a fighting chance against Zarkon.

he tells them about the first mission, how Shiro didn’t remember much so he thought that Matt and Sam might still be on the ship, but he was going to have to leave prisoners behind until Pidge, the green paladin demanded that they save them. because their family were taken prisoner.

about at this moment, Matt and Sam begin to understand, but Shiro continues to tell them about how much good Pidge did fighting with them on team Voltron.

until Pidge took a heavy hit for them (in my mind, Pidge either takes this hit for Shiro or Keith) and they were forced to leave them behind.

Sam drops to his knees and starts shaking because of how hard he’s trying to stay in control over his emotions, but it’s useless and he begins to breakdown anyway. Shiro is on the verge of tears, if not crying himself, as he apologizes over and over again for failing to protect their family again, and even the green lion is whining again.

Matt, though, just shuts down. it’s like he’s watching someone else inside of his body as he walks over to his dead sister’s work space and brushes his fingers over her homemade tools. like his sister, he wouldn’t accept her death without evidence, though. he can’t just accept that Katie–his little sister–could just die.

he would, though, burn the Zarkon empire to ground to find her.


Requested by anonymous

It had been a normal day in the Asgard royal palace, until someone in the prison cells managed to break free, and free all the other prisoners. There was chaos around you as the guards tried to contain the prisoners, but they still managed to get through the defenses into the main part of the castle.

You tried to stay safe, but it seemed that every time you turned the corner, there was another escaped prisoner. You were doing pretty well at avoiding everyone, until you went through a door you forgot led to a dead end. One of the prisoners followed you, raised the axe he had found, and you shouted out in fear, raising your hands to shield your head even though you knew it would be no use.

But before he brought the axe down, you heard a strangled noise from him, and a loud clank of the axe falling harmlessly to the floor.

You slowly lowered your arms and looked, seeing Loki standing over the now-dead prisoner, a bloody spear in his hands.

“Are you alright?” Loki asked, sounding extremely concerned.

“I’m fine. Thank you so much,” you said, running over to hug Loki. He wrapped his free arm around you, the other holding the spear.

Loki stepped back from the hug. “I want you to stay right here,” he said.

You looked at him confused. “But being trapped in this room was what almost got me killed just now,” you pointed out.

“Yes, but me being in this room with you just saved your life. I’m going to stay here with you. Maybe occasionally send an illusion of you running out of the room to distract the prisoners,” Loki replied, a smirk forming. “I wish I could watch them fall for that.”

You gave a small laugh. “Okay, but if we do that, you need to stop making me laugh,” you said, pointing your finger at him as if scolding him. “Can’t be giving away our hiding spot.”

why do male comic artists always draw every woman with her nipples poking thru like any amount of clothing, like it can be through sweaters, breast plates, denim turtlenecks, it doesnt matter, but none of their men ever have any hard nip nops? its so unrealistic, like i have probably seen a billion boy’s tit tips thru striped v-necks and dont even get me started on men who wear lifting t shirts. point is free all nipples from their prisons 

Fuck The Police

So according to 30 days, 50% of jail U.S. jail facilities are filled with inmates due to drugs, and yet 1997 statistics say that 75-80% of inmates need drug rehabilitation. I can only assume that this is because of the effect drugs have on its users.

So tell me why only 11% of inmates have help while in jail? Americans are upset about the federal funds used to keep these jails running. According to Morgan Spurlock each meal in the jail costs 77 cents or 800 meals for $500. This is one of the many costs of keeping a person in jail. And two thirds of them return when they are released. Yet we blame them. If we do not want people in jail to return there and spend our tax dollars, why don’t we petition to create more rehabilitation centers?

It’s easy to blame the people who go to jail, but it’s easier to go back to a life you know, than to a life that is unfamiliar, and I do not think people learn a lesson in jail, it’s more of a time out, there is no message. Once an inmate is released it’s extremely hard to find a job, it’s easier and more familiar to go back to stealing or drugs.

It really upsets me how, as a nation, people are so negative towards people who are in jail, especially for addicts. Thanks to the severe laws for drug possesion and trafficing, our nation decides to look down on people who are affected mainly by their social class. The poor get sent to prison again and again, and the rich go on celebrity rehab.

I believe the true heart of any nation is in how they treat their weakest members.