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the magic of coconut oil

As you all may know bleaching your hair damages your hair, some have more damaged hair than others and some have less damaged hair but still, your hair will be in a death state if you don’t use the right things. My hair got very damaged lately and I wanted to do anything I could to bring it to a decent state. I tried many products, I really did and I ended up to one conclusion: coconut oil is the only answer to bleached damaged hair. It’s seriously pointless to waste money on all those hair products you see in drugstores because believe me when I say that most of them are just sh*t, PLUS coconut oil is very cheap so it’s a win win situation!

Of course coconut oil won’t be enough to keep your hair healthy and back to normal but it sure helps the process. Here’s what I did:

I went to a chinese food shop downtown and bought a 500mL coconut oil jar (yes, the one used for cooking), when i got home i brushed my hair and applied the oil on dry hair from my roots to my ends, wrapped the whole thing with foil and a towel and then left it on my head for more than two hours (since the moment it has to stay in your hair for at least two hours). After that I shamphooed my hair twice with a normal shamphoo to remove the oil untill I didn’t feel my hair greasy anymore then used conditioner as usual. When I blow-dried my hair I immediately realized that my hair was SO much softer, I almost had tears of joy. The only cons of this is that the oil will fall on your neck and face this is why you’ll have to always have a towel around your neck to remove the dripping oil. The perfect way to do this is to leave the coconut oil on your head a whole night and I sure will try this when the weather will be warmer and when I’ll be ready to cover my bed with towels, untill then I’ll keep leaving it on my head for 2 to 3 hours.

Oh! This remedy is not only for bleached hair! If your hair feels dry and dead you must have to try this aswell! Coconut oil gives the hair all the proteins it has lost due to various reasons (heat tools, weather, bad diet ecc). Try it! You will not regret it!

To girls everywhere:
1. Do not let a boy
who whistles a quick sharp note,
like he’s calling a dog,
in an attempt get your attention
get your attention.
2. Do not let a boy
who pleads
‘why won’t you give me a chance?!’
convince you
that you owe him a chance.
3. Do not let a boy
who ignores you
but charms you with his wit and grace
make you forget:
you must consider not only
how you see him,
but how he treats you.
4. Do not let a boy
who gives you only sweet words
but ignores his mother
make you forget:
you must consider not only
how he sees you,
but how he treats others.
5. Do not let a boy
– any boy –
squish you into feeling
you must give yourself to him
just because
he wants you.
—  E.D.

The easiest thing you could ever do is fall in love with me
I will charm you until your soul turns to riches
And treat you until your body is made of pastries
I will write poems in your mouth and serenade you with my hands
I will hold you tighter than a boa constrictor snake until you are physically aware of how much I care
You won’t have to question or wonder
You won’t have to work or stress
It will be as simple as closing your eyes and taking a breath
But the hardest thing you could ever do is fall in love with me
Random nights will come along when you lie in bed wondering what it is about me
Some days you will work your ass off just to comprehend what I’m trying to express to you through all my internal frustration
You will hear me talk about my past lovers and maybe run into them at parties
It will make you question whether I ever really moved on
There will be many days where I can’t sit still and bounce around like a super ball until you beg me to go to the gym
There will be nights where I will collapse into your bed
My heart will be pounding, my body shaking in a cold sweat for no apparent reason until you beg me to go to sleep
DO NOT fall in love with me
Yes, I will treat you like a princess
I will put you in the highest room of the tallest tower
And hold you there while the foundation crumbles
I am not as strong as I want to be for you
I want to be your rock but I’m more like ice
I am sturdy and powerful and then the sun hits me and I slip right through your fingers
But I’m warmer than ice
My heart is the warmest thing you have ever rested your head upon
It’s soothing at first as you thaw out from your ex girlfriend and your daddy issues but then it keeps radiating until you are perspiring and turning red
DO NOT fall in love with me
You might as well lock yourself in a dream and swallow the key
Once you’re in, you’ll never fully get out
I will leave marks on your heart so beautiful and so terribly that will show forever
Some days you will resent me for the scars I have left that you could have done without
Others you will thank me for the stitches and beauty marks you never knew you had
But instead
Let me make your life a whole lot simpler with this advice:
Fall in love
With me

Imagine: Lying in your bed late one night and being gently awoken by your boyfriend, Niall, creeping into your flat. You hear the door softly latch followed by several layers of clothes piling to the floor. The bed shifts slightly as you automatically roll onto your side to make space for him to curl up behind you. His strong arms wrap you in a pleasantly protective embrace, holding you close to his bare chest. You are happy that he’s surprised you by dropping by, after all moments like this were secretly why you gave him a key. As you spoon, Niall’s beardy chin is scratchy against your exposed shoulder and you keep fussing against it. Rather briskly he rolls back out of bed and through your sleepy haze you feel a twinge of guilt that you hadn’t just enjoyed the cuddle. You are just contemplating getting up to find him when he pads back into the room and once again slips in beside you. He places a quiet kiss on the back of your ear as he settles a freshly smooth face into the crook of your soft neck. The smell of the aftershave you bought him for Christmas brings a grin to your lips and you sweetly admonish, “You really didn’t need to shave, Ni-baby…I would have managed the scruff.” Niall presses his mouth to your neck a little too long before saying, “I would do anythin’ to make you happier, Princess, no matter how great or small.” Your smile widens as the rhythm of his warm breath lulls you back to dream land.