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i never go against the family.

I saw someone else do something similar to this, so I figured it’s cool if I jump on the train. Here’s a whole bunch of prompts I’ve had rolling around in my brain but just don’t have the time to complete myself. Feel free to snag one if it speaks to you, just tag me so I can enjoy it!

Jack and Bitty

  • Jack doing one of those “mean tweets” videos for the NHL. But all the “mean tweets” are from the members of SMH. Jack calls out every single one of them in response and becomes an overnight internet sensation.
  • Times Jack Zimmerman’s Boyfriend Owned the Internet: an article by Buzzfeed. (I tried starting this but got sidetracked and really did not get far at all. Bonus points for fake Twitter posts and everything.)

Nursey and Dex

  • Everything is the same, but Dex works as a model part-time to pay for school. Nursey can’t handle how hot his boyfriend is.
    • Bonus points for a photo shoot involving flower crowns.
  • (NSFW) These two morons totally have a bet going on what they can do to each other in public without their teammates noticing. Spoiler: their teammates notice everything.

Ransom and Holster

  • Med school student Ransom has a tumblr that he goes on to take breaks. He discovers Hockey Tumblr’s obsession with his boyfriend (NHL player) Holster’s relationship with one of his teammates and gets jealous.


  • Soulmate AU where everyone has a compass on their wrist that points to their soulmate. Their “True North.” Confused PolyFrogs because their compasses have never pointed in just one direction.


  • Kent and Alexei flirt over social media so obviously but no one actually realizes they’re flirting.
    • Bonus points for including all social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Speaking on Snapchat…… Kent Parson has a public Snapchat and a private Snapchat. He accidentally outs himself by forgetting to switch over to the private one and posts a “missing the boyf” snap on the public one. (I might do this for Patater week…)
  • (NSFW): Someone tells Kent the best way to build core strength is to take pole dancing classes. RIP in pieces Alexei Mashkov.

introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood

one thing i really love about adam parrish is his capacity to be a villain, and his ultimate role as one of the heroes

i don’t mean that he’s evil at all, or that he’s ever even a bad person, but his personality is just so calculating and so devious. he’s introduced somewhat as the softer, quieter boy in the group compared to gansey and ronan, but as the series progresses there are clear scenes where he’s willing to take steps farther than his friends and scenes where his darker side shines (creating fake evidence to frame his latin teacher for brutal murder?) hes not fragile. he’ll do whatever he needs to do in order to reach his goal. he’s got these qualities that, in another universe, would not typically be seen as qualities of the good guy: the cold reasoning, the explosive anger, the means-to-an-end mentality

yet i found it so interesting how these qualities are juxtaposed with his intense love for gansey, ronan, noah, and blue. yeah, he’ll do anything to reach his goal, but his goal is to protect his friends. and because of that, he ends up being someone the readers root for

and i guess what im saying is that im so glad he is the way he is because i wouldn’t change a thing about him

Questions requiring answers in IMA Season 2

- well obviously Adams didn’t win the 2012 election but what happens afterwards??? And is he ever going to run again??

- Abby and John are a thing??? right??? pls tell me Abby moves in with the Boys

- also, Caroline? she was a bitch but I loved her? I want to see her become some badass ninja spy while they try to rescue Madison

- does Jefferson write more music? and does it still make me cry?

- does Franklin start a blog because he needs to start a blog

- Hamilton????? my boy????? does his depression and guilt worsen??? does he become a terrible person or does he transcend himself?? please I’m so worried about him

- also, mindi?? does she keep playing Alex? does poor boy ham ever work it out with her because they have some serious misunderstandings going on :’(

- has Ben confessed his love for John yet

- has George adopted all of them yet

- is Thomas still doing drugs?!.

- does Thomas become less of a sullen loser?? he and Alex were starting to learn to be team players so I really need to know if it ever worked out!!!

- what is the fishwife’s name?

- is he John Jay?

- where did Madison’s clairvoyance come from?? will it ever be explained??

- where is our entirely Madison’s POV episode?!,,?,?,?.?

- when they find James will he forgive Alex??? will Alex have an – actually yes of course he’ll have an emotional breakdown why am I even asking

- w h y was James kidnapped what is going on??

- is he hurt??

and I can’t believe I forgot the most important question

- WHERE IS JAMES MADISON??’?:?/!?????!,!:?

Ten little roosters all gathered to dine,
One choked on his rage and then there were nine.

Nine little roosters now running from fate,
One tripped over themselves and then there were eight.

Eight little roosters, two others in heaven,
One was martyred and then there were seven.

Seven little roosters, one liked to draw dicks,
Life imitated art and then there were six.

Six little roosters, some often streamed live,
One died to scale and then there were five.

Five little roosters, one trapped in the floor,
One ran out of air and then there were four.

Four little roosters still trying to flee,
One got what they wanted and then there were three.

Just three roosters left,
One died of a pun,
The killer was killed,

And then there was one.

—  Ten Little Roosters, Rooster Teeth

20,518 posters sold. 

$365,000+ donated. 

 More than $550,000 raised in total. 

Another amazing and successful Extra Life stream by Rooster teeth. This community is amazing and I’m so proud !!