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Introducing MAGMA OMEGA and ALPHA AQUA shoes!

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How does this work? If you PRE-ORDER NOW before the end date (December 30th, 2014) you’ll be put in line to get some shoes! 7 Pre-orders are needed to put the shoe in production, so spread this around as much as you can! If it gets to 15 Pre-orders, it will be available forever!

I will be randomly sending out discount coupons to whoever REBLOGS this. I will give the coupon out for a FREE pair of shoes (of your choice, Aqua or Magma) ONLY if I reach 7 Pre-orders to a random reblogger! 

Summer glows + winter woes, we’ve got this babes. Year round glowing skin, naturally ⚡️

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FOR SALE OR TRADE…Looking to trade for these Onew cards…or will sell using Paypal USA shipping..worldwide shipping is $2. Shipped in toploader, all official and mint cond.

Onew Wonderland card: $6

Taemin Wonderland:$6

Jonghyun Wonderland standing card: $8 (this is a rare “standing” popup has never been separated to stand it up..perf condition)

Taemin Ace: $10

Taemin Sherlock: $15

Tiffany: $6

Taemin Lucifer:$15


Give your skin a boost of H20 with our natural tanning + body oil. Your skin will glow from head to toe.

Enriched with organic coconut oil for optimum hydration 💧

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🌟 1 selfie = $1 donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation @aishajefcoate knows where it’s at.

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Bronzed + smooth ♡

Our hydrating body lotion is a must have everyday skin saviour to keep dry skin at bay, say goodbye to winter woes

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