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Art for sale!!!!
In order by photo:

Pink buck silhouette, 8.5x11.5 in. Acrylic on paper. $20 flat rate.

Galaxy buck, 12x16 in. Acrylic on paper. $40 flat rate.

Fall abstract, 16x25 in. Acrylic on canvas. $60 flat rate. Hanging hardware included.

Blue abstract, 16x25 in. Acrylic on canvas. $60 flat rate. Hanging hardware included.


I do commissions as well, all my work can be found under “#art archive” on this blog!!! Message me for purchases, or if you want to commission a piece!

Even if you cant support me by buying my work, please reblog, every bit helps ❤️

I’ve been thinking a while about selling Mist. I’m just more interested in working with the house snakes and feel like I have a lot of bps in my house. She’s so beautiful I think someone out there may appreciate her better than I can. Of course I’m totally happy with her staying with me forever if I can’t find the right person.


I am working sheaths for this set! I will be posting one of the mjolnir pendants on my shop. The other will go with the set. If youd like to purchase the blade individually you can do so. However if you pair them together i will give you free shipping (USA only). 

Etsy shop:

Thanks everyone! 


[[SOLD OUT!!!!]] Helping a friend sell these! 25USD each! Free shipping to USA via FlexiPack (if you take all). Priority goes to those who are willing to take all four! Freebies (lots of em) if you take all, she really wants to get rid of them cuz she’ll be moving next month~ Please message me if you’re interested! (If you love sormik, well, I’ve got a niiiicceee treat for you if you’re a fan of tainted AU - please just help get rid of the whole set lol)

P/S: NO BOX but excellent condition!


Hello ToppKlass ❤ I’m selling my ‘First Street’ album from Topp Dogg with it’s Nakta photocard~

Everything is in perfect condition !
I’m selling for $15 free ship (USA only) or $15 + $5 shipping for outside countries

Please message me if interested and reblog to help boost, thank you 😊

UPDATE: its been sold 💗

Thanks to the successfull kickstarter we can now proudly announce that the Art of the Reward book is up on Amazon!! (free shipping within USA)

You can get it HERE

For all of those who missed the kickstarter campaign you can now get the book!

Thanks to everyone for making this possible!!

For you guys who bought one during the campaign you will need to be patient and strong just a little bit more. We are still waiting for the last things to arrive since we want to send everything all at once :)


i’m selling manga for $5 a volume, only shipping in the USA with free shipping! i have some more manga for sale that aren’t in the pictures.
if you’re interested in buying please message me here on tumblr or email me at!
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Hey Gang, wishing everyone all the best for the New Year!!

Wondering what to do with your left over Christmas Cash?

$15 for a limited edition process book that I created a few years ago - only 30 left - The book is filled with process jpegs and a few written Demo’s.

Shoot me a message with your contact info - Free Shipping to USA

<3 Theo


For Sale!  Paypal only. All cards shipped in soft sleeve and toploader. Free USA tracked shipping.  for other countries pls ask me, prices will be kept minimal as possible. Hit me up on chat. Thanks for looking! xoxo

All Wonderland Cards: $4

Minho: 1000 Years or Dream Girl $12 each

Toheart: $5

Onew Odd: $10

Jonghyun Dazzling Girl or Lucifer: $9 each

Jonghyun DxDxD: $25 RARE CARD

Key Lucky Star: $20 RARE CARD 

The Saem: $3 each

Taemin: Dazzling Girl $10

Also i am looking for Onews ‘DxDxD’ and Onews ‘The First’…will buy or trade!


With the purchase of Aubrey’s GO! Workout Guide or GO! Complete Package:


Crush60 workout guide, Crush at Home workout guide, Booty Boot Camp workout guide, and YOU GUESSED IT…..



5 Holiday Shipping Deadlines You Don’t Want to Miss

Finish up your online holiday shopping before it’s too late!

Make your life easier and take advantage of online shopping this holiday season. With only a few days left before the shipping deadline cutoff, we’ve rounded up our top five e-commerce sites to shop for friends and family. Finish up your list and order your gifts now so that they can arrive just in time for Christmas, from Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Nordstrom, Need Supply and Topshop/Topman! 1. Urban Outfitters FREE SHIPPING, No Minimum! GET IT BY 12/24! Select Standard by 12/17. For 3 days only, take 25% off your order with these selects from women’s, men’s and apartment. Editors’ Picks: Urban Outfitters Women’s & Men’s

Cleobella Adela Ikat Blazer

Ecote Shearling Saddle Bag

Vagabond Marja Double Buckle Oxford

Brixton Ace Jacket

Will Leather Goods Traveler Duffel Bag

Frye Chambers Cap-Toe High-Top Shoe

2. ASOS Last days to order for standard shipping is 12/16 and express shipping is 12/121. Take 30% off these last minute gifts for women and men.
Editors’ Picks: ASOS Women’s & Men’s

ASOS Sweater With High Neck & Cape Sleeve

ASOS Mongolian Collar


ASOS Cable Sweater

ASOS Watch In Black And Rose Gold

Selected Parka With Fishtail

3. Nordstrom To have your gifts arrive before Christmas, the last day for free standard shipping on all merchandise is 12/21 by 3PM EST.  Editors’ Picks: Nordstrom Women’s & Men’s

‘Chakra’ Skidless Yoga Mat Towel

'Sizzzlee’ Leather Platform Bootie (Women)

'grove Court - Carolyn’ Satchel

Woven Silk Tie

'Denali SE’ Gloves

'Express’ Hanging Travel Kit

4. Need Supply  Free domestic 2 day shipping on orders of $75 or more. Order by 12PM EST on 12/22 to receive by 12/24.  Editors’ Picks: Need Supply Women’s & Men’s

Frieda in Marmor

Cowboy Mule

Anemone Sweater

Liquid Body Flask

M/S Sprint in Black

Norse Top Beanie in Navy

5. Topshop/Topman


Hey USA! FREE shipping and returns. Order by 3PM PST on 12/18 to get it in time for Christmas. If you need it faster, it’s $15 for express shipping.

MAGNUM Heeled Boots

Chunky Faux Fur Coat

Monochrome Pattern Crewneck Sweater


To arrive before Christmas, order before 12/18, shipping is $15. FREE express shipping on all order over $100. 20% off everything holiday until 12/25. 

Navy Nylon Holdall

Cut And Sew Hem Long Sleeve Smart Shirt