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I am working sheaths for this set! I will be posting one of the mjolnir pendants on my shop. The other will go with the set. If youd like to purchase the blade individually you can do so. However if you pair them together i will give you free shipping (USA only). 

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Thanks everyone! 


[[SOLD OUT!!!!]] Helping a friend sell these! 25USD each! Free shipping to USA via FlexiPack (if you take all). Priority goes to those who are willing to take all four! Freebies (lots of em) if you take all, she really wants to get rid of them cuz she’ll be moving next month~ Please message me if you’re interested! (If you love sormik, well, I’ve got a niiiicceee treat for you if you’re a fan of tainted AU - please just help get rid of the whole set lol)

P/S: NO BOX but excellent condition!


Thanks to the successfull kickstarter we can now proudly announce that the Art of the Reward book is up on Amazon!! (free shipping within USA)

You can get it HERE

For all of those who missed the kickstarter campaign you can now get the book!

Thanks to everyone for making this possible!!

For you guys who bought one during the campaign you will need to be patient and strong just a little bit more. We are still waiting for the last things to arrive since we want to send everything all at once :)


For Sale!  Paypal only. All cards shipped in soft sleeve and toploader. Free USA tracked shipping.  for other countries pls ask me, prices will be kept minimal as possible. Hit me up on chat. Thanks for looking! xoxo

All Wonderland Cards: $4

Minho: 1000 Years or Dream Girl $12 each

Toheart: $5

Onew Odd: $10

Jonghyun Dazzling Girl or Lucifer: $9 each

Jonghyun DxDxD: $25 RARE CARD

Key Lucky Star: $20 RARE CARD 

The Saem: $3 each

Taemin: Dazzling Girl $10

Also i am looking for Onews ‘DxDxD’ and Onews ‘The First’…will buy or trade!