Do you ever cry because of the ships where person A who doesn’t like to show his real feelings and rarely smiles

falls in love with emotional person B who is insecure and thinks he’s not good for anybody and doesn’t deserve A’s love:

when they were small  B thought he wasn’t worthy because he wasn’t as good as A at something, so he works really hard and does all these stupid things to impress him and always yells that they’re rivals:

and he doesn’t even realize that for A he’s perfect the way he is and A just wants to be with him, but he’s too emotionally constipated to say anything so he just softly smiles at B when B doesn’t see it:

misunderstandings lead to foreplay fights with lots of unresolved sexual tension and dirty talk:

but then B breaks and says that he gives up because he’s never gonna be good enough:

and A tries to explain how important B to him even tho he’s not good at talking because he refuses to let his beautiful moron go:

and B just looks at A like he’s his whole world because his opinion is the most important to him:

I finally finished my entry for @gouallout for the “I’m Here” prompt! I’ve written this story (last year) envisioning this has happened before the OVA. But then, this can also happen after the OVA. It’s up to you guys!

Since I’m super late anyways, I decided to GOU ALL OUT. Around 60 panels and colored. I hope I don’t regret anything! It looked a hell lot better colored. Gou needs to be appreciated more SOS! I just hope the text is making sense coz I’m posting this at 5am without sleep. So much innuendos in this 😂😂😂 


9 x - 7 i > 3 ( 3 x - 7 u )
9 x - 7 i > 9 x - 21 u
     - 7 i > -21 u
       7 i < 21 u
          i < 3 u
All’s well that ends well.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
(/〃`∀´)/♥(・´ ▽ `〃)


Sousuke shows up late coz he lost his way from the toilet.