sportsanimedaily is now recruiting!

sportsanimedaily is a new blog dedicated to all sports anime and manga. here you will find graphics, gifs, fanart and many other fanworks from your favorite sports series!

tracked tag: #sportsanimedaily

currently the blog needs new members. if you are interested in becoming one, please read the requirements and send your application [ here ].


  • must be familiar with at least two sports anime/manga
  • must have time to post/reblog stuff
  • must make edits, gifs, mangacaps or other fanworks
  • should have skype account
  • must be willing to follow the blog’s tagging system


  • name:
  • location:
  • main sports animanga fandoms:
  • link to creations:
  • how many original posts can you make every week:
  • skype:

recruitment will be open for at least a few weeks and chosen members will be notified within a week after sending their applications. good luck! :)

p.s. i will also be very grateful if you reblog it to spread the word even if you’re not interested. thank you!