Rumors that were once only whispered in alley corners have spread throughout the underbelly of Ul'dah, passed between hands and beneath tavern tables with other discreet business. Almost overnight, a familiar symbol has cropped up on walls, on flyers, on tattered flags discarded in the back alleys. All detail a black chocobo head silhouetted on a crimson background, and all are growing in number around the city, showing no signs of stopping. Some say it’s a gang, some say it’s a veritable army hiding among Ul'dah’s downtrodden, but as of yet, no one has spotted just who it is armed with paint or flags. After all, they’re only rumors. Aren’t they?

Welcome to The Black Chocobo Gang

A Med-Heavy RP FC on Balmung

Who are we? The Black Chocobo Gang is a small group of outcasts and misfits, scraping by together to survive! Brought together by one Lancelaux Fiermont and his two accomplices Io and Koh’si, the group can be found wherever trouble is afoot–burglaries, paid hit-jobs, petty theft–you name it. If the coin is good, they’ll be there.

Who are we looking for? Are you the criminal type? Troublemaker? Morally ambiguous? Does your character just need help getting by–perhaps they were thrown out or outcast? Our search isn’t limited to strictly antagonists; We are looking for characters who are criminals by necessity and misfortune just as much as characters who enjoy being on the wrong side of the law.

We’re not looking for overtly evil, psychotic, or openly murderous characters. While elements of these things might show up, the aim of the group is to land in a more morally grey part of the spectrum.

How do I join? For anyone interested in joining, thank you for your interest! We ask you please fill out this application telling us about your character. If we think the character a good fit, we will contact you for an OOC interview so we can get to know you better. Once all is said and done, an RP can be set in order to introduce a character to the group in the way that best fits them!

OOC Information:

We are pleased to announce that The Black Chocobo Gang is open for recruitment! With this FC, we want to create a positive roleplay environment that can focus on darker RP themes, both in and out of game with a Discord server available to organize and connect our members. Because some plot content (and general dicking around OOC) will contain mature themes, we ask that all of our members applying be 18+. We hope to create fun, engaging RP events and plotlines tailored for our members, but this doesn’t rule out OOC activities like running content together, or just hanging out.

If you have any further questions about joining, please contact Lancelaux Fiermont [EU], Io Saar [NA], or Koh’si Jakkya [NA] in game!

(Art by the baller @ffxivfisticuffs)


Sparkles the guinea pig had her babies tonight.2/24/17. 💙💙💙

Sparkles came here pregnant. In her previous home she was a hussy and escaped her cage in search of her man. 😜This is what happens when you do that Sparkles. 😛

We have three gorgeous baby boys. Mom is doing well and the boys are already very inquisitive. Two boys are silver agouti, like mom and one is a silver marten.

Welcome to the world little ones. 😍

Hoseok's Hubby Qualities:

☑ Outgoing ☑ Respectful AF ☑ Honest ☑ GOLDEN HYUNG ☑ Considerate ☑ Empathetic ☑ Will probably stand by you no matter what ☑ Never gave up on his passion ☑ Cares for his family ☑ So loving ☑ Living art in all forms my god