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No but really. The SouGou. SHE HAS THIS CUTE LITTLE BLUSH.

I just… Hear me out for a second. 

The thing that got me the most about the scene isn’t only how sweet it was (sousuke is such a gentleman and gou is so cute I love them), but the pauses. And Sousuke’s body language through the entire thing.

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FREE!ES RinHaru Moments [eps 07 - 09]

You know the drill! As per usual, I’ll be including: 

  • Interactions
  • Them being in each other’s thoughts
  • Looks
  • Third party commentary
  • Parallels
  • Flashbacks shots and similar imagery (regardless of context)

Please do let me know if I missed anything~!

01 - 03 | 04 - 06 | 07 - 09 | 10 - 12 | 13

♒ Episode 7

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free! eternal summer - ep 01


THE OPENING THE BIRD MOTIF IS STRONG IN THIS ONE the whole thing felt like Haru yearning for something and he doesn’t know what it is but that something is getting away

if there is something I need to re-watch asap is the opening, as per usual those last few scenes totally spoil what’s going to happen and I love it

that said:


THE SCENE WITH THE RUNNING KIDS WAS EVERYTHING. A season ago, Haru and Rin saw them separatedly and they were both sad because the kids represented the past and happiness they had and lost; now they see them and they are together and that is what brings the cutest smiles to their faces and honestly this scene couldn’t have been any better or any more beautiful. Things have come back full-circle.

But happiness doesn’t last forever and the rain crashing the sakura petals party is the perfect metaphor - or omen - for that. 

okay and now for the rinharu and the rin and the cuteness and the everything else

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s a l v a t i o n ✘ Haru & Rin | Free!

Song: Salvation

Artist: Gabrielle Aplin

I had to do something with myself to endure my lack of internet and to make up for my lack of activity and this song and these two idiots wouldn’t leave me alone - so here is a companion to an old RinHaru AMV of mine.

While that one focuses on their fallout leading to EP 07&08, this one focuses on the positive effect they have on each other and EP 12. Here is to hoping it makes for an enjoyable watch!

The Derica feels have possessed me so bad today!

“I don’t understand, Erica.” Derek asks, shaking his head. “If you love this pack why would you leave?”

“Because…” Erica rushes, tears threatening to fall. “Because you said not to let it happen again and that was the only way I knew how!" 

"What are you even talking about?” Derek raises his eyebrows.

Erica leans in and kisses Derek full on the lips. This kiss is hungry, begging for a response.

“Erica,” Derek whispers, pulling her away. “Erica, please." 

"Yeah,” She breathes, nodding her head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So that’s why I left.”

(I’m sorry….)

I’m so not sorry. 

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hold on to my hand • rinharu

Oh it took me by surprise when all the hunger left your eyes
And you never told me why,
But I’m not finished yet
    - honey by magic man

I made this for wind-paradise; it originally started as a RinHaru tribute to one of her favorite songs, but then (predictably) ended up turning into a the-road-to-Harurinralia video hahahah I hope it’s not too bad! ♥

Koizumi: the original rampant HaruKyon shipper.

First with all the ‘Throw you arm around her and whisper 'AI LAAHHHHVVVV YEWWWW’ in her ear’ during Endless Eight, and now telling him to pick a random day of the week and ask Haruhi out to see how she’d react, and then when Kyon calls him out on trying to get him and Haruhi out on a date, Koizumi says 'I never said anything like 'date’, but now that you mention it, I think that’d be good! You can discover something new~’


Me and my bro II
  • Bro: Why isn't your Jason Robin guy with that archer person?
  • Me: Bwuh?
  • Bro: My god, if you'd just stop writing porn for a second and pay attention, dumdum.
  • Me: UGLY BOY
  • Bro: Whatever. Why isn't Jason Toodles whatever with
  • Me: ...Roy?
  • Bro: Yeah, there. Like the flame guy from FMA.
  • Me: ...You ship Jason and Roy?
  • Bro: Pff. No. course not. They just look like they'd fuck and still be there in the morning.
Lyle Campbell, you are my new favourite person.

Actual examples from my Historical Linguistics textbook:

(1) Hermione is going to marry Ron.

Structure: Hermione is going[verb of motion] to marry Ron.

(2) Hermione is going to marry Ron.

Structure: Hermione is going[future auxiliary] to marry Ron.

And then a page later:

It is going to rain on the muggles, Ron is going to like Hermione, Hermione is going to go to Hogwarts.

This was published in 2004 by the way.