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When I suggested to Sean that he took Elijah’s hand, it was because I thought anyone who knew the book would care about the deep friendship – often of an innocently physical nature – and that that might be missed by two resolutely heterosexual actors, who mightn’t appreciate that gay people like myself saw in a touch something perhaps more meaningful than others might. And so to persuade him to touch Elijah I’d say “Well, look, it’s in the book…”
—  Ian McKellen, Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, cast commentary disc 1
The Derica feels have possessed me so bad today!

“I don’t understand, Erica.” Derek asks, shaking his head. “If you love this pack why would you leave?”

“Because…” Erica rushes, tears threatening to fall. “Because you said not to let it happen again and that was the only way I knew how!" 

"What are you even talking about?” Derek raises his eyebrows.

Erica leans in and kisses Derek full on the lips. This kiss is hungry, begging for a response.

“Erica,” Derek whispers, pulling her away. “Erica, please." 

"Yeah,” She breathes, nodding her head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. So that’s why I left.”

(I’m sorry….)

I’m so not sorry. 

I have a new ship

Guys, I think I must see everything in shipper view. Cos I have a new ship. Even though I know that Dr Wells will probably become evil in the end, I still ship him with Barry. I mean they have that mentor - student thing going on and he seems to be obsessed with keeping him safe. U mean who can forget that wonderful quote - “the fastest man alive is to be kept safe”. So up top wellen or barrison or wellsallen. You’ve got a new shipper.

No but really. The SouGou. SHE HAS THIS CUTE LITTLE BLUSH.

I just… Hear me out for a second. 

The thing that got me the most about the scene isn’t only how sweet it was (sousuke is such a gentleman and gou is so cute I love them), but the pauses. And Sousuke’s body language through the entire thing.

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I was watching theanimeman’s translation of Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday and saw that Sachiko picked the girls in the love comedy because “he is the most popular with the female students and these were the girls that like him” which made me stop and think. Yes Naomi, Ayumi, and Yuka have feelings for Satoshi but since Ms. Yui was picked because she once confused him for her past crush when she was sick and Tohko was chosen because they met once in a past loop it means that the definition of ‘like’ isn’t specifically deep. They don’t have to have a full on crush or even be completely aware of their feelings to fall into this category, it seems. That means that as far as guys that are popular with the girls, in regards to only those at Heavenly Host, Yoshiki would at least be even with Satoshi. 

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Koizumi: the original rampant HaruKyon shipper.

First with all the ‘Throw you arm around her and whisper 'AI LAAHHHHVVVV YEWWWW’ in her ear’ during Endless Eight, and now telling him to pick a random day of the week and ask Haruhi out to see how she’d react, and then when Kyon calls him out on trying to get him and Haruhi out on a date, Koizumi says 'I never said anything like 'date’, but now that you mention it, I think that’d be good! You can discover something new~’