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harry potter asks!
  1. What is your Hogwarts House and which of that House’s traits resonate the most with you?
  2. What is your Patronus and what do you think it says about you?
  3. Which is your favourite book and why?
  4. Which is your favourite film and why?
  5. Which scene was left out of the films that you think should have been included?
  6. Which scene was added into the films that was a great addition?
  7. In your opinion, what was an Iconic Moment™?
  8. What is your favourite quote/passage?
  9. Who is your favourite character and why?
  10. Who is your least favourite character and why?
  11. Who is your favourite non-human character?
  12. Which character deserved better and why?
  13. If you could swap one dead character for one character that survived, would would you revive and who would you kill?
  14. Which character would you like to know more about?
  15. Which character do you feel you have the most in common with?
  16. Which character’s death hit you the hardest?
  17. What is your OTP, nOTP, brOTP and OT3?
  18. What would be your favourite and least favourite Hogwarts classes?
  19. What is your favourite magical creature?
  20. What is your favourite spell?
  21. What do you think is the most useful spell?
  22. What do you think Amortentia would smell like to you?
  23. What do you think your Boggart would be and what would it change into?
  24. What is your favourite magical object and why?
  25. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you pick and why?
  26. What is your opinion of Dumbledore and his actions throughout the series?
  27. What is your opinion of Snape and his actions throughout the series?
  28. Do you agree with Dumbledore’s statement, ‘Sometimes I think we Sort too soon’?
  29. If you could own one piece of HP memorabilia, what would it be?
  30. If you could ask JKR one question, what would it be?

or: how each member of the original gryffindor quidditch team fell in love.

Alicia falls headfirst over lunch on a Friday, when she spills her water and all Katie does is laugh and throw napkins over to her side of the table. She falls in love in between letters hastily jotted down between breaks and late nights in her dinky flat near St. Mungos, late nights spent wondering whether to voice how butterflies get caught in her throat every time Katie laughs. How her best friend has blossomed into something fierce, something untouchably bright.

Katie breaks the silence first, one night - says, in a hushed voice, too quiet to be anything but careful, that she thinks she might be in love and Alicia’s heart plummets but Katie’s voice breaks and continues with “I think I’m in love with you” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Katie’s felt it - felt it - the moment Alicia yelled at Malfoy all those years ago on the quidditch pitch. It just took her a couple years to realize.

George forgets about love after the war, too focused on making sure the joke shop does its duty, bringing the slightest sliver of relief to parents and children again. It’s not until years later, when Angelina resurfaces on his radar past the monthly exchanged word here and there, when she comes back from training camp abroad, that love gives him a nudge, a gesture, as if to indicate “There. There I am.”

Angelina loves many people, as bold, beautiful, young women are free to do, and she loves strong and falls hard and falls fast. She’d thought it was her greatest detriment, once upon a time, but there was something almost silly about George at her doorstep, stubbing his foot on the welcome mat, shy in a way she’d never seen before. She told herself this time - this time would be the most dangerous, but three months later, she realizes there’s nothing terrifying about being held by familiar arms.

The twins are the twins, but they aren’t the same. So Fred’s always had love at the tip of his fingers, because Lee’s been at his side since they were fresh-eyed and curious, on the wrong side of too eager. It’s always been there, a quiet undercurrent, the only thing delicate and untouched between them. One day, one of them takes the leap and asks, prods at the tension in the room. When it unravels, their grins bloom tenfold, like fireworks. It lasts for a lifetime.

Oliver says he fell in love fighting on the quidditch pitch (because where else) with an equally passionate quidditch player (because who else) - and that’s how it worked, except there’s always more to a story than that. He brings Marcus home one evening, and his mother smiles and says she had expected nothing else. In reality, Oliver fell in love between dawn and morning practice, yearning hitting him hard in the gut. He’d crawled back into a surprised Marcus’ bed, disregarding his routine morning run in favor of curling into an easy embrace.

Harry finds love lurking somewhere after war reparations and before peace, an odd tentative balance in chaos. He wasn’t looking for it, just as he very rarely asks for anything at all, but it sauntered up, arrogant and brash, unable for him to look away from. Love did that - not Draco, because Draco had his own reparations to make and his own makings of peace and he’d discarded the arrogance for that. Love was a mess and a half, except then it wasn’t, and it made sense, in an odd, funny, sort of way - how inexplicably tied in each other’s narrative the other had been at the end of all things. It made sense in the way that Harry and Draco didn’t, not to anyone looking in. But Harry knows better. He knows what love is, he knows when he has it, and he knows when it’s returned, with a genuine gaze and a steady hand.

raegan-darling  asked:

Hi could you please do numbers 8 and 25 with Sirius please? I love your writing!

so I’ve already done both of these prompts here and here but I thought they’d actually be pretty cute together and I was inspired to write this….whatever this is. also i love your icon ngl

8. “Why are you so jealous?” and 25. “You’re mine, I don’t share.” 


Music thumped through the entire common room as Gryffindor flaunted its victory over Slytherin, claiming the Quidditch cup for its own. James Potter, Gryffindor’s youngest Quidditch Captain in one hundred years, was already drunk and wearing the cup as a hat. It sat crookedly over his mop of messy, black hair and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Somehow, I don’t think that hat looks good on you…” you grinned and James’ eyes lit up when their gaze found you.

“Hmm,” James hummed, “You’re right. I think it’ll look better on you,” James transplanted the trophy from his head to yours, placing it carefully so as to not hurt you. The trophy was heavy and it slipped around due to its width. You felt like an idiot.

“I feel like an idiot,” you drawled and James barked a laugh.

“You could never be an idiot,” James smiled softly, his tongue peeking out to swipe his lips while his fingers lingering through the strands of your hair.

James often did this; he loved playing with your hair. His excuse was that he enjoyed tangling your locks into a knot but you knew better. It was a source of comfort for him. Ever since you were children, his fingers would find their way into your hair and, soon enough, you were sitting between his legs while he massaged your scalp. Old habits die hard.

You took this opportunity to fully appreciate James’s features, though the room was dimly lit, James still looked handsome. He had the looks of someone who had scored big in the genetic lottery, an appearance that screamed ‘old money’ while also dancing deviously along the lines that divided gentleman and rebel. Hair like an electric shock that stood rebelliously at all angles, but eyes like a hazel galaxy. He was handsome. But he was your best friend, and he could never make your heart skip like another certain friend with raven hair and seductive eyes that inspired insurgence.

“You checking me out, (Y/L/N)?” James winked, a crooked grin arching devilishly.

“No,” you retorted, rather quickly, “just trying to assess how drunk you really are or if you’re just plain stupid…”

“Well, damn.” A sharp laugh escaped James’ lips, “Wasn’t expecting that…”

“That’s why you love me,” you remarked with a sickly-sweet smile, “I’m full of surprises.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Why do you love (Y/N)?” said a new voice, one you recognized as Sirius’. He sauntered up to the two of you casually, though there was an edge to his sharp features that suggested he was agitated in some way.

Your heart danced for him all the same.

“Because she’s full of surprises,” James reiterated, oblivious to the tension that was hardening Sirius’ features.


“Merlin, Black,” you snorted, “Is this an interrogation?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

“And why would you feel the need to interrogate us?”

“I didn’t before, but now I feel obliged to…”

“I’m going to go get some more booze…” James announced before slapping a playful hand to Sirius’ back and bopping your nose again.

“What the fuck, Sirius?” You snapped as James left “What the hell is wrong with you? Dumbledores briefs, you’re not PMS-ing, are you?”

“Sod off,” Sirius grumbled, “If James makes you so happy then why don’t you just marry him…”

You blinked at him and suddenly, everything made sense. “You’re not jealous, are you?” When Sirius didn’t respond, you gasped, “Godric’s ballsacks, you are jealous!”

Sirius sighed at the sight of your widened gaze. “I know, it’s stupid…”

“James of all people!”

“I know…”

“James as in your best friend James!”

“Okay, you can stop it now…”

“James as in my best friend–“

“Okay, I get it!” Sirius snipped, impatiently. 

Why are you so jealous, though?” you asked, curiously, “You know he’s got a thing for red heads…specifically red heads that loathe the sight of him…”

“It’s not James,” Sirius quickly explained, “I could never – I mean, if he liked you I wouldn’t argue at all. He’s my best mate and he’s done so much for me, y’know.”

“Yes, we get that you’re secretly in love with James, but you still haven’t answered my question.”

Sirius sighed through his nose and ran a hand through his thick, black hair. Your heart swooned.

“Because…because you’re mine. I don’t share…

“I’m yours now?” you asked with raised eyebrows as you stepped forward, “I don’t belong to anyone…”

“I know,” Sirius replied, softly, “That’s why I love you.”

The words, whispered like a promise, lingered in your ears, and the smile that followed them dared you to love him in return. You look at him as though he were a starry night sky and he gazed at you as though you were a pale, silver moon, and the both of you can’t help but close the Merlin-damned distance between you and kiss.

Sirius had lips like fire whiskey and a kiss that burned every part of you and you found that you didn’t mind melting if his kisses always tasted so good. He was skilled, but still seeking permission, his tongue sliding tentatively across your lips. You parted your lips, granting him access, and he explored your mouth with delight, savouring the taste of you. 

When you part, you both smile like idiots because you’ve acted like idiots to wait this long to kiss. You decide that Sirius Black’s smile, that gentle upturn of those fire whiskey lips, is worth millions of galaxies and you’d fight wars just to see that smile again.

You take a moment to reorganize your scattered thoughts before Sirius whispers gently against your lips.

“Do you really think Dumbledore wears briefs? He strikes me as a jockstrops type of guy…”

“I don’t know,” you admitted, “It was just the first thing that came to my head.” 

Sirius chortled. “I love your brain…” 

“Filch’s nut hair,” came a voice from behind, “I leave for what, five seconds, and the two of you start snogging!” James gawked at the two of you with feigned disgust, shaking his head. 

“Never ever say ‘Filch’ and ‘nut hair’ in the same sentence again,” said Remus Lupin, who looked rather exasperated but amused. 

The four of you laughed, and when Sirius smiled, you knew it would be cruel not to kiss those lips again. 

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Yes to Sirius Wednesdays!!!!!! Could you maybe write a short Drabble of Sirius and the reader being married and she tells him that they are expecting a baby?

Word Count: About 500.
Warning(s): Pregnancy, fluff.

“What’s all this for?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at you, gesturing toward the small, candlelit dinner on the table.

You shrugged, trying to contain your smile. “Just a little something I whipped together.”

As he cautiously took a seat on the opposite end of the table, you pursed your lips.

“Oh, just sit and eat already,” you said, drumming your fingers on the box of chocolates you hid on your lap. “A wife can just do something nice for her husband without an ulterior motive, you know?”

Smirking, Sirius nodded, taking a bite from his seared salmon. You would’ve cooked something more extravagant, but you needed him to have room for some dessert.

“Mmm,” he hummed, taking his fork slowly out of his mouth. “Delicious.”

Looking over at you, Sirius furrowed his eyebrows at your empty plate. Then, he looked back at his.

He muttered an oath under his breath. “Sorry, love. Was I supposed to feed you first?”

You giggled at his confusion, shaking your head. “Nope, I actually can’t eat fish right now.”

“I don’t suppose you decided to become a vegetarian overnight, did you?”

“Nope.” You shot him an innocent smile, savoring his look of uncertainty. It wasn’t everyday the self-confident Black had reason for bewilderment.

Slowly, Sirius continued eating, wondering if, perhaps, you mixed something into the salmon to get back at his relentless teasing at your formal work party. 

“All finished?” you asked, placing the box of chocolates on your chair as you stood up. Without waiting for an answer, you headed over to the other side of the table, gathering Sirius’ half-eaten dish into your hands.

“I wasn’t done, actually–”

“Great!” you chirped, clapping your hands together. By now, you couldn’t stop the wide grin from spreading across your face. “Now it’s time for dessert!”

Sirius rose to his feet to meet you, a look of worry flooding his features. He wrapped one arm gently around your waist, the other feeling the temperature of your forehead. “Are you feeling alright? A little tipsy, perhaps?”

“More than alright. Perfect, actually.”

Wriggling away from his grasp, you held the box of chocolates between your hands, holding it out to him. 

“These are for you.”

“Candlelit dinner? Chocolate? If you’re trying to seduce me, let me just say,” Sirius paused, giving you a stern glance, “it’s absolutely working.”

A laugh of surprise escaped your lips as you playfully nudged his shoulder. “Just open the box, Sirius.”

Taking the lid off the chocolates, his teasing expression turned into one of shock.

“You’re joking,” he breathed, a dazed smile slowly spreading across his face.

Sirius’ eyes met yours, then trailed down to where your hands were placed atop your stomach. With a slight tremble in his hands, he moved the chocolates to the dining table. Sirius enveloped you in a hug from the back, lacing his fingers through yours as he gently stroked his thumb in circles on your belly.

“We’re pregnant?” he murmured next to your ear, his breath sending shivers down your spine. “Really?”

You smiled, feeling at home in his warm embrace. There was no one else you would rather call your husband, and soon, the father of your child. In that moment, you felt like the luckiest woman alive.


Pansexual Lee Jordan Headcanons

Day 2 of @potterprideweek: LGBT+ youth

  • 7 year old Lee blushing beet root red whenever his mum brings him to the park and they meet up with her friend and her son Miguel who’s Lee’s age and has pretty blonde hair that Lee likes to play with and run his fingers through.
  • Lee and Miguel being best friends for years and holding hands in the park and giggling and climbing to the top on top of the roof of the clubhouse to trade sweets and stories.
  • Miguel falling off that roof one day and Lee jumping down to help him and crying not being he twisted his own ankle jumping down but because Miguel hurt his arm and was upset.
  • Lee feeling guilty for not being able to tell Miguel his biggest secret because his parents tell him Miguel won’t be able to understand because he was a muggle.
  • 11 year old Lee having his first massive fight with his parents, saying he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts, he wants to stay with Miguel instead.
  • Lee and Miguel having a sleepover two nights before Lee has to leave and they eat junk food and tell each other they’ll miss the other and they share a chaste kiss before they fall asleep that the next day neither of them talk about because neither are sure if it was just a dream or if it actually happened.
  • Lee getting on the train at Platform nine and three quarters and feeling sick with nerves, he finds a compartment on his own at first but soon is joined by two beautiful black girls and two identical pasty boys with bright ginger hair.
  • By the time the train arrives in Hogwarts, Lee has eaten his body weight in treats from the trolley and has made four new friends, Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George.
  • It’s not until he’s 14 that he realises just how good looking everyone at Hogwarts is.
  • Really, it’s ridiculous how gorgeous all the students are.
  • The girls are all pretty, the boys are all handsome and the students who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid are all beautiful and gorgeous and it’s honestly unfair because how is Lee supposed to concentrate on studying in the library when that cute sixth year girl with the curly hair keeps biting her lip across from him and the Slytherin boy in his year won’t stop stretching his legs at the table across from him.
  • One night he and the twins sneak into the kitchens, they’re digging into this delicious cake the house elves had left over when Lee tells them that he’s been doing some research in the library about liking different people and how he really doesn’t think he’s straight.
  • Fred and George stop eating and look at him calmly and ask him if he knows what sexuality he thinks he might be.
  • Lee shrugs and says he thinks he’s probably pansexual.
  • Fred and George smile brightly and clap him on the back and say that’s great, they’re proud of him and they love him no matter what.
  • It’s only when he takes on the role of commentator for the quidditch matches that he’s 100% sure of his pansexuality.
  • Lee tries to focus on the game and the fouls made but to do so he’s to watch every single player’s movements and that’s a little difficult when he’s attracted to a lot of them.
  • But he learns to cover it up by calling out every foul he sees loud and clear and shouting at the players instead of recounting their movements to the audience until it becomes natural for him to do so.
  • He receives a long telling off from McGonagall for his loud, unnecessary boisterous behaviour but his method works to keep his focus on the game.
  • At 15 he and Alicia go on a few dates and it’s nice and sweet and they kiss a few times which was really good but then they decide they’re better off being friends.
  • Also Lee noticed the way she looked at Katie Bell and knew he wasn’t the one for Alicia.
  • He dated a few more people and fell hard for a non-binary Hufflepuff named Adam when they were in sixth year. They went to the yule ball together and Lee thought Adam was the best person in the world.
  • Adam was kind, clever, they thought all of Lee and the twins’ pranks were complete genius and Lee was incredibly attracted to them in every way.
  • But something wasn’t quite right.
  • For a few weeks at the start of seventh year, Lee sort of shut down, he never cared about his sexuality, it never bothered him that he wasn’t straight, he knew he just liked people regardless of what they identified as but then why did it never feel quite right?
  • He and Miguel meet up every summer and Lee loves him but just as a friend now, he doesn’t want anything more and knows Miguel feels the same.
  • He still thinks Alicia, Angelina and loads of other girls at the school are beautiful and attractive but he doesn’t focus on them as much anymore
  • And Adam is perfect but Lee just knows that he’s not in love with them.  
  • After avoiding Adam for a while, they meet up again in the great hall during a free class and Lee tells them that they have to break up because it’s not fair on Adam to continue this relationship when Lee knows he can’t fall in love with them.
  • Adam smiles and says they understand and they knew Lee never could love them but they just wanted to enjoy their relationship while it lasted.
  • Lee frowned and asked how Adam knew he could never fall in love with them.
  • Adam patted his hand gently and said, “Because it’s obvious you’re in love with Fred Weasley.”
  • Lee’s body stiffened, his face went pale and every nerve in his body was screaming at him to deny it, to scoff and laugh at how preposterous the idea was.
  • But then Lee remembers the spark in his fingertips every time his hand brushes against Fred’s, how it always means so much more to him when Fred laughs at his jokes than anyone else in the world and how the other day when Fred brushed the hair out of Lee’s eyes, Lee couldn’t understand why his heart raced so much faster and harder than whenever he was with Adam or anyone else over the past few years.
  • “I’m sorry” Lee said softly and honestly, feeling Adam deserved an apology, “I didn’t…I swear I never realised…”
  • Adam smiled and kissed Lee’s cheek, “Don’t worry about it” they said genuinely and stood up from the table, “For what it’s worth, I think Fred feels the same.”
  • Lee never got a chance to ask Fred whether he did return his feelings or not because over the next few months they were all just too busy.
  • Umbridge, the tyrant was raining hell onto all of them, Lee, Fred and George joined the D.A. and Lee helped them with their new business and all the products they made and sold to fellow students.
  • One night after winter break, Lee and Fred were lying on Fred’s bed, George and their other dorm-mates fast asleep while  they were planning how best to slip one of their latest inventions into Umbridge’s tea when suddenly Fred stopped, looked at Lee for a long moment with those wide, unsure eyes and whispered,
  • “I like you Lee”
  • Lee’s heart caught in his throat, his stomach twisted with nerves, nausea or butterflies or possibly all three but he forced himself to say the words,
  • “I like you too.”
  • Fred broke out into a massive grin, bigger than any Lee thinks he has ever seen him wear and then in the blink of an eye, his soft lips were on Lee’s.
  • The kiss was like a lit match had been dropped into a flood of gasoline, every hair on Lee’s body stood up and tingled as he reached a hand around to slide into Fred’s hair and pulled him closer.
  • It was the giddy feeling of running his fingers through Miguel’s hair, it was the familiarity of spending time with Alicia, it was the burning attraction that he felt whenever he saw someone attractive on the quidditch pitch and it was the comfort and care he felt with Adam. But this time it was intensified by a million just by the added love that Lee felt for Fred and that he knew Fred for him.
  • So Lee was right, he was pansexual and he always had been but his heart had belonged to Fred for years, maybe ever since they first met, it just took him a long time to realise it.

So I think Harry did a great job! Since he’s in a relationship with Draco, Draco stands in for the good! Well done Harry! 😂

(Yaas, I know that this is just taken by Tom Felton but I thought, why not create a background story with the thought in my mind that Tom is Draco {which he is…more or less} xD)


Remus has always felt very self-conscious about his scars, but after graduating, he goes to live with Sirius, and he knows that Sirius loves him and knows pretty much everything about him. Remus rarely used to wear shorts, but now he wears them often, and Sirius always compliments him on his legs. Moony also started wearing crop tops, and holy SHIT does this turn Sirius on, who always makes sure to kiss Remus’ stomach and entire face when he wears one.

Gryffindor Study Session


overview: this is like a study session from a Gryffindor point of view and it just so happens Draco shows up. don’t ask me why, ask Draco. I’m just here minding my own business.

pointers: I mention things involving my personal appearance but you can change it in your mind to fit you:)))

I arrived at the library and made my way to one of the tables in the back corner. I always liked studying in the library because I always tended to get distracted by things in my room and over all the atmosphere of the Hogwarts library was quit lovely.
I put my bag down beside the cushioned, felt chair I was sitting on and placed some of the books I had been carrying beside me. I attempted to but my hair into a messy bun and I had believed I had achieved my goal when my hair tie snapped. shit. I sorted through my things trying to find another hair tie, taking thing I needed to use out of my bag as I did so. Till finally I found a book and the ‘bookmark’ I was using was well a hair tie. I continued to re-due my bun and actually succeeding this time. I organized my things to how I wanted them whilst letting a few brown, wavy stray hairs to fall into my face. I put on my glasses and got to work.

After a while of re-writing color coded notes and writing un-needed essays to help me study I believed I was almost complete. Until I found another folder…. It was filled with study material and lists of books I needed to do research on. Most of which I had been wanting to do for my own interests but also because I believed it would help me in my classes.
I had finally gotten my things re-arranged for my new task when I my concentration was broken by a deep voice which I was still trying to figure out if I was happy to hear or not. Draco Malfoy. Draco and I had been having a 'thing’ for a little while now and I just get so concussed by him. Like we flirt and and kind to each other which I odd because Draco usually isn’t kind to anyone.
“You know you look really adorable right now, you know that love,” he said softly.

“Draco I’m working,” I said trying not to act like I was affected by his words.

“What’s the matter? Are you okay?” he asked almost sounding hurt.

What is up with him I wondered. He’s never been like this before…

“Yes I’m fine, I just have a lot to do and I don’t have time for small talk.” I snapped slightly but tried to hide my annoyance.

“You seem stressed,” he sighed while moving a piece of my hair out of my face.

No shit.

“Draco. I’m working,” I whispered trying to keep my voice down.

“Then I will work with you,” he said pulling out his books I didn’t even realize he was carrying.

“Fine okay,” I said dryly.

And with that Draco and I worked together and I accomplished more than I thought I would have. I was slightly surprised about how much fun I had working with him and I honestly hope I could do it again sometime.


Best Idea Ever

A tiny, exasperated, genderfluid witch’s assistant who solves paranormal crimes and investigates paranormal mysteries with her witch boss. They also run a magical shop and get in silly fights about things. They’re both diverse, unique, developed, interesting characters. They’re also queer as hell. They battle mermaids, demons, evil clones – and occasionally – each other.

So, in summary: queer witch baes always going to save the day.

Oh, wait, this exists already. Read it right here please.

My phone has a pin code. Why?

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